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1 Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization
2 Report to Congress on Changes in the Arctic
3 Congressional Researchers Admit Legalizing Marijuana Hurts Mexican Drug Cartel Profits
4 Trump may have power to extend eviction moratorium on his own, Pelosi says
5 Report to Congress on Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter
6 Congress demands explanation for National Guard funding reduction
7 JOE GUZZARDI: Congress abandons 30 million unemployed Americans | Opinion |
8 5 Things Congress' Own Retirement Analysts Are Saying About Annuities
9 Congressional Research Service: Rail Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas- Safety & Regulation (Part 1 of 2)
10 Americans have to know the truth about the powers of the president | TheHill
11 Fact Check: Is it legal for Trump to give his convention speech from the White House?
12 The FEC, which enforce campaign finance law, can't even meet
13 4 things to know about the committee behind the Microsoft-TikTok deadline
14 The next stimulus should be a no-regrets infrastructure bill
15 POLITICO Playbook: Inside the White House-Congress relief talks
16 Taiwan's Tightrope
17 The Last Oil Drilling Rig Leaves Venezuela
18 Windfall could help San Bernardino
19 China's New Type-075 Amphibious Warship Kicks Off Sea Trials
20 The U.S. has never delayed a presidential election. Here's why it's so tricky.
21 Fact-checking a claim about immigrants and California's 'extra' House seats
22 The Need for Supreme Court Term Limits
23 Ralph Nader and Colleagues Call on Nancy Pelosi to Revive Office of Technology Assessment
24 Acting State Department Inspector General Resigns After Less Than Three Months
25 Trump Suggests Unprecedented Delay to November Election — But Congress Sets the Date
26 Top 10 Congressional Perqs
27 Hiltzik: Is $600 a week too much unemployment pay?
28 Sparks Fly as Herrera Beutler, Long Define Their Differences in 3rd District Race
29 Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Send Letter to Library of Congress Urging Historically Accurate Characterization of Armenian Genocide
30 Report on North Korea's Nuclear Weapons, Missile Programs
31 Trump Misrepresents Obama-Era Fair Housing Rule
32 How Congress can stop gerrymandering: Deny seats to states that do it.
33 Report on Armed Conflict in Syria and US Response
34 Report to Congress on Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle
35 Report to Congress on US Navy Ship Names
36 A Blueprint for Revamping the Minority Business Development Agency
37 TikTok and the Law: A Primer (In Case You Need to Explain Things to Your Teenager)
38 The Pandemic Has Resulted in Record Savings, but Only for Some
39 Researchers: North Korea developing arsenal to evade missile defenses
40 Federal building projects move forward in FY 2021 spending bill draft
41 Report to Congress on Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Program
42 Report to Congress on US Navy Frigate FFG(X) Program
43 Truth Test: Hickenlooper on healthcare, Gardner on great outdoors
44 Defense spending bill blocks wall funding
45 China's New Amphibious Warship Started Sea Trials, Leaked Photos Show
46 Will Trump 'Wag the Dog' to Win Reelection?
47 PETA wants to ban trophy hunting. This LA man is the target
48 Bill to Help Schools Cut Ties With Police Introduced by Lawmakers
49 Gretchen Whitmer: State trying to avoid Florida-like COVID-19 outbreak as schools seek to reopen
50 Another Problem on the Health Horizon: Medicare Is Running Out of Money
51 Next Carrier's Cost Creeps Up After First One Hit $13.3 Billion
52 Democrats Pass $1.3 Trillion Spending Package for 2021
53 Like Trump, the Bush Administration Reportedly Looked Into Options for Delaying the 2004 Presidential Election
54 Arguments over whether to count illegal aliens in congressional apportionment may be moot | TheHill
55 Trump's Withdrawal From WHO: A Cover-Up for His Abject Failure on COVID-19
56 Testing the “China Shock”: Was Normalizing Trade with China a Mistake?
57 FinTech Innovation and Policy: Congressional CRS Report
58 Steve Chapman: Trump's false optimism won't stop the pandemic or fix the economy
59 Congressional Research Service Webpage Lists COVID-19-Related Publications
60 The Littoral Combat Ship and the Folly of Concurrency
61 Minnesota elections official calls Trump's threat to move Election Day 'dangerous', but 'empty'
62 AG Barr agrees he ‘misspoke’ about FBI arrests in Kansas City under Operation LeGend
63 Transparency advocates push Congress on public access to CRS reports
64 Tulsi Gabbard Talks CBD For Military Members, Biden's Legalization Opposition And Congressional Retirement
65 Rashida Tlaib wins 2020 Michigan primary against Brenda Jones
66 Report on China Naval Modernization and Implications for the US Navy
67 Trump keeps pushing for a payroll tax cut. Here's what that means.
68 China Naval modernization becomes top focus of US Navy plans
69 All of US: Congressional Research Service Report Devastates Arguments for Lee-Lofgren Zero Sum Immigration Bill
70 Pollution Is Killing Black Americans. This Community Fought Back.
71 Agencies find ways to support Congress’ needs remotely
72 Report to Congress on Navy Force Structure
73 Report on US Role in the World
74 Library of Congress is spending $1.5M on a public Congressional Research Service reports website. Is it worth it?
75 Covid-19: Surgical gowns used to cost pennies. Now US hospitals struggle to afford them.
76 Report to Congress on Columbia-class Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine Program
77 Pak PM Imran Khan hopes for early start of Intra-Afghan talks
78 Letter to House: Congressional and Public Access to CRS Reports
79 Keeping the lights on at the Library of Congress
80 Ilhan Omar Wants To Transfer Wealth -- But to Whom?, by Daily Editorials
81 Op-Ed: Congressional Research Service is Wrong About US Dredging
82 Report to Congress on China Naval Modernization
83 Nigeria: Tackling Resurgence of Militancy, Sea Robbery
84 Why Schools Need Funding, Even If They Don’t Physically Reopen
85 Report to Congress on New START Treaty
86 Report on US-China Competition in East, South China Sea
87 Public to get rare look inside the Congressional Research Service, with attrition, morale points of contention
88 Congress' Think Tank Casts Doubt on DeVos Push to Aid Private School Students
89 Psychedelics decrim qualifies for DC ballot (Newsletter: August 6, 2020)
90 Report to Congress on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance for Great Power Competition
91 Soldier's 'very preventable death' prompts amendment ordering review of military MedEvac services
92 WashU Expert: Pandemic lessons from 2-1-1
93 Briefing With Special Envoy Lea Gabrielle On the GEC Special Report: Pillars of Russia's Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem
94 Report to Congress on Artificial Intelligence and National Security
95 Report to Congress on Russian Nuclear Weapons
96 Report to Congress on Capabilities of Russian Armed Forces
97 Report to Congress on Navy Light Amphibious Warship
98 Congress Will Finally Make Its Research Reports Public
99 Fact-checking Trump's threat to cut off education funding if schools don't reopen
100 Report on Pentagon Counter-Drone Weapons