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1 Boulder company linked to CrossFit owner raises $35.8M
2 Athletes Unleashed files suit against Cuomo, state; Orchard Park gym loses Crossfit affiliation
3 CrossFit Cancels Athletes Unleashed's Affiliation After Derogatory Email
4 Company linked to CrossFit owner raises $35.8M – BizWest
5 Colleen Fotsch Goes From Division I Swimmer, CrossFit Standout To USA Bobsled Women's National Team
6 20 Lessons from Rich Froning to Help you become a better CrossFit Athlete
7 CrossFit Headquarters Moves To Boulder, Colorado
8 Garett Hood: Flat Lines Five Times, Credits CrossFit With Bringing Him Back
9 OPINION: CrossFit Has Begun to Fix Its Inclusion Problems, In A Way
10 Facebook Group Empowers the Women of CrossFit
11 CrossFit leases space for new Boulder HQ
12 Watch CrossFit Pro Rich Froning and His Crew Skydive With the U.S. Army
13 Fat Burning Conditioning CrossFit Workouts to Transform your Body
14 Endurance CrossFit Workouts to Improve Conditioning (Scaled and Beginner Options Included)
15 20 Signs That You Are A CrossFit Addict!
16 10 Brutal Weight Vest Workouts for Tough CrossFit Athletes
17 Is CrossFit Worth the Price? An Honest and Comprehensive List of Pros and Cons (OPINION)
18 The CrossFit Open Adaptive Division: What We Know Now
19 Original CrossFit Kid Writes Book to Inspire Lifestyle Change
20 20 Tough CrossFit Workouts from Rich Froning Every Athlete Should Try
21 The 10 Mental Stages and Mood Swings of Athletes during CrossFit Workouts
22 “Magic” of the Games Inspiration for CrossFit First-Timers, According to Roza
23 San Francisco CrossFit is closing. Here’s what Bay Area fitness culture is losing
24 Weaknesses Destroying Abs Workouts for CrossFit Lovers
25 15 Full Body CrossFit Dumbbell Workouts to Build a Powerful Engine
26 Crossfit Cruises At Rideau
27 BREAKING: CrossFit LLC Lobbies for Direct Federal Aid for Local Gyms
28 CrossFit Games' Return to Live TV Brings 400000 Additional Viewers
29 COVID: San Francisco CrossFit Forced to Close After 15 Years
30 RX and Scaled CrossFit Chest Workouts to Build Muscle and Power
31 Chimney Rock CrossFit Offering Outdoor Classes to Stay COVID Safe
32 Early Season Report: How the 2021 CrossFit Games Season is Shaping Up
33 Adaptive CrossFit program teaches strength-building and everyday skills
34 7 Rules that no CrossFit Athlete should ever Break
35 CROSSFIT TRANSFORMATIONS – Games Athlete Bethany Shadburne When She Competed as a Bodybuilder
36 Brooke Wells Tale of Two Different 2020 CrossFit Games Experiences
37 CrossFit Shoulder Workouts for Explosive Strength and Power (RX, Scaled, Beginner)
38 10 Superfoods to Improve Health, Recovery and Performance for Crossfit
39 CrossFit competition has addicts helping addicts
40 Fiery CrossFit Chipper Kettlebell Workouts to Destroy your Weaknesses
41 US Army Warrior Fitness Team Holding Tryouts for 2021 Season
42 Vital Shoulder Exercises to Protect Joints and Prevent Injury for CrossFit Athletes
43 6 Tough AMRAP Gymnastic CrossFit Workouts for Committed Athletes
44 Crossfit Inks HQ Lease in Boulder
45 How millionaire CrossFit co-founder fell in love with an accused murderer
46 Long Island's Babylon CrossFit honors fallen US Navy SEAL with the annual 'Murph Challenge'
47 20-Minute AMRAP Challenges – A Vital Time Domain Every CrossFit Athlete needs to Train
48 The 2020 CrossFit Black Friday/Cyber Monday Buyer's Guide
49 7 CrossFit Running Workouts to Build a Better Engine
50 STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL – 30 Amazing Crossfit Girls to Inspire You! (Plus a Message from Katrin)
