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1 Russian military says US flights near Crimea fuel tensions
2 Crimean Tatar civic journalists risk persecution to cover their community in Russian-annexed Crimea
3 Russian nukes in Crimea? Experts worry they may already be there
4 Responding to the Belarus Uprising: Not Crimea 2.0
5 Can Russian-occupied Crimea solve its water problems without Ukraine?
6 Lockdown in Ukraine: How residents of occupied Crimea and Donbas cross checkpoints
7 UCC condemns Russia's persecution of the Crimean Tatar people
8 Crimean Military Park Opens With Historical Bang
9 Putin drives car in annexed Crimea during rare trip outside Moscow
10 Turkey raises alarm over detentions of Crimean Turks
11 Ukraine's MFA announces threat of militarization of Crimea by Russia
12 Ukraine demands that Russia release four persons detained in Crimea today
13 Ukraine sends note of protest to Russia in light of Putin’s Crimea visit
14 Medvedchuk travels to occupied Crimea, accompanied by three Ukrainian policemen – media
15 Hollywood star Steven Seagal arrives in Crimea
16 Water cannot be supplied to Crimea before its de-occupation
17 EU not recognizing local 'elections' in Russian-occupied Crimea
18 Ukraine remains Crimea's main trading partner despite hostility — authorities
19 Russia's Gazprom starts LPG supplies to Crimea via new bridge
20 EU prolongs sanctions over Russia's Crimea annexation
21 Ukrainian Canadians condemn Russia's persecution of Crimean Tatars
22 Is Belarus Destined to Become the Next Crimea?
23 Hellenic Crimea and the 'discovery' of a Greek Principality, Theodoro
24 Dialogue with Russia impossible due to occupation of Crimea – European Commission
25 Russia sentences 7 Crimean Tatars to long prison terms
26 Vladimir Putin's forever war against Ukraine continues
27 EuroMaidan Press: Books about Russo-Ukrainian war in Crimea and Donbas
28 Crimea: Six years after illegal annexation
29 Five Different Civilizations Used Ancient Burial Ground in Crimea and Archeologists Have No Idea Why
30 EU Does Not Recognize Russian Legislation in Crimea Following Jail Term for Tatar Activist
31 Russia Cements Ties With Crimea, Freezing Conflict With West
32 Crimea could become an expensive liability for Putin
33 Crimea today, Russia tomorrow?
34 Apple changes Crimea map to meet Russian demands
35 Illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol: EU renews sanctions by one year
36 The Peril of Polling in Crimea
37 Why post-corona Russia will eventually hand Crimea voluntarily back to Ukraine
38 World must not forget Putin's Crimean crime
39 Crimea: Story of a twice stolen peninsula | Daily Sabah
40 With symbolic train ride, Putin marks new bridge linking annexed Crimea to Russia
41 'If Russia were stopped in Crimea, it wouldn't be in Syria'
42 Crimea's annexation six years on
43 Russia returns two notes on Crimea to Ukraine — diplomat
44 Crimea Races to Recruit Doctors as Coronavirus Cases Double
45 Tourist trade in annexed Crimea on brink as coronavirus bites
46 Kuleba: Lack of water in Crimea is consequence of Russia's actions
47 Longing For Home: Crimean Tatar recalls harassment, torture in Russia-annexed Crimea (VIDEO)
48 Ukraine's Foreign Minister Says Russia-Annexed Crimea's 'De-Occupation Is Inevitable'
49 Unprecedented Drought in Crimea: Can the Russian-Occupied Peninsula Solve Its Water Problems Without Ukraine?
50 Pray For Rain: Crimea’s Dry-Up A Headache For Moscow, Dilemma For Kyiv
51 Crimea running out of water due to annexation, looks for water sources
52 Apple and Google Maps accommodate Russia’s annexation of Crimea
53 French MEPs visit Crimea illegally to observe Russia's constitutional vote
54 Crimea’s Occupation Exemplifies the Threat of Attacks on Cultural Heritage
55 Concerned about Ongoing Militarization of Crimea, Human Rights Violations in Eastern Ukraine, Speakers Tell General Assembly Minsk Agreements Must Be Fully Implemented
56 Crimea: Jehovah's Witness sentenced to six years in a penal colony
57 Crimea After Six Years
58 U.S. Tells Russia To Stop 'Inflicting Suffering On Crimean People'
59 Putin attends keel-laying of new warships in annexed Crimea
60 Russia's infringement of believers' rights in Crimea is reason for toughening sanctions
61 Crimean experts warn Russia has appetite for Black Sea, more Ukrainian land
62 Holy men
63 To Russia With Love
64 EU Extends Crimea Sanctions By One More Year
65 Turkey reiterates call to end 'occupation' of Crimea
66 Crimea Bans for Journalists Are Choking the Truth
67 Two water reservoirs of annexed Crimea may be on verge of drying out in fall
68 'Crimea Is Lost,' Pompeo Reportedly Tells Ukraine
69 Crimea Plans First Direct International Flights, Lawmaker Says
70 Ukraine seeks to maintain ties with its citizens in Crimea,
71 Pandemic adding to burdens sanctions have imposed on Moscow for seizing Crimea
72 What's So Special About Crimea? Almost Everything.
73 Russia returns Ukrainian boats seized off Crimea
74 Stop Visiting Crimea During Coronavirus Outbreak, Leader Tells Russians
75 Russia's Quick Fixes Won't Solve Crimea's Water Woes
76 Trump administration issues new sanctions related to Russia’s takeover of Crimea
77 Mosaic glorifying Crimea annexation ditched from new Russian cathedral
78 Ukraine ready to provide Crimea with water in case of humanitarian catastrophe,
79 Crimean Tatars: Ukraine Raises Issue of Raided Houses to UN SG
80 Ukrainians not obliged to stay in observation after arrival in occupied Crimea
81 Five years after Crimea’s illegal annexation, the issue is no closer to resolution
82 UN resolution condemns Russia's occupation of Crimea
83 Number of Ukrainians moving to Crimea grows by 17% over past year
84 Crimean-Based Blogger Deported to Ukraine After Critical Social-Media Posts
85 US fines Amazon for delivering orders to annexed Crimea
86 U.S. calls on Russia to stop violating rights of Crimean Tatars
87 Return Of Crimea 'Difficult And Slow Process,' Says Ukraine's Parliament Speaker
88 Russian security leaders carry searches in Crimea, six Crimean Tatars detained – Dzhaparova
89 'Deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 was genocide'
90 Freedom of Expression in Crimea: Voices From Ukraine
91 Russian Court in Crimea Jails Jehovah’s Witness for 6 Years
92 Russian court to hear appeal of Crimean journalist Nariman Memedeminov
93 Geo-economics of water deficit in Crimea
94 Ukraine: seven persons involved in the organisation of Russian elections in the illegally annexed Crimea and Sevastopol added to EU sanctions list
95 Ukraine will 'never surrender sovereign control over Donbass or Crimea'
96 Russian Court Rejects Crimean Blogger's Appeal
97 Russia returns to Ukraine two protests notes concerning Crimea, Donbas
98 10 must-see places in Crimea (PHOTOS)
99 Will Russia use the pandemic to crack down further on Crimean Tatars?
100 The Crimea Circumvention: How EU Firms Are Sidestepping Sanctions And Making Money On The Peninsula