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1 Vatican doctrinal office is 'no longer the Inquisition,' cardinal says
2 At the service of everyone's treasure
3 Vatican cardinal clashes with German theologian over ‘Eucharistic meal fellowship’
4 Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Asserts Itself, in Support of Church Teaching
5 Vatican clears retired US bishop of multiple abuse claims
6 Pope Francis accepts Cardinal Robert Sarah's resignation from divine worship congregation
7 Vatican CDF says use of anti-Covid vaccines “morally acceptable”
8 Vatican cardinal criticizes German theologians’ ecumenical statement
9 Pro-Life Supporters Blast New York State Law Allowing Commercial Surrogacy
10 Vatican clears former Kansas City priest of sex abuse claims, infuriating victims
11 Pope adds more women scholars to biblical commission
12 COVID vaccines do not contain fetal cells, but cell lines were used in some testing
13 Dodge City bishop under investigation for alleged abuse of a minor
14 CDF: Baptisms conferred with arbitrarily modified formulas are not valid
15 “Euthanasia is a crime against human life, incurable does not mean end of care”
16 Catholic bishops in call to prioritise priests who minister at nursing homes for anti-Covid jab
17 Irish priest spurns Vatican plan that would have allowed return to ministry
18 Vatican's doctrinal congregation isn't so supreme anymore
19 What is the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and why is it investigating George Pell?
20 Vatican issues Vademecum: procedures regarding cases of sexual abuse of minors
21 Catholic Clergy Told They Should, Not Must, Report Sexual Abuse
22 Widespread vaccination, supported by pope, faces myriad obstacles
23 Southern Baptists divided over politics, race, LGBTQ policy
24 Vatican exonerates retired Wyoming bishop of sexual abuse, but issues rebuke
25 Cardinal Ladaria: a text with contributions from local Churches that will be kept up-to-date
26 Rural Minnesota Lutheran church maintains an international congregation through online ministry | The Globe
27 Fidelity oaths spark fear of return to theological silencing
28 Vatican’s doctrinal congregation on ethics of Covid vaccines: Looks at duty to pursue common good
29 Archbishop Morandi: “A manual to explain how to act when abuse is reported"
30 Southern Baptists expel two churches for sex abuse and two for affirming homosexuality
31 Rome may have done me a favour by removing me from priestly ministry
32 Fr. Geissler resigns from Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith
33 The Synodal Path. Published 2/24/2021. Opinion.
34 Vatican’s doctrinal office critiques German theologians’ intercommunion call
35 Irish priest refuses submission to Vatican's doctrinal propositions
36 Pope Francis appoints three women as consultants to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
37 Irish priest says Vatican did him ‘a favor’ by banning him from public ministry
38 Catholic priest who sexually assaulted teen ‘did express remorse’ to parole board, official says
39 VATICAN Doctrine of the faith: 'I baptise you' means it is Christ who baptises
40 Vatican office struggles to keep up with clergy abuse cases
41 Vatican transfers task of Ecclesia Dei to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith
42 Commentary: Eggleston's commentary was not medically sound | Opinion |
43 Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith must end medieval practices, Pope urged by accused
44 Vatican cardinal defends issuing fidelity oaths to Irish priest Tony Flannery
45 False narrative of papal division 'harmful,' former doctrinal chief says
46 Archdiocese of KCK says KBI investigating sex-abuse complaint involving Dodge City bishop
47 Doctrinal congregation adds saints, new prefaces to 1962 Roman Missal
48 Vatican cardinal: Pope Francis ‘concerned’ about Church in Germany
49 Pope Francis and the changing role of the doctrine congregation
50 Archbishop Naumann to head abuse allegation investigation – The Leaven Catholic Newspaper
51 Column | Vatican causes chaos by invalidating baptism formula
52 The CDF and euthanasia – analysis by Christopher Lamb
53 Cardinal Müller Looks at US Politics, the 2020 Election and Catholic Conscience
54 Part 1 | The long battle for justice: Timor-Leste's trial against ex-priest for sexual abuse of children
55 Vatican's doctrinal office: Don't promote alleged apparitions connected to 'Lady of All Nations'
56 Vatican sends extraordinary form Mass survey to world’s bishops
57 Cardinal Mueller: Catholic politicians must fight abortion, euthanasia
58 What Joe Biden means for Catholics in America
59 Editorial: Let's not return to policing theologians
60 Doctrine is renewed with roots firmly planted in magisterium, pope says
61 What vote will best protect the sanctity of life? Prudence must decide.
62 Francis replaces Cardinal Muller with deputy Ladaria as head of doctrinal congregation
63 Vatican tells Irish priest Flannery to sign fidelity oaths, or remain suspended
64 Vatican Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith: interview with the Prefect, Archbishop Luis Ladaria SJ
65 Indian Bishops to implement CDF guidelines on abuse
66 Fighting abuse: What Pope Francis has done during his pontificate
67 Biden, Warnock, and the resurgence of the liberal Christian
68 Taking care of the sick, learning what it means to love
69 Bishop Semeraro appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
70 Belgium’s Brothers of Charity cut ties to their homes over euthanasia
71 The 'Great Reset' is a globalist power grab
72 Leading German Catholic bishop renews intercommunion call after Vatican objections
73 CDF answers question about hysterectomy in certain cases
74 Vatican shows renewed interest in Asian theology
75 What Pope Francis said about civil unions—and what he didn't
76 Pope Backed Gay Civil Unions but Didn't Change Doctrine, Vatican Says
77 Pope Francis to restructure Roman Curia with major office for evangelization
78 Doctrinal congregation to handle relations with traditionalist Catholics
79 Bioethicists welcome Vatican document on euthanasia: ‘No life is unworthy of life’
80 VATICAN The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to carry on 'Doctrinal' Dialogue with the Lefebvrists
81 Cardinal Muller warns against being silent, in error about Catholic faith
82 Former spiritual adviser to Medjugorje visionaries excommunicated
83 Showers of Blessings
84 Pope Francis changes canon law: ministries of acolyte and lector open to women
85 Opus Dei confirms one of its priests sentenced by Vatican for abuse
86 Pope names Cardinal Tagle to lead evangelization congregation
87 Explainer: What Pope Francis actually said about civil unions—and why it matters
88 Vatican says baptisms that change wording are not valid
89 Vatican excommunicates local woman priest; Toledo Bishop Daniel Thomas warns against affiliation
90 Pope Francis has set up a new commission to study women deacons
91 Vatican’s doctrinal office expected to release document on gender theory
92 Accused priest remains active at Vatican's doctrinal congregation
93 Boston Archbishop appointed to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
94 Salvation of souls the primary purpose of pastoral care, Doctrine of Faith prefect says
95 Teaching on male-only priesthood is definitive, cardinal-designate says
96 Vatican congregation rejects modern forms of old heresies
97 VATICAN Using anti COVID vaccine is lawful even if it includes cell lines from aborted fetuses
98 Father Brian Taylor Appointed to Vatican Congregation
99 Silence of Vatican's doctrinal congregation notable under Francis
100 In letter to CDF, theologians and bishops call for reform of Vatican doctrinal investigations