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1 For DACA recipients, a Senate vote and a Texas judge stand between citizenship and deportation
2 Biden administration moves to safeguard DACA program for "Dreamers" as court ruling looms
3 No ruling in case deciding fate of DACA immigration program
4 Citizenship for the 'Dreamers'? 6 essential reads on DACA and immigration reform
5 ‘It’s time’: As Congress debates citizenship legislation yet again, a DACA recipient grows frustrated
6 DACA students could get Pell Grants under Biden's budget
7 DACA Returns But Some South Florida Immigrants Hesitate to Apply
8 Students, administration cautiously hopeful as House moves to give DACA recipients pathway to citizenship
9 What is DACA? Immigration lawyer breaks it down during DACA Awareness Week
10 DACA recipient stuck in Mexico forced to leave her baby, husband in Texas after immigration interview
11 Court denies lender's bid to arbitrate DACA suit
12 University leaders laud federal congressional efforts to codify DACA, clear green card backlogs
13 Raising awareness for 'Ana' and others: NASD teacher spreads word about education certification for DACA recipients
14 "My parents did the best for me": DACA recipient shares story, reacts to Dream Act
15 DACA recipient stuck in Mexico forced to leave her baby and husband in Texas after immigration interview
16 Opinion: DACA recipients should have a secure pathway to citizenship now
17 No 'Dreamers' allowed: DACA recipients still can't work for Congress
18 Immigration attorney explains new pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and agricultural workers
19 The Daca immigrant fighting to empower young Texas voters
20 Make DACA the Example
21 Dreamers and DACA: It's time to welcome immigrants into our family
22 Why it’s important for California DACA recipients be provided permanent resident status
23 Texas DACA recipient now stuck in Mexico away from family
24 Lender Must Face DACA Holder's Discrimination Suit In Court
25 DACA Webinar Offers Important Information, Resources for Students
26 Commentary: Keep Texas strong; pass Dream Act
27 If Texas And Utah Can Pass One, Can NC Pass An In-State Tuition Bill For DACA Students?
28 5 recommendations as Biden works to dismantle discriminatory immigration policies
29 Preserving and Fortifying Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)
30 OMA hosts Michigan Network for Undocumented Immigrant Success
31 What Is DACA? Everything You Need to Know
32 Judge Orders Government to Fully Reinstate DACA Program
33 California students rush to apply for DACA for the first time in three years
34 He's been here since he was 2, but not allowed to use his RN license in South Carolina
35 Immigration officials restore DACA and start accepting first-time applications following court order
36 Analysis | 'Dreamers,' DACA and Biden's First Try on Immigration
37 Applications for 171 new DACA recipients approved in finals weeks of 2020, the 1st in several years
38 What the Latest DACA Ruling Means for Immigrants
39 Despite court victories, DACA faces biggest legal test ahead of Biden presidency
40 Federal Court Orders Trump Administration To Accept New DACA Applications
41 New DHS Policy Threatens To Undo Gains Made by DACA Recipients
42 What Will Happen to DACA?
43 Biden has promised to protect ‘dreamers,’ but DACA court challenges loom
44 Court Strikes Down Limitations on DACA Program
45 What to Know About Applying for DACA From People Who Have Done It
46 Supreme Court Upholds DACA, Ruling Against Trump Administration
47 Immigration advocates push Biden to not just bring back DACA but to expand it
48 Dreamers' applications grow, but DACA's future faces challenge in Texas court
49 USCIS: New DACA Applications Will Not Be Accepted
50 New Biden policies could improve bumpy road to citizenship for DACA 'Dreamers'
51 A Texas case challenging the legality of DACA is back in federal court
52 Dreamers laud Biden's win but remain vigilant on his DACA, immigration promises
53 Trump administration won't accept new DACA applications
54 DHS Announces New Procedure for DACA Recipients
55 Google to pay DACA fees for hundreds as programs face legal threats
56 DACA Recipients Hopeful For Future
57 DACA Recipients Hopeful After Biden's Projected Victory
58 What happens next for DACA -- and for college-aged students who want to apply for the first time?
59 Federal judge says new DACA rules are invalid
60 Despite Supreme Court's Ruling On DACA, Trump Administration Rejects New Applicants
61 Statutes of Liberty: New DACA Applications and New Travel Permits -- File Away!
62 Will DACA survive the litigation roller coaster?
63 Nearly 200 New DACA Applications Approved Since November
64 DACA recipient discusses possibilities, promise and problems with new immigration act
65 DACA recipients challenge latest Trump administration attempt to gut program
66 DACA recipient, Owens react to new immigration reform bill
67 Trump Administration Refuses To Accept New DACA Applicants Despite Court Rulings
68 Even though we cannot vote, we are not in the shadows: Claudia Yoli Ferla
69 Comprehensive immigration reform will be a challenge for Democrats
70 Immigration initiatives give hope for Kansas DACA recipients
71 US: 'New' Dream Act Not Full Reform
72 What you need to know about DACA
73 Big Changes Possible for DACA Program | Burr & Forman
74 Federal judge reinstates DACA program, but UCLA recipients say more must be done
75 House Passes Bill With Path to Citizenship for DACA Recipients
76 Federal judge tears into Trump administration over its handling of DACA
77 How many DACA recipients are essential workers amid COVID-19 pandemic?
78 Update: DACA, DED And TPS | Jackson Lewis PC
79 Power To End DACA Program For Immigrants Now Lies With Texas Court
80 DACA trouble: Shut out of ‘Dreamer’ protections, young Chicago immigrants face uncertain future
81 Federal Judge Rules US Must Accept New DACA Applications
82 Rep. Joaquin Castro to Biden: DACA recipients need health care coverage
83 Judge Orders DACA Reinstated, New Applications Accepted
84 The Legal Battle That Followed Trump´s Plan To End DACA
85 Biden's immigration plan must reform DACA to cover Dreamers whose parents are here legally
86 All new DACA applications put in 'pending' bucket, government lawyer says
87 Supreme Court's DACA Decision Is 'Game Changer' For Dreamers : Code Switch
88 DACA recipients are now eligible for federally insured mortgages
89 Federal Court Strikes Down Trump Administration’s DACA Rollback, But Immigration Officials Show No Signs of Compliance
90 US Mayors Applaud President Biden's Day One Action on DACA, Other Immigration Provisions
91 DACA applicant one of many hoping for immigration reform under Biden administration
92 RELEASE: Even With COVID-19 and Changes to DACA, DACA Recipients Are Civically Engaged Ahead of the Elections, New Survey Reveals
93 California Picks Up Fight Over DACA Restrictions Again
94 DACA Litigation News Update
95 One Brother Got DACA, One Didn’t. It Made All the Difference.
96 ‘We’ve been here before’: Can Biden deliver on citizenship promise to Dreamers?
97 A judge ordered the US to accept new DACA applications. It's unclear if the Trump administration will
98 DACA Restored by Judge's Order, Reopening Dreamers Program
99 Biden's immigration plan: pathway to citizenship, DACA safeguards, increased aid to Central American countries
100 Although Applications Are Reopened, Many Are Ineligible For DACA Program