51 Watch This 96-Year-Old Man Absolutely Crush a CrossFit Workout to Celebrate His Birthday
52 San Francisco CrossFit, 15-Year-Old Legend Affiliate, Closes Up Shop
53 Why Is Mental Fitness Important in CrossFit?
54 Battling MS, Kevin Maijer Learns CrossFit is “More than a Place to Workout”
55 5 Psychological Tricks to Help You Crush Tough CrossFit Workouts
56 6 Bad Signs And Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency for CrossFit Athletes
57 8 AMRAP Dumbbell CrossFit Workouts to Improve Strength and Stamina
58 WATCH: CrossFit Pro Rich Froning and Crew Skydive With U.S. Army Golden Knights
59 Foster Fit Seeks to Provide Foster Youth With CrossFit Gym Membership
60 CrossFit Low Oxygen Becomes the First "Fit To Recover" Affiliate
61 CrossFit Games Athletes Talk Honestly about Eating Disorders, Body Image and Self Esteem
62 CrossFit LLC, Community Gyms Coalition Fight for Local Gyms
63 Allied Corp. Strengthens National Brand Support with the Signing of Elite Athlete Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
64 Three Key Takeaways From Our Coffee Break Conversation With CrossFit San Jose's Owner, Lance Miller
65 Maximise Your Gains – 20 Healthy Protein Sources for CrossFit Athletes
66 CrossFit founder Lauren Jenai at home for the holidays with her accused murderer husband
67 10 Demanding CrossFit Handstand Push Ups Shoulder Workouts for All CrossFit Athletes
68 8 Snatch CrossFit Workouts to Build Speed, Power and Strength
69 Watch CrossFit Star Rich Froning and His Crew Skydive With the U.S. Army
70 |Watch| The Crucial Moments of Trial Against CrossFit Over PI Attorney's Back Injury Claim
71 AWESOME TRANSFORMATIONS – Chandler Smith before CrossFit (and his 7 Top Training Tips)
72 Burlington's Kwant takes second at CrossFit Games
73 5 Important Squat Variations To Build Mass, Strength and Muscle for CrossFit Athletes
74 Mat Fraser — Two-Movement CrossFit WOD is ‘One of the Hardest I’ve Done’
75 Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene Does CrossFit in Hotel Room
76 Top 7 CrossFit Lookalikes: Games Athletes and Celebrities
77 Rugby, CrossFit groups raising funds to assist player with medical expenses
78 Savage CrossFit Rowing Workouts to Build Mental Toughness and Conditioning
79 Hero CrossFit Workouts to Honour Fallen American Soldiers on Veterans Day
80 Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey Before CrossFit (and 7 of her Abs Workouts to Strengthen your Core)
81 8 Underused Exercises CrossFit Athletes Need to Include More in Their Training
82 9 Highly Effective and Underused Mobility Exercises For Intelligent CrossFit Athletes
83 Healthier Foods to Eat for Weight Loss and Better CrossFit Training
84 Meet Justin Cotler: The Dynamic Coach of CrossFit Dynamix
85 First-Ever Rogue Challenge: 50 Biking Calories for Time
86 Essential Dumbbell Exercises CrossFit Athletes Must Master
87 10 Vital Exercises for CrossFit Newbies to Learn Properly
88 TRAIN SMARTER – 8 Effective Squat Secrets for CrossFit and Strength Athletes
89 Tanguy Cruz Sets New 24-Hour “Murph” World Record
90 Another Boston Pizza flag football title for Crossfit Cornwall
91 CFNE Closes for Two Days After Coach Tori Dyson Tests COVID Positive
92 5 Inspiring Lifts and Lessons from CrossFit Legend Sara Sigmundsdottir
93 5 CrossFit Kettlebell Workouts To Build Strength and Muscle
94 ‘Don’t fear carbs’ – CrossFit athletes’ myth-busting nutrition coach
95 Isaac Solomon Starts Eating Veggies, Loses 65 Pounds
96 Changes Continue for Brooke Wells; Leaves CompTrain
97 Boys to Men: Boys Teen Division Still Battling for Legitimacy
98 CrossFit Gyms Founder Resigns Amid Black Lives Matter Furor
99 Reebok cuts ties with CrossFit after CEO's controversial tweets about George Floyd
100 CrossFit founder Greg Glassman is selling the company after weeks of controversy