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1 Nerve cell activity shows how confident we are
2 Study finds ‘spooky’ similarities between how human brains, computers see objects
3 Researchers reveal why heat stress damages sperm: Project using roundworms uncovers a mechanism that leads to male infertility caused by high temperatures
4 Penicillium camemberti: A history of domestication on cheese
5 Tia Lynn Ashman Publishes Flower Pigmentation Study
6 Blue whales change their tune before migrating
7 Fake Turtle Eggs With GPS Trackers Seek Rollout Across Latin America
8 People With This Mutation Can’t Smell Stinky Fish
9 Similarity Between Brains and Computers
10 Ancient Viruses Benefitted Human Biology. They Can Also Help Us Understand The Current Pandemic.
11 Scientists “Scent Train” Honeybees to Boost Sunflower Seed Production
12 Tracking sea turtle egg traffickers with GPS-enabled decoy eggs
13 'Spooky' similarity in how brains and computers see: Natural and artificial intelligence networks process 3D fragments of visual images in same way
14 UO researchers show why heat stress damages sperm
15 Is Music Considered a Universal Language? – Now. Powered by
16 Monkeys May Have Self-Domesticated Just Like Humans Did, Study Suggests
17 UofSC scientists identify biological triggers that promote quicker nerve regeneration
18 Research Roundup: 2 biological seasons, whale songs decoded, virtual trainers
19 Antidepressant drug effective in treating 'lazy eye' in adults
20 Oregon biologists reveal molecular mechanisms that produce DNA damage in sperm
21 Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Alumni Provide Mentorship
22 Armed and dangerous, 'murder lorises' use their venom against each other
23 A newly discovered protein repairs DNA
24 How many cells in that sample? | News | WPI
25 Researchers discover 'spooky' similarity in how brains and computers see
26 Gut-Brain Signaling via the Vagus Nerve May Affect Memories
27 I Learned This Stress-Management Trick When I Was 3
28 Molecular Biology Enzymes Market Demand (2020-2026) | Covering Products, Financial Information, Developments, Swot Analysis And Strategies | Industry Growth Insights
29 New study reveals how the nervous system mutes or boosts sensory information to make behavioral decisions
30 Baby: how parents can relieve pain in newborns
31 Beloved Little Primate Called Out as Toxic, Poisonous Schemer
32 Mud-slurping chinless ancestors had all the moves
33 Twist Bioscience Collaborates With Beyond Earth to Launch Artwork Stored in DNA Into Space
34 Compugen Presents New Research Data Further Supporting PVRIG as a Potentially Promising Target for Cancer Immunotherapy
35 Can We Wipe Out All Coronaviruses for Good? Here's What a Group of 200 Scientists Think
36 Monkey study suggests that they, like humans, may have 'self-domesticated'
37 Healthcare as a Climate Solution | The UCSB Current
38 Current Market Trends of Swertiamarine Market | Companies like Xi'an Hao Xuan Bio Tech, Shaanxi Guanjie Technology, Xi'an Lyphar Biotech, Xian Aladdin Biological Technology, Shaanxi Fuheng (FH) Biotechnology
39 Medical expert Zoonotic diseases and clinical research
40 Spooky similarity of brains and computers
41 Responding to Global Warming
42 Beyond Local: New species identified from Burgess Shale fossils solves evolutionary mystery
43 Do Cats Sit on Laptops To Be Closer to You?
44 Aviceda Therapeutics Announces Formation of Scientific Advisory Board
45 COVID-19 Impact on Molecular Biology Analyzers Market 2020 – future development, manufacturers, trends, share, size and forecast edited by leading research firm
46 Saber-toothed cat fossil DNA suggests the animals were skilled hunters
47 Don't mind the smell of fish? It could be in your genes
48 Watson College welcomes eight new faculty members for fall 2020
49 'Follow Trump off a cliff’: Psychological analysis reveals 14 key traits of people who support the president
50 This protein enables the repair of DNA
51 Remembering novelty: Researchers work to better understand process of memory
52 Carnivorous dinosaur had crocodile-like senses
53 New DNA study suggests scimitar-toothed cats hunted in groups, chased prey to exhaustion
54 Researchers discover frightening parallels between the human brain and AI
55 Drug resistance linked to antibiotic use and patient transfers in hospitals
56 Cognition Therapeutics Appoints Brett P. Monia to its Board of Directors
57 Dinosaur fossil with preserved genital orifice hints how they mated
58 Global Computational Biology Market Register a xx% CAGR in Terms of Revenue By 2025: Chemical Computing, Accelrys, Certara, Compugen, Entelos, Insilico Biotechnology, etc.
