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1 President updates community on Spring 2021 planning | Cornell Chronicle
2 Stretchable sensor gives robots and VR a human touch | Cornell Chronicle
3 Field geology at Mars' equator points to ancient megaflood | Cornell Chronicle
4 Name that grain: CALS' barley will boost NYS beer industry | Cornell Chronicle
5 Researchers 3D-print biomedical parts with supersonic speed
6 Increase in positive COVID-19 cases on the Ithaca campus | Cornell Chronicle
7 Researchers identify genetics behind deadly oat blight | Cornell Chronicle
8 Fabled Silk Road could be the route to better apples | Cornell Chronicle
9 Waterford Country School director honored by Cornell University
10 Cornell teams work tirelessly to limit COVID spread | Cornell Chronicle
11 Study: Clean Air Act saved 1.5 billion birds
12 Quad art installations make physical distancing more social | Cornell Chronicle
13 Researchers trap electrons to create elusive crystal | Cornell Chronicle
14 Buzz kill: Spiders 'hear' airborne prey via their legs | Cornell Chronicle
15 Cornell University chalks up rare Covid-19 containment victory
16 Gut check: Teff grain boosts stomach microbiome health | Cornell Chronicle
17 'Racism in America' webinar to examine education, housing | Cornell Chronicle
18 Cornell student arrested after multiple harassment reports
19 University Announces Spring Calendar, Doesn't Include a Spring Break
20 Genes that shift butterfly wing colors identified | Cornell Chronicle
21 Thoroughbred Education and Research Foundation Awards $12,000 to Cornell University
22 Winter Sessions courses, all online, open for registration | Cornell Chronicle
23 Native American and Indigenous Students at Cornell seek justice from University
24 Students find academic home in Study Away | Cornell Chronicle
25 Arecibo Observatory: Massive, World-Class Radio Astronomy Telescope to Be Demolished – Here's Why
26 COVID-19 Summit to be held virtually Nov. 4-5 | Cornell Chronicle
27 Cornell University Sees Increase in Student COVID-19 Cases
28 Cornell solicits ideas for naming three North Campus halls | Cornell Chronicle
29 Cornell paper hopes to turn gerrymandering into "fairmandering"
30 Genetics behind deadly oat blight
31 Cornell University Gets Green Light on Food Processing Facility Study
32 Clay subsoil at Earth's driest place may signal life on Mars | Cornell Chronicle
33 Cornell Cases Rise, Ivy League Cancels Winter Sports
34 Cornell University to resume full salaries and retirement benefits
35 $2M grant supports more sustainable path for organic farmers | Cornell Chronicle
36 Big cats and small dogs: solving the mystery of canine distemper in wild tigers
37 Obituaries – 11-25-2020
38 Worm-like, soil-swimming robots to explore crop underworld
39 Cornell University: Public support for a COVID-19 vaccine faces uphill battle
40 S.A. Debates Stand Still Over Calls to Disarm CUPD
41 NSF to decommission Cornell-designed Arecibo telescope | Cornell Chronicle
42 After Failed CUPD Disarmament Vote, Students Rally to Have Reps Recalled
43 Schwartz research award applications due Dec. 11 | Cornell Chronicle
44 Princeton will allow many more students to live on campus in spring term amid the pandemic
45 'One Health' a key focus of COVID-19 Summit | Cornell Chronicle
46 Thanksgiving 2020: expert offers ‘magic bullet’ for families
47 Award of Merit Education/Research: Cornell University's Mui Ho Fine Arts Library (FAL)
48 November 23 update from Health Department on COVID-19 cases
49 Evansville colleges, students taking precautions ahead of holidays
50 Cornell professor explains why coronavirus cases are much lower than he originally predicted
51 Are dining tents a safe way to eat out during the pandemic?
52 Cornell tool connects farmers to Walmart climate goals | Cornell Chronicle
53 S.A. Vacillates For 3 Hours, Ultimately Rejects Cornell Police Disarmament
54 Cornell lowers COVID-19 alert level
55 Rob Swarthout '79 Retires from Swarthout Coaches
56 Cornell Atkinson: a decade of collaborative sustainability | Cornell Chronicle
57 Metal-ion breakthrough leads to new biomaterials | Cornell Chronicle
58 “Early Mars was Habitable –But Was It Inhabited?” –An Ancient Global Megaflood Hints ‘Yes’
59 Researchers identify new type of superconductor | Cornell Chronicle
60 Conexus Adds Three Board Members
61 After targeting king's legitimacy, Thai protest hits at his wealth
62 Cornell survey: Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed where and how CNY folks get their food?
63 Cornell student government votes to keep campus cops armed, now activists want reps recalled
64 Walmart adopts Cornell tool to quantify emissions in crop production
65 WPI Professor Elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
66 Innovative coronavirus testing let Duke keep its doors open
67 Meet the MBA Class of 2022: Isabel Fortuño Seitzer, University of Virginia (Darden)
68 Try a Red Wine From the Nation of Georgia
69 Antibodies good. Machine-made molecules better?
70 Virtual Lab Components Have a Future Post-COVID Say Cornell Professors
71 Bestselling Author, Dr. T. Colin Campbell Releases New Book The Future of Nutrition
72 Governor Cuomo Announces Winner of Round Two of Grow NY Food and Agriculture Business Competition
73 Round two Grow NY Food and Agriculture business competition winners announced
74 Duke University schools the country on how to stay open during Covid-19 pandemic
75 Princeton will release spring plans next month. Here's what the other Ivies are thinking.
76 The gift of clean air: Cornellian donates purifiers to Statler | Cornell Chronicle
77 Women's entrepreneurship institute set for major expansion | Cornell Chronicle
78 Cornell to resume full retirement benefits and salaries | Cornell Chronicle
79 How did one Central NY restaurant have a cluster of 19 coronavirus cases?
80 More student veterans join a welcoming community | Cornell Chronicle
81 New book examines works of famed Chicano artist, activist | Cornell Chronicle
82 Data, testing helped Cornell curb COVID-19 | Cornell Chronicle
83 Virus Updates: DHS, HHS Officials Hold Briefing on COVID Vaccine Rollout
84 Capitol Hill closed, but Cornell's engagement efforts continue
85 Lynn Meskell: Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor
86 Susan Daniel wields biomolecular weapons to fight COVID-19
87 Need a Covid nurse? That'll be $8,000 a week
88 Purdue animal sciences professor to address food safety in Cambodia
89 Abolitionist scholars featured in virtual events | Cornell Chronicle
90 Doctoral student contributes to global ocean-predator study | Cornell Chronicle
91 Some Cost-Cutting Measures to End Next Year as University Projects Balanced Budget
92 Nine questions with Cornell men's hockey coach Mike Schafer
93 Researchers create nanoclusters that mimic biomolecules | Cornell Chronicle
94 Cornell researchers say in-person semester for university safer than online one
95 Cornell welcomes its 'flexible' Class of '24 | Cornell Chronicle
96 Cornell alerts students to changes in quarantine protocols | Cornell Chronicle
97 Laser jolts microscopic electronic robots into motion | Cornell Chronicle
98 Adult University goes virtual with free 'education vacations' | Cornell Chronicle
99 Cornell leaders provide update on university finances | Cornell Chronicle
100 Fall 2020: Season of change on Ithaca campus | Cornell Chronicle