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1 A Carving That Honors The Confederacy At Stone Mountain Is 'Too Big To Ignore' | 90.1 FM WABE
2 'We Always Knew What It Stood For': Small Texas Town Torn Over Its Confederate Statue
3 Signs with Confederate school names go back up in Hanover County
4 Confederate monuments: Jefferson Davis, CSA president who didn't want to secede but wanted to keep slavery
5 Letter: Confederacy was a noble cause
6 Confederate Flag Mix-Up Solved With Norway Pennant
7 States begin removing Capitol's Confederate statues on their own | TheHill
8 Mississippi Removes Confederate Emblem And Redesigns State Flag : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice
9 Confederate monuments: Robert E. Lee, the general who became the face of 'Lost Cause' mythology
10 St. Augustine’s city manager recommends site for Confederate monument
11 UCLA, UC consider cutting 2 scholarships connected with Confederate heritage group
12 Condoleezza Rice says Confederate statues are indefensible but that calls to tear down other monuments have 'gotten a little out of control'
13 Panel recommends Confederate statue remains on historic list
14 Mistake Allowed Confederate Flag to Fly on County Property for Years
15 Half of Florida’s schools named after Confederate figures may soon be renamed
16 As the South’s Confederate monuments come down, where will they end up?
17 A progressive city with Confederate roots: Lexington’s unique path to racial equality
18 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It's time to move on from Confederacy
19 City's Confederate statues now up for disposal
20 They lost the Civil War and fled to Brazil. Their descendants refuse to take down the Confederate flag.
21 Across Virginia, local officials weigh taking down reminders of Confederate legacy
22 Confederate monument relocation could cost up to $200,000
23 Jackson County leaders vote to keep Confederate statue in Sylva -- with changes
24 Top military officer labels Confederacy as treasonous as Pentagon takes ‘hard look’ at rebel ties
25 Direct Descendants of Confederate soldier agree with BLM that monument should be taken down
26 In Georgia, A Call To Remove Stone Mountain Confederate Carving
27 House Votes to Remove Confederate Statues From U.S. Capitol
28 Confederate monument defaced in downtown Huntsville
29 Why is the Confederate flag so offensive?
30 Tyler picks new names (sort of) for high schools that honored Confederates Robert E. Lee and John Tyler
31 Bentonville's Confederate monument one step closer to relocation
32 WATCH LIVE: Daviess Fiscal Court scheduled to vote on confederate monument
33 As Confederate monuments tumble, die-hards are erecting replacements
34 Confederate flags spotted hanging from Cambridge home
35 Virginia House Removes Likenesses Of Confederate Leaders : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice
36 Controversy Over Confederate Flag Flying in Culpeper County
37 UPDATE: BOC votes to move Confederate statue; Monument erected in 1914 will be relocated to museum in old courthouse
38 Trump Considering Replacing Pence with Confederate Statue
39 Flag flap: Norwegian flag mistaken for Confederate banner
40 A Liberal Town Built Around Confederate Generals Rethinks Its Identity
41 Confederate names were stripped from two Virginia schools. Now they are going back up, at least for a while.
42 Richmond judge dismisses one Confederate monument lawsuit, allows another to stand
43 Unfurled facts: Confederacy had multiple flags, from the infamous to the unknown
44 After removing Norwegian flag over Confederate flag confusion inn owners find solution
45 LETTER: Confederate soldiers were not patriots | Opinion
46 The Confederate legacy in Washington state
47 Confederate Monuments on Public Lands Pose Unique Challenges
48 Confederate Symbolism in the Military Stretches Far Beyond Flags, Base Names
49 In an apparent break with Trump, Pentagon effectively bans Confederate flag from U.S. military installations
50 Confederate Statues Were Never Really About Preserving History
51 Defying Trump, Lawmakers Move to Strip Military Bases of Confederate Names
52 Anniston city council votes to remove, relocate Confederate monument
53 Remnants of the Confederacy
54 WILLIAMS: Historical ignorance and confederate generals
55 Confederate flags fly worldwide, igniting social tensions and inflaming historic traumas
56 Alabama cheerleaders face backlash after posing with a T-shirt bearing Confederate flag, 'I love Redneck Bo...
57 Parksley discovers it does not own Confederate Statue
58 Neighbors upset after Confederate street name changed in Harris County
59 Montgomery school board votes to change the Confederate names of three high schools
60 Norwegian flag mistaken for Confederate flag removed
61 Fiscal Court set to vote on Confederate statue
62 VMI will not remove Confederate statues or rename buildings
63 We must repeal Florida laws that protect the Confederate flag and honor its leaders | Column
64 Albemarle County votes to remove its Confederate monuments from Court Square
65 Confederate Flag Taken in Virginia, New One Hoisted in Its Place
66 Virginia Department of Historic Resources: Easement does not protect Confederate statue
67 High school cheerleaders posed with Confederate flag T-shirt
68 Marshall County residents call for relocation of Confederate flag, monuments by courthouse | Group to address Marshall County Commission next week
69 Lee descendant urges official removal of Confederate statues
70 The Confederate statues that have been overlooked: Anonymous women
71 Protests held at Confederate statue in downtown Greenville
72 Franklin BOMA approves settlement with United Daughters of the Confederacy over Confederate monument downtown
73 Confederacy Has Unexpected Legacy in Brazil
74 Trump defends Confederate monuments as GOP labels protesters secessionists
75 Rally seeks removal of Confederate memorial in Caroline
76 Cape Charles Resident Urges Action on Eastville Confederate Monument
77 VMI will not remove Confederate statues, rename buildings
78 Trump overheard reiterating support for Confederate-named bases in call to senator
79 Richmond City Council to accept offers for possession of Confederate monuments
80 Rename theMilitary Bases That Honor Confederates
81 Confederate Symbolism And Apologists In Southwest Ohio
82 Opinion: It’s wrong to call Confederate leaders “traitors”
83 VMI Will Keep Its Confederate Statues
84 Push to remove Confederate statues stalls in rural America
85 From Dukes of Hazzard to Kanye West: the curse of the Confederate flag
86 City Council votes to remove confederate monument in Anniston
87 Weekend Read: Confederate symbols have no place in public spaces. Stone Mountain is no exception.
88 Group seeks removal, relocation of Confederate statue | Nvdaily |
89 Time Capsule Found in North Carolina Confederate Monument
90 In Cold Spring, a college student faces off against the Confederate flag
91 The Confederate States of America are still with us, but dying a slow, painful death
92 Banished: Last Confederate monument in Southern California
93 Trump says Confederate flag proud symbol of U.S. South
94 Aldermen May Look at Other Ways to Prevent Confederate Flag Displays in the Future
95 Confederate names don’t belong on Montgomery’s Black schools, social justice groups say
96 Albemarle County to remove “At Ready” confederate statue following public hearing
97 Nearly 20% Of U.S. Schools With Confederate Names Are Ditching Them
98 Lost Cause of Those Confederate Monuments
99 Why Do Some Vermonters Display The Confederate Flag?
100 Group organizes ‘Save the Confederate Statue’ rally in Owensboro