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1 US-CERT Alerts Can Help an Agency Prepare for Cyberthreats
2 Wisconsin Daybook
3 Researchers warn court ruling could have a chilling effect on adversarial machine learning
4 Feds Reveal Hidden Cobra's Trove of Espionage Tools
5 Government-Run Energy Company Keeps Reeling in the Same Employees in Phishing Training
6 Homeland Security warns of Windows worm
7 The Top 10 Most-Targeted Security Vulnerabilities
8 US-CERT warns of critical flaws in Medtronic equipment
9 US-CERT Updates Cybersecurity Incident Notification Guidelines
10 OIG Serves Labor With 20 New Information Security Recommendations
11 Despite concerns, DHS moves and renames US-CERT portal
12 GSA OIG Flags Several Cyber Issues in FY2019 FISMA Audit
13 Cybercriminals target remote workers during pandemic
14 After the Ransomware Attacks: Texas Governance and Authorities for Cyberattack Response
15 Amit Yoran
16 Windows warning: US exposes North Korea government's Typeframe malware
17 Microsoft fix of critical Windows bugs after NSA tip-off prompts questions
18 Cyber-Hijacking Campaign Sets off Global Government Alarm Bells
19 US CERT Issues Advisory on VPN Apps
20 The top 10 most-targeted security vulnerabilities – despite patches having been available for years
21 Unreadiness Team
22 Iran likely to hit back with cyber attacks, security experts warn
23 Federal agencies reported more than 35000 cyber incidents in 2017
24 Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Patch For Internet Explorer Zero-Day Flaw
25 Applying US-CERT IoT Security Best Practices to Healthcare
26 Q4 Security Update: Educate Your Clients and Your Team During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
27 Amit Yoran Interview: Cyberattacks Targeting Critical Infrastructure Must Be Addressed
28 Northrop Grumman gets US-CERT deal
29 Senator Asks HHS to Explain Response to Mass PACS Medical Image Breach
30 DHS Updates on Federal Network Cybersecurity, Infrastructure
31 First, Manage Security Threats to Machine Learning
32 Information Security: OPM Has Improved Controls, but Further Efforts Are Needed
33 Why Share Cyber Threat Information | Cyber security news USA Washington
34 DEF CON and Feds Partner on Anonymous Bug Submission Program
35 Office for Mac Users Warned of Malicious SYLK Files
36 DHS aware of ongoing APT attacks on cloud service providers
37 North Korea's Hidden Cobra Strikes U.S. Targets with HOPLIGHT
38 Department of Defense Ramps Up Defenses Against Russian Infrastructure Attacks
39 Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability Warning From U.S. Cyber Command
40 The Infiltration of US Control Systems
41 Q1 2019 Security Update: Cybersecurity Threats Continue to Evolve
42 DHS Cyber Incident Response Plan Focuses on Infrastructure Risk
43 Study warns of rising hacker threats to SAP, Oracle business software
44 US-CERT Explains How to Keep Your Home Network Secure
45 OCR Releases Guidance on Reporting and Monitoring Cyber Threats
46 US-CERT to Windows Users: Dump Apple Quicktime — Krebs on Security
47 Secure IOT Practices Come From the Ground Up
48 Three common cybersecurity scenarios and tips for preventing them
49 Feds Warn Password Spraying Attacks on the Rise
50 The government shutdown is catastrophic for US cybersecurity
51 Hidden Cobra Strikes Again with Custom RAT, SMB Malware
52 Federal cyber-incidents were down in 2016 — at least on paper
53 CERT vs. CSIRT vs. SOC: What's the difference?
54 DHS, FBI Warn of North Korea 'Hidden Cobra' Strikes Against US Assets
55 US-CERT Warns of ASLR Implementation Flaw In Windows
56 Lenovo Warns of ThinkPad Bugs, One Unpatched
57 US-CERT Highlights Exchange Server Flaw Enabling Escalation-of-Privilege Attacks
58 Months After Hacks, DHS Sends a Warning About Hospital Ransomware
59 Ask the experts: What’s the best way to prevent ransomware attacks?
60 4 solutions to the 3 biggest cybersecurity challenges
61 Is Public Sector Cybersecurity Adequate?
62 OPM Data Breach Controls Improved, Further Action Required
63 Huawei USA chief security officer on Kara Swisher podcast Recode Decode
64 Healthcare is in Cybercriminals’ Crosshairs
65 Cyberattacks on US jump to 77,000 but patching efforts cut down vulnerabilities
66 Even Einstein Couldn\'t Fix Cybersecurity
67 Russian Cyber Threat Actors Have Gained Access to Power Plant ICS Systems
68 Fort McCoy officials stress importance of protecting PII
69 New report: DHS is a mess of cybersecurity incompetence
70 US National Security Agency Issues Advisory on 'BlueKeep' Windows RDS Flaw
71 Cyberspace is the new Cold War: ANALYSIS
72 The Top 10 Women Cyber Guardians You Should Know About
73 One year after Atlanta's ransomware attack, the city says it's transforming its technology
74 DHS Cybersecurity Watchdogs Miss Hundreds of Vulnerabilities on Their Own Network
75 Amit Yoran
76 Cover Story: Is it time for a change in cybersecurity?
77 Intel didn’t warn US government about CPU security flaws until they were public
78 Password-Based Attacks Pose New Dangers for Agency Networks
79 New cybersecurity threats unwrapped: Hidden Cobra, public safety apps, Western Digital My Cloud
80 Incident Response
81 US-CERT issues guide on how to properly dispose of your electronic devices
82 A Quick Guide to the Senate's Newly Passed Cybersecurity Bill
83 Improving data security with cloud ERP
84 COVID-19 Drives Rush to Remote Work. Is Your ...
85 Wi-Fi security has been breached, say researchers
86 Sandia Labs Find Vulnerability in Personalized Medicine Software
87 The Top 15 Women in Cybersecurity and InfoSec Today
88 Wipro security incident underscores MSP vulnerability
89 When Stuxnet Hit the Homeland: Government Response to the Rescue
90 Singapore Summit leaves North Korea cyber threat off the table
91 In Case of Emergency: A Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist for Data Security
92 Microsoft confirms major security flaw in Internet Explorer, fix expected early next month
93 What happens after one of the largest government data breaches in US history?
94 Using Threat Intelligence to Improve Healthcare Cybersecurity
95 Beware these Hurricane Harvey phishing and spam attacks
96 Michigan Announces Unique Cyber-Security Partnership With Feds
97 Firmware flaws could allow a malicious reflash, US CERT warns
98 US warns of 'emerging' global cyber-espionage campaign by Chinese hackers
99 Will the U.S. Ever Switch From Cyber Defense to Offense?
100 What Stops US and Russia From Stumbling Into War?