59 The Hub residents reflect on inaccurate Google reviews
60 Project to optimize food plant worker safety, product supply | Cornell Chronicle
61 Biology Laboratory Sterile Plastic Bags Market Size 2020, Growth, Trends, Share, Key Manufacturers, Product Scope, Regional Demand, COVID-19 Impacts And Forecast To 2027
62 Mapping the Immune Landscape in Pancreatic Cancer To Guide Immunotherapy
63 Twist and Neogene partner to develop next-gen T cell therapies
64 Computational Biological Market Size 2020, Growth, Trends, Share, Key Manufacturers, Product Scope, Regional Demand, COVID-19 Impacts And Forecast To 2027
65 Researcher travels world to measure how climate change is altering the color of flowers
66 COVID-19 Testing Kits Market Trend,COVID-19 Impact,Current Industry Figures With Demand By Countries And Future Growth
67 Synthetic Biology Platforms Market to Eyewitness Massive Growth by 2028: Novozymes, Merck, Intrexon, Amyris, GenScrip
68 Worms and germs in ancient poop tell us about past human health
69 USFWS director to MSU students: Collective efforts can 'tackle complex wildlife, conservation management issues'
70 Global Pyrogallic Acid Market 2020 By Major Vendors Longyuan Natural Polyphenol Synthesis Factory, Jiurui Biology & Chemistry, Shanghai Kanwinn Pharmchem
71 Coronavirus Real-Time Detection Kits Market Trend,COVID-19 Impact,Current Industry Figures With Demand By Countries And Future Growth
72 Sea snakes have been adapting to see underwater for 15 million years
73 Solar storms may leave gray whales blind and stranded
74 Synthetic Biology Technology Market Analysis By Industry Value, Market Size, Top Companies And Growth Forecast To 2027
75 Newsletter 2020-10-22
76 Ancient genomes suggest woolly rhinos went extinct due to climate change, not overhunting
77 Synthetic Biology Market Size 2020, Growth, Trends, Share, Key Manufacturers, Product Scope, Regional Demand, COVID-19 Impacts And Forecast To 2027
78 First 3D look at an embryonic sauropod dinosaur reveals unexpected facial features
79 Acorn woodpeckers wage days-long battles over vacant territories, radio tag data show
80 Synthetic Biology Platforms Market Will Generate New Growth Opportunities by 2025
81 Scientists "scent train" honeybees to boost sunflowers' seed production
82 Study reveals lactose tolerance happened quickly in Europe
83 How COVID-19 has altered sleep in the United States and Europe
84 A close relative of SARS-CoV-2 found in bats offers more evidence it evolved naturally
85 Exact Sciences Announces Third Quarter 2020 Results
86 Biology blurs line between sexes, behaviors
87 Sea turtles' impressive navigation feats rely on surprisingly crude 'map'
88 How mosquitos got their taste for human blood — study
89 This fruit attracts birds with an unusual way of making itself metallic blue
90 Star-shaped brain cells may hold the key to why, how we sleep
91 COVID-19: The downside of social distancing
92 Risk gene for Alzheimer's has early effects on the brain
93 Sea turtles have a deadly attraction to stinky plastic
94 Decoded: The structure of the barrier between three cells
95 Twenty-year study tracks a sparrow song that went
96 The story of three African slaves during Spanish colonialism, as told by their bones
97 Astrocytes, Not Just Neurons, Play a Role in Sleep
98 Dolphins learn foraging skills from peers
99 Researchers discover when it's good to get the blues
100 'Current Biology' Identifies The World's Loudest Bird | Here & Now