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1 Battle for control: why the age-old console wars show no sign of stopping
2 Microsoft looks beyond the console wars as it releases new Xboxes alongside Sony's PS5
3 Xbox head Phil Spencer says console tribalism is ‘one of the worst things about our industry’
4 The DeanBeat: Sony beats Microsoft with games as the console wars renew
5 The end of the console wars
6 The Winner Of The Console Wars Is … Light Beer?
7 In The Console Wars, Astro's Playroom Is Extraordinarily Effective PlayStation Propaganda
8 Microsoft's New Weapon in Console Wars: a 'Netflix for Games'
9 A video games timeline: from Pong to the console wars
10 Gaming Console Wars: PS5 Goes on Sale Days after XBOX Series X
11 Xbox and PlayStation Enter the Next Round of Video Game Console Wars
12 Console Wars: Holiday Season 2020
13 PS5 vs Xbox Series X data reveals early winner — and it's not even close
14 The Winner of the Console Wars is…Light Beer?
15 Bud Light Joins The Console Wars With The BL6 | Screen Rant
16 TVNZ's Console Wars, Netflix's Song Exploder look back at pop-culture's past
17 The console wars have deeper battles within
18 Having trouble getting your hands on the Playstation 5 or XBOX Series X? This may be the reason why
19 From Donkey Kong and Pacman to the console wars, here's how video games have evolved
20 Bud Light Enters the Console Wars | Game Rant
21 S. Korea becomes latest battleground for console wars
22 Bud Light taps into gaming wars with 6-pack console
23 Sony: We Don't Like Console Wars, Competition Makes Us Work Harder
24 Console Wars: Nintendo vs Sega
25 GameSpot After Dark Ep. 67: Make Love Not Console Wars
26 The Console Wars Have Begun And WandaVision Makes The Year Without The MCU Official | LRMornings
27 ‘Console Wars’ Review: In Nintendo vs. Sega, Mortals Combat
28 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Gets into the Console Wars With Philly Series 5
29 Twitch streamer confronts DoorDash driver after console war trash talk
30 From Stephen King to the USS Solvang
31 Sony and Microsoft come out swinging in the battle of the consoles
32 Review: 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' is zany, action-packed game that takes few risks
33 Why the PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X War Won’t Be Won With Console Sales
34 What You Need to Know About the Newest Game Consoles
35 The Evolution of Game Console Design—and American Gamers
36 FUSER should be called Ruin A Song With Smash Mouth’s “All Star” Simulator 2020
37 Microsoft Patches Xbox Live Bug That Was Exposing Email Addresses
38 'Console Wars' review: When Sega fought Nintendo, we all won
39 Coming This Fall: Return of the Video Game Console Wars
40 PlayStation 5 Review: Sony’s New Console Is an Entertaining Behemoth
41 How 'Console Wars' Took a Winding Path to the Screen
42 The console wars as we've known them are over
43 Console Wars trailer reveals Nintendo vs. Sega doc is coming Sept. 23
44 Gaming : The secrets kept by the SEGA Genesis
45 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X Bring Different Approaches to Consumers
46 SA retailers unlikely to receive PS5 stock before Christmas
47 Console war origin: How a retro rivalry sparked gaming's most heated feud
48 PlayStation 5: The next step in Sony’s rebound
49 Have the console wars ended in a truce?
50 Sonic battles Mario in trailer for 'Console Wars' documentary on video game wars of the '90s
51 Number of Steam gamers using controllers doubles in two years
52 On cloud nine
53 FaZe Banks Comments on PS5, Xbox Series X Debate | Game Rant
54 Console Wars documentary coming to CBS All-Access
55 Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Best ever video game console
56 Reaching a New Apex?
57 ‘Asymmetrical in every sense’: The latest console wars see Sony and Microsoft pursue diverging battle plans
58 PlayStation 5 is winning the console wars against Xbox Series, data shows
59 The console war is over | Opinion
60 Review: Console Wars is a rousing look at the egos behind the Sega and Nintendo rivalry
61 Console Wars 2020: PS5 vs Xbox Series X
62 Console Wars is now a documentary, coming to CBS All Access September 23
63 How to watch ‘Console Wars,’ the battle of Nintendo vs. Sega
64 'Console Wars' relives bitter '90s video game rivalry and cultural upheaval (movie review)
65 You need to play Nintendo's best jungle platformer for free on Switch ASAP
66 Xbox Series X flies past PS5 in Star Wars Squadrons upgrade — here's how
67 PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: What the '90s Sega-Nintendo rivalry can tell us
68 FirstFT: Today's top stories
69 How Console Wars Directors Will Turn Nintendo Vs. Sega Battle Into A TV Show
70 There Is No Console War Because Xbox Moved On And Left PlayStation Behind
71 Well, I guess we won the console war
72 After Console Wars: 10 Other Great Video Game Documentaries To Stream
73 PlayStation and Xbox are not in a ‘console war.’ They’re racing in different directions.
74 Xbox buys Bethesda, reshaping the console wars
75 Microsoft's Xbox plans to end the console wars with Sony
76 Nintendo Vs. Sega Documentary 'Console Wars' Coming To CBS All Access This Month
77 Phil Spencer on the ‘console war’ mentality, and Xbox’s shift away from the box
78 5 Ways Xbox Has Tried To End The Console Wars (& 5 Ways PlayStation Is Keeping It Alive)
79 Revisit SEGA vs Nintendo With the Trailer for Console Wars
80 The Xbox Series X Proves That Microsoft Still Cares About The Console Wars
81 The next gen console wars are over and both sides won
82 With Xbox eyeing Google and Amazon as its rivals, it’s time to ditch the ‘console wars’ narrative
83 The Console War Is Over Because Sony Left Microsoft Behind From The Start
84 Analysis: In 9th console generation, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo aren’t playing the same game
85 Console Wars: Sony Undercuts Xbox’s $500 Price By Printing Counterfeit Bills To Cause Hyperinflation And Make
86 PlayStation 5, Console Wars, and the Battle of Best Buy
87 Console Wars Review: Examining Sega's Legendary Feud With Nintendo
88 Sony new PlayStation 5 details reignite the home console wars
89 Fun and Games: New consoles excite video game fans
90 How Console Wars and Insert Coin Re-examine the Sega, Nintendo, and Midway of the ’90s
91 Xbox Series X Vs. PS5: This IGN Poll, Strangely, Reveals A Pleasant Truth About The Console War
92 Microsoft delays new 'Halo' game, its best chance at winning this fall's console wars, until 2021
93 Microsoft acquires Bethesda, creating the biggest wildcard in the console wars since the Nintendo Switch
94 PlayStation & Xbox Heads Remind Us What's Important (Not Console Wars)
95 Video game giants get set for console wars
96 The 2020 Console Wars: PS5 vs XBox Series X
97 Xbox Boss Wants to End Console Wars
98 How Next-Gen is Reframing the 'Console Wars'
99 The 2020 Console War: Which Next-Gen Console is Right For You?
100 What streaming video game services from Google mean for the Sony-Microsoft console wars