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Result Content Idea Research
1 Dzheppar: Russia using international platforms to legitimize occupation of Crimea
2 10 must-see places in Crimea (PHOTOS)
3 Around 400,000 tourists visited Crimea in first 10 days of tourist season
4 US Fines Amazon for Crimea Orders
5 No problem with water for population in annexed Crimea,
6 Illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol: EU renews sanctions by one year
7 Kuleba: Lack of water in Crimea is consequence of Russia's actions
8 Ukraine's Foreign Minister Says Russia-Annexed Crimea's 'De-Occupation Is Inevitable'
9 Russian Authorities In Occupied Crimea Detain Tatar Activists, Search Their Homes
10 US fines Amazon for delivering orders to annexed Crimea | KyivPost
11 EU extends Crimea, Sevastopol sanctions for a year
12 Why post-corona Russia will eventually hand Crimea voluntarily back to Ukraine
13 Occupied Crimea faces a critical water shortage
14 EU condemns detention of Crimean Tatars by Russia
15 Ukraine demands tougher sanctions against Russia, condemns visit of MEPs to Crimea
16 10 must-see places in Crimea
17 Russia illegally occupied Crimea, Ukraine won't ask compensation for its annexation – Kuleba
18 Ambassador of Turkey: Ankara constantly raises issue of Crimea during contacts with Russia
19 Two Hizb ut-Tahrir terror suspects arrested in Crimea until September
20 Saudi Mountains, Crimean Beaches Beckon for Covid Staycations
21 President’s representative Korynevych: Russia changing demographics of Crimea
22 EU expects Russia to end pressure on Crimean Tatars
23 Ukraine to arrest 18 foreign ships for entering Crimean ports
24 RFE/RL: Russian lawmakers propose expanded 'extremism' law aimed at Crimea
25 Reinsalu: Extention of EU Crimea sanctions shows 'unwavering support'
26 Recordings of Poroshenko’s voice admitting involvement in sabotage in Crimea published
27 Halya Coynash: Russia commits war crime by deporting Ukrainians from Crimea | KyivPost
28 This week in photos: 300 drones above Seoul, fighter jets over Crimea, and FC Zenit's win
29 Russia admits its constitutional changes are aimed at making return of Crimea to Ukraine “impossible”
30 Some 1,058 COVID-19 cases, 37 fatalities reported in occupied Crimea since start of pandemic
31 UNIAN: No amendments to Russian Constitution can prevent Crimea de-occupation | KyivPost
32 458 people cross administrative border with Crimea after lockdown easing in one day
33 Why Isn't Latvia the “Next” Crimea? Reconsidering Ethnic Integration
34 Ukraine has no claims against Crimea, Donbas residents who received Russian passports,
35 In Russia and Ukraine, no social distance on crowded beaches during COVID-19
36 Russian Black Sea Fleet aircraft practice mid-air refueling over Crimea in drills
37 Crimean Tatars: Letter Calls for Unconditional Release of Activists
38 Ukraine seeks to maintain ties with its citizens in Crimea,
39 UkrInform: About 32500 Russian soldiers currently stationed in occupied Crimea | KyivPost
40 UNIAN: Ukrainian political prisoners in Crimea forced to cast ballots | KyivPost
41 UN: Russia doesn't find perpetrators as Crimeans report repression
42 Russian Black Sea Fleet forces to seize and defend bridgehead on Crimean coast in drills
43 Crimea: Six years after illegal annexation
44 Ukraine, Turkey discuss possibility of concluding intergovernmental agreement on defense cooperation
45 Halya Coynash: Powerful address by Crimean Tatar human rights defender | KyivPost
46 Kremlin paranoia triggers surge in espionage charges | World
47 Crimea could become an expensive liability for Putin
48 The Graphic Truth: Are new US COVID deaths surging vs EU?
49 Russia Cements Ties With Crimea, Freezing Conflict With West
50 Crimea today, Russia tomorrow?
51 Bulgaria reports 1st Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever case of the year
52 Apple changes Crimea map to meet Russian demands
53 World must not forget Putin's Crimean crime
54 Coronavirus: Russians rush to the beach, ignore social distancing
55 Crimea: Story of a twice stolen peninsula | Daily Sabah
56 'If Russia were stopped in Crimea, it wouldn't be in Syria'
57 US urges Russia to end occupation of Ukraine's Crimea
58 The Peril of Polling in Crimea
59 Russia returns two notes on Crimea to Ukraine — diplomat
60 Crimea: Jehovah's Witness sentenced to six years in a penal colony
61 Turkey reiterates call to end 'occupation' of Crimea
62 Putin's new Crimea rail link condemned by EU
63 Concerned about Ongoing Militarization of Crimea, Human Rights Violations in Eastern Ukraine, Speakers Tell General Assembly Minsk Agreements Must Be Fully Implemented
64 Crimea's annexation six years on
65 U.S. calls on Russia to immediately return full control of Crimea to Ukraine
66 Tourist trade in annexed Crimea on brink as coronavirus bites
67 Apple and Google Maps accommodate Russia’s annexation of Crimea
68 Annexed From Ukraine, Crimea Now Fears Coronavirus Collapse In Tourism From Russia
69 Outgunned: Is US losing the sniper war?
70 Crimea Bans for Journalists Are Choking the Truth
71 Crimea’s Occupation Exemplifies the Threat of Attacks on Cultural Heritage
72 'Crimea Is Lost,' Pompeo Reportedly Tells Ukraine
73 What's So Special About Crimea? Almost Everything.
74 The Crimea Circumvention: How EU Firms Are Sidestepping Sanctions And Making Money On The Peninsula
75 To Russia With Love
76 UN resolution condemns Russia's occupation of Crimea
77 Pray For Rain: Crimea’s Dry-Up A Headache For Moscow, Dilemma For Kyiv
78 Crimea Plans First Direct International Flights, Lawmaker Says
79 Trump administration issues new sanctions related to Russia’s takeover of Crimea
80 Russia returns Ukrainian boats seized off Crimea
81 Ukraine: seven persons involved in the organisation of Russian elections in the illegally annexed Crimea and Sevastopol added to EU sanctions list
82 Mosaic glorifying Crimea annexation ditched from new Russian cathedral
83 Schools books showing Crimea as part of Russia will be recalled
84 Crimea after six years of Russian occupation: fear, human rights abuses and absence of freedom
85 Concern for the deterioration of human rights in Crimea
86 Anton Korynevych, Permanent Representative of President of Ukraine in Autonomous Republic of Crimea
87 Life in Russian-occupied Crimea: What's changed?
88 Crimean-Based Blogger Deported to Ukraine After Critical Social-Media Posts
89 Kremlin lambasts former US envoys’ ‘absurd speculation’ on Crimea
90 Geo-economics of water deficit in Crimea
91 "Nanotechnology": a network of laugh Crimean sausage with paper
92 Pandemic adding to burdens sanctions have imposed on Moscow for seizing Crimea
93 Crimea: Conscription Violates International Law
94 Crimea After Six Years
95 Criminal Record of Crimean Journalist Mykola Semena Officially Cleared
96 UNPO: Coronavirus: Crimean Tatars Forbidden to Wear Masks
97 Muzhenko outlines possible scenarios of full-fledged Russian invasion of Ukraine
98 Fide, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine and…the storm in a chess board?
99 Russia complicit in human rights abuses in Crimea, court told
100 Crimeans coming from abroad obliged to pay for observation in annexed Crimea