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1 Military's Top Appeals Court to Consider Whether Retirees Can Be Court-Martialed
2 Controversial nominee Tata appointed to a top defense job, bypassing Congress
3 Army Pauses Twitch Game Streaming After First Amendment Claim
4 Sumner Redstone, Towering Media Mogul Who Helped Shape Modern Entertainment Industry, Dies at 97
5 Top military appeals court to review Bergdahl case for interference by Trump and McCain
6 Child pornography case arguments heard by U.S. Armed Forces appeals court at BYU
7 Fourth Circuit Shows the Way Forward on Nationwide Injunctions in 'Public Charge' Case
8 Is a Major Change to Military Justice in the Works?
9 Service Members With HIV Challenge Military Restrictions On Deploying
10 FirstFT: Today's top stories
11 The horrific nightmare of a girl molested by her Army general father
12 BYU Law School's moot court hosts the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
13 DHS analyzed protester communications despite comments to the contrary
14 Calm returns to Portland protests as federal forces pull back
15 Supreme Court to weigh reversals of military rape convictions
16 Argument preview: Determining the statute of limitations for military rape – and possibly a lot more
17 Supreme Court to take up military rape cases
18 A Federal Court Is Considering Whether To Overturn Pentagon Restrictions On Troops With HIV
19 Kirkland Alum Among Picks For Va., Military Courts
20 Veterans benefits 2020: Most popular state benefit
21 Military Retirees Can Be Court-Martialed After All, Appeals Court Decides
22 Military appeals court takes Bergdahl desertion case
23 More fallout from Trump’s ‘flagrant end run’ to install unpopular nominee in top Pentagon post
24 Supreme Court asked to reverse military court decision limiting rape prosecutions
25 Military court hearing at Liberty University sparks outcry from religious freedom group
26 Is it Constitutional to Court Martial Retired Service Member
27 Air Force Major Convicted of Sexually Harassing Subordinates Appeals to Supreme Court
28 PHS graduate appointed military appellate court judge
29 Supreme Court jurisdiction over the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
30 Victims' lives turn on coming military sexual assault debate
31 The Latest: Australia pledges $1.4M for Beirut relief effort
32 Second-Class Justice in the Military
33 Supreme Court to hear military rape case involving Port St. Lucie veteran
34 U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces to hear arguments at CU Law
35 Statement by Department of Defense on enhanced health protection measures for the Pentagon
36 October Term 2020
37 Military to Be Sent to Border Before Supreme Court’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Ruling
38 Supreme Court rules it has jurisdiction over military court of appeals
39 The US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces presides over Peterson
40 Brian Mast's Fight to Help Raped Veteran Going to the Supreme Court
41 LIVE: Protests as Lebanon detains 16 over Beirut explosion
42 Ex-Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Placed Under House Arrest
43 Congresswoman Horn Announces Filing Of Amicus Brief On Behalf Of Military Sexual Assault Victim
44 Opinion analysis: Court rejects “dual-officeholding” challenge to military conviction
45 Soldier appeals sex crime conviction, says jury was likely to be confused by SHARP testimony
46 [BC-MCT-NEWS-BJT] | National |
47 FirstFT: Today's top news | Financial Times
48 Positive for COVID and under house arrest, Álvaro Uribe is made accountable
49 Are Military Courts Really Just Like Civilian Criminal Courts?
50 Horn files amicus brief for military sexual assault survivor
51 International court approves investigation into Taliban, Afghan forces and US military war crimes
52 Soldier on death row will ask the military's highest court to overturn his conviction
53 No officer and gentleman would write such obscenities, appellate court agrees
54 Supreme Court to Consider Google Appeal of Oracle Win in Copyright Case
55 Texas appeals court stays execution of Rodney Reed
56 Massive Explosion Tears Through Beirut, Leaving Hundreds Missing and Thousands Injured
57 Appeals Court Allows Use of $3.6 Billion in Military Funds for Border Wall
58 Court Considers Whether Men-Only Draft Is Constitutional
59 Major dismissed for affair with deployed soldier's wife gains sentence review
60 The Supreme Court and Military Jurisdiction Over Retired Servicemembers
61 Court Nixes Use of DoD Funds for Border Wall
62 Relist Watch
63 SC reinstates right to challenge military tribunal orders in high courts
64 U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces Comes to ND Law School | The Law School | University of Notre Dame
65 For 200 years, the Insurrection Act has given presidents the power to deploy the military to quell unrest
66 Local veteran calls on 2020 presidential candidates to support military rape survivors
67 Coalition squabbling intensifies over bill to forbid indicted PM from serving
68 Appeals court ruling leads to dismissal in years-old rape case involving Spangdahlem pilot
69 SC restores HC jurisdiction over AFT orders
70 Military appeals court reverses disrespect conviction since superior 'repeatedly badgered and taunted' his subordinate
71 Overnight Defense: Appeals court rules using Pentagon funding for border wall illegal | Esper visits NATO after Trump announces Germany drawdown | Russian intel unit reportedly offered bounties for killing coalition troops in Afghanistan | TheHill
72 Supreme Court Revives Transgender Ban for Military Service
73 Outreach case educates on military justice | News
74 Summary: The Supreme Court Rules in Ortiz v. United States
75 Slanderous statement by disgraced judge facilitated purge of Turkey's top military court by Islamists
76 The 'Shadow Report' on Commanders' Prosecutorial Powers Raises More Questions Than Answers
77 New court ruling jeopardizes military’s ability to pursue old rape cases
78 2nd Federal Judge Blocks Plan To Use Pentagon Funds For Border Wall
79 She recorded her rapist's confession. Now, the Supreme Court could hear it.
80 Trump Asks Supreme Court for Fast Appeal on Transgender Military Ban
81 Was Court-Martial After Manslaughter Conviction Double Jeopardy?
82 Argument preview: Justices to consider role of military judges and the dual-officeholding ban
83 Marine colonel out of prison; child sex abuse case overturned
84 'Best Warrior' formerly convicted of sexually assaulting mother-in-law gets new trial
85 The 3 types of courts-martial, explained
86 Is it Unconstitutional for the Supreme Court to Hear Court-Martial Appeals?
87 Time For Males-Only Draft Registration To Include Women, Says Panel
88 Trump Wants The Military Ready to Deploy to Minneapolis. Here’s What The Law Says About Posse Comitatus.
89 Trump's Intervention in the Golsteyn Case: Judicial Independence, Military Justice or Both?
90 Why the International Criminal Court will investigate possible U.S. war crimes — even if the Trump administration says it can’t
91 Court Withdraws Opinion Saying Military Retirees Shouldn't Be Court-Martialed
92 Congressman fights appeals court ruling that resulted in military releasing convicted rapists
93 Number of suspended, debarred contractors falls for fourth year in a row
94 HIV-positive airmen fighting to stay in the Air Force in 1st-of-its kind case
95 Vandenberg trespassing case reaches 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
96 What Lt. Col. Vindman's Testimony Says About Civil-Military Relations and Military Justice
97 Appeals Court Affirms Bergdahl Conviction, Finds No Unlawful Command Influence
98 Federal Court Vacancies Are a Crisis. Military Judges Are the Solution.
99 The Golsteyn Case and Civilian Oversight in Military Justice
100 A Federal Appeals Court Rejects Evidence of Age Discrimination By U.S. Army