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1 Meet the Blockbuster Korean Skin Care Brand That’s Perfecting K-Beauty for the Masses
2 Records: Man accused of trying to kick owners out of Redding house a chronic court no-show
3 15 Retinol Facts That You Probably Didn't Know
4 The Buzz: Downtown Redding, 'what we have going down here is special'
5 The 9 Best Dermatologist-Recommended Eye Creams
6 Face Masks May Be Irritating Your Skin — How to Stop It
7 The Hut Group Swoops on Professional Skin-care Retailer
8 K-Beauty Brand Amarte Claims Rival Jacked its "Extremely Valuable” Product Name and the Goodwill Tied to it
9 Amarte
10 The 18 Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin, According to Experts
11 What is My Skin Undertone? | How To Find Your Skin Undertone Guide 2021
12 Jury finds man guilty; tried telling residents their home was his
13 Raliberto's: New place for Mexican food coming to downtown Redding
14 Skin Barrier Function and How to Repair and Care for It
15 Food truck idea is flawed. Here's another plan
16 Downtown plan update approved; building owners balk at rules for ground-floor offices
17 Why You Should Still Be Wearing SPF Sunscreen While Working From Home
18 What Are Sebaceous Filaments?
19 Retinol Serums Vs. Creams: Which One Is Right For You?
20 Airpark Cafe receives top-flight reviews under new management
21 Here’s Why You Should Never Skip Eye Cream, According To Dermatologists
22 DermStore will vacate site in downtown Redding; operations to be consolidated with LA firm
23 Cheesecakes aren't the only thing on the menu at Cheesecakes Unlimited
24 Angry rash can develop from wearing a face mask, experts say. Here’s how to prevent it
25 The Buzz: Cedar Crest Brewery & Winery moving to downtown Redding
26 16 Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin 2021
27 Plan for downtown Redding will stymie growth
28 Wilda's Grill reopens in downtown Redding
29 Shasta County judge sentences repeat offender to more than eight years in state prison
30 Wilda's ready to open downtown
31 Executive Cyndi Isgrig on What It Takes to Create Dermstore
32 There's a Reason You Have to Wait So Long For a Dermatologist Appointment
33 The Difference Between A $12 Moisturizer And A $325 Moisturizer
34 Do Makeup Wipes Clean Your Face Properly? Dermatologists Weigh In.
35 How online skincare company DermStore uses content as customer service
36 Skin Pros Explain What Causes Hypopigmentation and How to Deal
37 Elizabeth Warren's Skin Care Routine Has Created A Whole New Debate
38 9 Skincare Ingredients That Prevent, Treat, and Fade Hyperpigmentation
39 What are Pore Strips and What Do They Do
40 Spoon Me in downtown Redding will close
41 Best serums to help all skin types get through winter
42 7 Dermatologist-Approved Products to Banish Blackheads
43 How to do the 10-step Korean skin care routine
44 What Is The Double-Cleansing Method?
45 The Most Compelling Argument for Using Retinoids in Your 20s
46 Good Bacteria for Good Skin
47 Hot Looks: As Seen in the July Issue, Part One—Mid-Luxury Korean Beauty Imports
48 Moisturizers for Itchy Skin Recommended by Experts For Winter 2020
49 Here's why Ireland should follow the UK and ban makeup wipes
50 Skincare Ingredient Dictionary: Every Term You Need to Know
51 Here Are the Moisturizer Ingredients You Should (and Shouldn't) Look For
52 Blackened beauty: Charcoal and its purifying properties are the latest health fad
53 7 Ways To Choose The Best Sunscreen For You
54 I Tried the Amarte Korean Skincare Regimen, And Quickly Realized What All the Fuss is About
55 Beauty traditions from around the world are introduced to the U.S.
56 Beauty, Gangnam style
57 When You Need to Wear Sunscreen
58 8 dermatologist-recommended sunscreens under $50
59 Can Sunscreen Clog Your Pores? Here's How To Find The Best SPF Product For Your Face
60 Kim Kardashian West Has Never Forgotten This Skin Care Tip From Kris Jenner
61 Are Your Skincare Meds Making It Easier to Catch Coronavirus?
62 The 27 Best Anti-Aging Tips of All Time
63 Activated Charcoal For Beauty Now The Latest Health Fad, But Clinical Benefits Still Unknown
64 Amarte's Aqua Veil Serum Is One Of The Most Unique Moisturizers I've Ever Tried
65 Cloudless Creams Are The New K-Beauty Trend That Will Seriously Up Your Skin Care Game
66 “Adaptogens” Is Skin Care’s Buzziest New Word, Here’s Why
67 7 Reasons Your Skin Is Freaking Out Right Now
68 Real estate transactions Aug. 22
69 I Tried Adding Sulfur To My Skin Care Routine To Reduce The Redness On My Face
70 Succulents Are the Mega-Hydrating Ingredient Your Skin Care Routine Needs
71 The Lowdown on Downtowns
72 How to Minimize Pores on Your Face
73 Here's the full list of last month's local real-estate deals valued at $75000 or more
74 Pore Strips Are Fun — But Are They Harming Your Skin?
75 The Truth Behind Those Celebrity Skin-Care “Secrets”
76 5 Natural Ingredients That'll Detox Skin To Add To Your Next DIY Body Scrub
77 5 effective ways to deal with hyperpigmentation and dark spots
78 Love Island ladies told to ‘grow up’ after they make beauty blunder in villa
79 Experts Explain Between High And Low Price Moisturizers