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1 Data: Congress created virus aid, then reaped the benefits
2 Congress’s Covid-19 pandemic economic stimulus plan is ending
3 Trump administration informs Congress it is officially withdrawing US from WHO amid COVID-19 pandemic
4 The 5 wealthiest members of Congress
5 Economists Think Congress Could Create An Economic Disaster This Summer
6 Report to Congress on Capabilities of Russian Armed Forces
7 Congress is on recess for 2 weeks. Here’s where they leave off on COVID-19 relief.
8 The stock market cares more about the makeup of Congress than it does the winner of the presidency. Here'..
9 Treasury, SBA data show small-business loans went to private-equity backed chains, members of Congress
10 Both Chambers Of Congress Back For First Time During Pandemic Amid Questions On Tests
11 Kahele Can't Campaign For Congress Right Now. Does It Matter?
12 Trump Calls Bounty Report A 'Hoax' Despite Administration's Briefing Of Congress
13 Faith leaders ask Congress to boost overseas pandemic aid
14 Since Trump won’t act to protect American troops, Congress must
15 Congress Needs to Make Silicon Valley EARN IT
16 Congress looks to get back in the swing of things
17 Analysis | The Cybersecurity 202: Get ready for encryption fireworks in Congress today
18 Why Are U.S. Taxpayers Providing Public Pensions To Millionaire Members Of Congress?
19 Congress Extends Small-Business Loan Program for 5 Weeks
20 Policing Reform Stalls In Congress
21 Four major tech CEOs to testify before Congress on July 27
22 More than 300 organizations, physician groups push Congress to take action on telehealth policies
23 Congress has a plan to fight climate change and build a more just America. Here's what you should know.
24 Congress extends relief program for COVID-slammed businesses
25 Andrew Yang: What Congress can do to avoid a new Great Depression
26 Police reform in Congress: Here's where Bacon, Eastman stand in U.S. House race
27 Republican Madison Cawthorn, 24, wants to be a voice for 'zoomers' in Congress
28 This week in Congress: Resuming delayed defense, VA budget fights
29 Congress gears up for battle over expiring unemployment benefits | TheHill
30 To Gain Public’s Trust, Should Members of Congress Stop Trading Stock?
31 Police Groups Wield Strong Influence in Congress, Resisting the Strictest Reforms
32 Congress moves to block Trump's Germany troop withdrawal plans
33 Fate of More Coronavirus Relief From Congress Uncertain
34 Community Health Centers and Covid-19 — Time for Congress to Act | NEJM
35 Country needs to add younger voices to Congress
36 VA’s pandemic hiring spree continues, but Congress wishes reforms could have taken place years ago
37 U.S. Congress urges Trump administration to get tougher on China's Xinjiang crackdown
38 Tech CEOs from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google to Testify Before Congress
39 Trump is stronger, and Congress is weaker, after Supreme Court's CFPB decision
40 Three Texans in Congress exposed to COVID-19 while at detention center
41 OPINION EXCHANGE | Counterpoint: I'm running for Congress to rebuild Minneapolis
42 A Big Rat in Congress Helped California Farmers in Their War Against Invasive Species
43 What will the next coronavirus relief bill look like? Congress mulls stimulus checks and back-to-work bonus
44 Can Congress reform the police?
45 Supreme Court denies Congress access to secret Russia investigation material
46 In her quest for Congress, Adrienne Bennett touts her 'unique set of skills'
47 Congress to Consider Pandemic Relief Funding and FY 2021 Appropriations; Invite Congress to Visit Your Museum 2020
48 Tim Cook agrees to testify in Congress this month during hearing on big tech antitrust
49 Rep. Maloney Joins Over 100 Members of Congress to Demand USCIS Accept New DACA Applications
50 Record Number Of Women Run For Congress In 2020
51 Public Health Officials Update Congress On COVID-19 Response
52 Democrats and Republicans in Congress spar over need for more federal education aid
53 Congress clears sanctions bill to punish China over Hong Kong
54 How Congress can equitably allocate COVID-19 education aid to states
55 Coronavirus Privacy Bills Hit Roadblocks in Congress
56 Trump administration open to a second round of stimulus payments. Here's what that could look like
57 Congress aims to strip funding for the US Navy's next-gen large surface combatant
58 Jeff Bezos May Testify Before Congress For The First Time This Summer
59 Congress Inches Closer to Creating a National Cloud for AI Research
60 Another 1 million jobless claims show Congress may need to extend extra benefits set to expire
61 Congress Launches Bipartisan Bill to Give Refugee Status to Certain Hong Kong Residents
62 U.S. Attorney Ousted by Barr Will Testify Privately Before Congress
63 Congress Split Over Police Reform Proposals
64 Navy videos spark renewed interest in UFOs from enthusiasts and Congress
65 Trump Mulls Ending Heads-Up to Congress on U.S. Weapons Sales
66 Congress close to axing Pentagon's 'impossible' chief reform job
67 4 Ways Congress Can Amend the Insurrection Act
68 Americans Are at Risk of Going Over an ‘Income Cliff,’ and Congress Is Poised to Let It Happen
69 IBM gets out of facial recognition business, calls on Congress to advance policies tackling racial injustice
70 24-Year-Old NC Conservative Could Become Youngest Member Of Congress
71 A Bill in Congress Would Limit Uses of Facial Recognition
72 Congress targets COVID cyber fraud
73 How Congress Is Addressing Elder Justice In America
74 Members of Congress took small-business loans — and the full extent is unknown
75 Fauci, Citing ‘Disturbing Surge,’ Tells Congress the Virus Is Not Under Control
76 When Do Unemployment Benefits Lapse? Congress Is at Odds Over an Extension
77 Congress looks to retired top general to oversee coronavirus commission
78 Congress Acts To Remove Confederate Symbols, Contradicting Trump
79 A joke no longer? Infrastructure gains steam as Congress looks to economy
80 Democrats Unveil Sweeping Police Reform Bill
81 Congress gives but Congress takes away
82 It's Time for TCPA Clarity as Congress Conducts FCC Overs...
83 Pandemic rewires the future of Congress
84 Republicans Consider Police Reform Bills
85 President Trump Supports Another Stimulus Check—Will Congress Back It?
86 Immigration Agency to Furlough Two-Thirds of Staff, Suspend Services Absent a Bailout From Congress
87 House Dems propose strengthening Congress’ contempt power to break administration stonewalls
88 Here Come the 4 Horsemen of the Techopolypse
89 A QAnon caucus? Fringe conspiracy theory advocates aim for Congress
90 The 4 stimulus plans Congress is debating that could put extra cash in your bank account
91 Fauci warns Congress that new US coronavirus cases could rise to 100,000 a day
92 Members Of Congress Ask Why More Coronavirus Aid Hasn't Been Spent On Nursing Homes
93 Prosecutor to tell Congress of pressure from ‘highest levels’ of Justice Dept. to cut Roger Stone ‘a break’
94 Contact tracing app development stunted by inaction in Congress
95 Public unites, Congress gridlocks — there's a better way | TheHill
96 Colin Powell just called out every Republican in Congress
97 Nadler says House 'may very well' pursue impeachment of Attorney General William Barr
98 Michigan governor, Republican leaders announce bipartisan budget agreement, call on Congress for resources
99 Supreme Court could force Congress into battle over Dreamers
100 When would the second stimulus check be approved in US Congress?