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1 Medicaid expansion, constitutional amendments, law enforcement barracks project on agenda this week in legisla
2 West Virginia legislature considers Constitutional Convention for congressional term limits
3 Kyrgyzstan: Withdraw Problematic Draft Constitution
4 The Constitutional Foundations of Communications Law and Policy
5 Wyoming Term Limits Constitutional Amendment Proposed
6 Senate approves sports betting constitutional amendment | Associated Press |
7 Sports betting constitutional amendment clears Senate | News |
8 Law professors on if Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax is constitutional
9 Georgia Senate approves sports betting constitutional amendment
10 Spotlight: The constitutional battle shaping up over Mexico's new power sector law
11 Letter to the Editor: Why it's important to vote on constitutional amendments
12 Moldova Constitutional Court allows president to appoint some government officials
13 The 5 Trump Amendments to the Constitution
14 Constitutional convention call renewed in Wisconsin
15 Missouri lawmaker pitches constitutional rules for transgender student athletes
16 House approves constitutional amendment clarifying impeachment powers | News, Sports, Jobs
17 Eviction Moratoriums Face Constitutional Issues: Landlords Challenge NY Law And Federal Judge Strikes Down CDC’s Eviction Ban
18 Arkansas House begins work on constitutional amendments
19 Bill to create constitutional commission passes New Mexico Senate, heads to House
20 The Spanish Constitutional Court Bolsters Arbitration in Spain
21 Portugal's Euthanasia Law Goes for Constitutional Review | Health News | US News
22 Explainer: Is Trump's post-presidency impeachment trial constitutional?
23 Senate Declares That Trump's Impeachment Trial Is Constitutional
24 Gov. Lee’s ‘constitutional carry’ bill advances in Legislature
25 Term limits resolution gains support from West Virginia constitutional officers
26 The Constitutional Fiction of Myanmar's Coup
27 Trump's acquittal is a sign of ‘constitutional rot’ – partisanship overriding principles
28 New version of anti-drug constitutional amendment introduced in House
29 A constitutional scholar on Trump's impeachment trial
30 Proposed constitutional amendment could result in legalized sports gambling in Texas
31 The Supreme Court Might Kill Voting Rights—Quietly
32 WIAA Board Advances Constitutional Amendments; Approves 8-Player Football & Fast Track Realignment
33 Constitutional officeholders support term limit resolution
34 There's No Constitutional Right to Potentially Cause Harm
35 144 Constitutional Lawyers Call Trump’s First Amendment Defense ‘Legally Frivolous’
36 Blame Our Flawed Constitution for Trump’s Acquittal
37 Boebert mocked for Constitution tweet | TheHill
38 United States District Court Finds CDC Order Exceeds Constitutional Power Granted to Federal Government
39 Trump Claims Constitution Still Protects His Taxes as Ex-President
40 Trump's Senate impeachment trial is a referendum on voters' constitutional responsibility
41 Mona Charen: How Mike Lee ditched constitutional conservatism for Trump
42 How a North Carolina senator ditched constitutional conservatism for the cult of Trump | Charen
43 New Mexico Supreme Court Reverses Conviction For Constitutional Violation Of Right To Counsel
44 Georgia State House unveils new legalized gambling constitutional amendment
45 Georgia Senate Approves Constitutional Amendment for Sports Betting
46 Smucker defended the Constitution [letter] | Letters To The Editor |
47 How to Teach Troops about the Constitution
48 Kyrgyzstan Preparing for Constitutional Reform in Search for Stability
49 No new taxes without a statewide vote on constitutional amendment, says Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy
50 China: Improving HK electoral system 'totally constitutional, lawful'
51 Constitutional law expert says Trump’s impeachment still impactful despite acquittal
52 NM Supreme Court Reverses Conviction For Constitutional Violation Of Right To Counsel
53 Rethinking The Constitution
54 Assembly Republicans Revive Call For Convention Of States To Make Constitutional Changes
55 Change Sought in NH Constitution To Barring Religious School Funding
56 Trump’s Impeachment-Trial Lawyers Refuse to Seriously Engage with the Constitutional Issues
57 Wang Yi: Improving HK electoral system 'totally constitutional, lawful'
58 Friday Morning Constitutional: Rain Tonight, More Rain Coming Next Week
59 The Right That Vanished from Algeria's Constitution
60 Iowa: Constitutional Carry Omnibus Bill Moves to Floor
61 S.D. Republicans put constitutional amendment on primary ballot
62 Tennessee: Pro-Gun Constitutional Carry Legislation Advances in Both Chambers – Faces Backlash from Fringe Fundraising Groups
63 Proposed amendment to Georgia Constitution could hamper Trump investigation
64 Phill Brooks: Legislative efforts versus the Missouri Constitution
65 'Constitutional cancel culture': Key takeaways from Day Four of Trump's impeachment trial
66 Letter: Restricting religious practice is un-American and un-constitutional
67 199 legal experts say Senate must not acquit Trump over constitutionality issue
68 Gianforte signs ‘constitutional carry’ gun bill
69 The Constitutionality of Trying a Former President for Impeachment–A Reply to Frank Bowman
70 Duo: CN court action violates constitution | Tribal News |
71 GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was slammed on Twitter for bungling the basics of the Constitution
72 Maryland state constitution requires free public education, no standard for quality
73 Constitutional Carry Gun Legislation Resurrected and Signed Into Law
74 First Up at Trump’s Impeachment: Can a Former President Stand Trial?
75 Weightlifting: The New Revolution
76 Today's news includes a potential constitutional conflict
77 Constitutional – Interstate Sovereign Immunity – Alabama University – Equal Protection Claim – North Carolina Lawyers Weekly
78 Navy Will Make All Sailors Reaffirm Oath to the Constitution in Extremism Stand-Down
79 How Mike Lee Ditched Constitutional Conservatism for the Cult of Trump
80 Acquittal Vindicated the Constitution, Not Trump
81 A new constitution could give indigenous Chileans more say
82 Senate Debates Constitutionality Of Former President Donald Trump's Impeachment
83 Trump impeachment trial: Live updates
84 Fulton DA’s investigation into Trump heads to grand jury
85 Letter: Constitutionality
86 Voting restrictions bill passes Georgia House over strong opposition
87 Fulton’s DA opens criminal investigation into Trump attempt to overturn Georgia’s election
88 U.S. Supreme Court questions patent tribunal's constitutionality
89 Perdue explores Senate comeback bid against Warnock in 2022
90 David Perdue won’t mount comeback bid for US Senate in 2022
91 What If We Wrote the Constitution Today?
92 Kyrgyzstan: Bad Faith Efforts to Overhaul Constitution
93 Gov. Wolf Releases Statement on Proposed Constitutional Amendments
94 Department of State Apologizes for its Failure to Properly Advertise Proposed Constitutional Amendment, HB 963
95 Time to Update the Language of the Constitution
96 How the U.S. Constitution Has Changed and Expanded Since 1787
97 Constitutional Changes Must Get OK Twice Under Amendment 4
98 Most Americans don't know what's in the Constitution: "A crisis of civic education"
99 Constitution and Law
100 Can a former president be subject to an impeachment trial? The Constitution is murky.