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1 NASCAR bans Confederate flag from its races, venues
2 Mississippi faces reckoning on Confederate emblem in flag
3 ‘My Body Is a Confederate Monument’: Slavery, Rape and Reframing the Past
4 Time capsule buried under Confederate monument in NC is open. Here’s what was found.
5 Toppling statues is a first step toward ending Confederate myths
6 Renewed effort in Culpeper to get Confederate flag taken down
7 Dixie Outfitters takes down Confederate flags above store after Black Lives Matter protests
8 Massive Confederate flag raised over I-40 in Burke County
9 Purge of Confederate symbols comes for Maryland’s 104-year-old ‘Talbot Boys’ statue
10 Another Confederate monument falls, this time on the West Shore
11 Petition Seeks Removal of Confederate Flag in Culpeper County
12 Robert E. Lee button found in time capsule under Confederate monument
13 South Dakota governor calls removal of Confederate statues effort to 'discredit' Founding Fathers | TheHill
14 The Confederate Flag Finally Falls in Mississippi
15 Confederate flag flying in Lakeside neighborhood stirring up controversy
16 Trump warns his mostly white base of threat to ‘heritage’ as Confederate statues come down
17 People on both sides of the Pensacola Confederate monument debate meet at Lee Square
18 Call for removal of Confederate statue in West Michigan sparks debates, anger, frustration
19 Capitol Hill grappling with Confederate statues and tributes to racists
20 Church near Charlotte demands immediate removal of Confederate statue from lawn
21 Petition urges Bedford County Public Schools to ban Confederate Flag imagery
22 Confederate monument removed from Fayetteville cemetery
23 The fight over monuments asks, who is an American hero and who is a 'symbol of hate'?
24 Trump Clashes With Congress On Military's Removal Of Confederacy Symbols
25 The Confederacy Was an Antidemocratic, Centralized State
26 Pressure Increases on Coast Guard to Ban Confederate Flag
27 Cookeville residents sound off on proposal to remove Confederate monument
28 Mississippi Lawmakers Vote To Remove Confederate Emblem From State Flag
29 Why the Descendants of Confederate Generals Are Happy to See Their Names Go
30 Daughters of the Confederacy asks for return of Leesburg Confederate monument
31 The story of Stone Mountain, the world’s largest Confederate monument
32 Dallas Removes City's Largest Confederate Monument
33 Confederate statues: In 2020, a renewed battle in America’s enduring Civil War
34 Confederate statue relocated to Civil War battlefield
35 What does Georgia law say about moving Confederate monuments?
36 Confederate monument at Rockdale County Courthouse removed
37 Albemarle begins process to reconsider Confederate statue
38 Where Confederate monuments, symbols are located in America
39 After Confederate statues controversy, Native American lawmakers ask, ‘What about Jackson?’
40 Remove Confederate monuments to America's original sin of slavery
41 Statue removals show change is coming — even in the capital of the Confederacy
42 Confederate monument supporters to rally at Lee Square Independence Day Weekend
43 Opinion: You want a Confederate monument? My body is a Confederate monument
44 Why the Confederate Flag Flew During World War II
45 A North Carolina City Bans Protests, Protecting Confederate Monument
46 Orangeburg City Council votes to remove Confederate statue, rename road
47 Gettysburg, home to America’s most hallowed battlefield, reckons with symbols of the Confederacy
48 Black Descendants of the Confederates
49 Daughters of the Confederacy applauds statue delay | Local News
50 Why Can’t I Appreciate the Confederate Flag and Also Condemn Racism?
51 What if we treated Confederate symbols the way we treated the defeated Nazis?
52 Historians say ‘It’s complicated’: Surrounded by Confederate support, Northeast Tennessee voted to stay in the Union
53 Lock and barricade found at entrance of UVA cemetery with Confederate memorial
54 The Woman Who Took Down a Confederate Flag on What Came Next
55 A Confederacy of koozies: Growing up accepting a 'historical' narrative | TheHill
56 Heflin, Alabama, holds on to the confederate flag as Southern symbols fall in America
57 Army leaders hold off on banning Confederate symbols, renaming installations
58 Group refuses to move Cleveland Confederate Statue
59 Neller regrets failure to ban Confederate battle flag during his time as commandant
60 A change is coming for Confederate iconography | Column
61 Capitol Hill grapples with Confederate statues amid protests
62 NC town takes first step in relocating Confederate monument, removing soldier from top
63 Luray Confederate statues turn out to be privately owned
64 Use Confederate statues and names to educate
65 Will the Last Confederate Statue Standing Turn Off the Lights?
66 After Confederate flag incident, Craftsbury residents look for officials to act
67 On Donald Trump, US history and Confederate statues
68 Alamance commissioners rip actions of county leaders who called for Confederate monument to be moved
69 Mississippi’s flag has a Confederate emblem. Now Baptists want it gone and Walmart won’t display it.
70 Gettysburg guides: Protect all battlefield monuments
71 Answer Man: Schools' policies on Confederate flags?
72 ‘If we don’t move it, they’ll take it down’: Protests prompt U.S. leaders to remove Confederate monuments
73 Many NC Confederate monuments are falling fast. But their divisive legacies linger.
74 Protestors topple statutes of Confederate soldiers — and the general who won the Civil War
75 NC governor orders removal of Confederate statues at state Capitol
76 Letter to the editor: Confederate flag is a wretched symbol
77 Abiding by the Confederate Flag Ban Inside Talladega, Grudgingly
78 California confronts racist past as Confederate statues fall
79 Confederate cannons moved to Fort Fisher
80 Efforts to remove Confederate monuments gain momentum in Houston suburbs
81 Alabama Confederate flag store draws national attention, sales
82 Franklin Confederate monument that has drawn protest is now vandalized
83 There is a difference between statues of Abraham Lincoln and Confederate generals
84 Should Confederate battlefield monuments be removed?
85 In the South, Confederate monuments aren't simply a black-and-white issue
86 New Cumberland mayor defends online posts about Confederate Flag, ‘white lives matter’
87 Trump's going to protect Confederate statues
88 Trump rejects calls to drop Confederate base names
89 Confederate statues are toppling; more roadways could be next
90 Mobile removes Confederate flag at city hall, will replace with lesser-known version
91 Wilmington’s Confederate statues are gone, so what now?
92 America Is a Confederate Monument
93 A controversial Confederate monument goes down in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur
94 Portsmouth Mayor says he never gave authority for actions at Confederate monument on day it was vandalized
95 Microsoft will ban Forza players who add the confederate flag to their digital cars
96 Here Are All The Confederate Monuments Now Coming Down
97 Funny how Trump’s dislike for ‘losers’ doesn’t extend to Confederate generals
98 Army leaders to make decision on Confederate flags 'soon'
99 Call for removal of Confederate statues sparks debates in North Texas communities
100 'Fight for what is right': One woman's battle to keep a Confederate statue out of her community