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Result Content Idea Research
1 We Watched the New York and Toronto Film Festivals From Home
2 New York Film Festival: 10 Great Movies You Can (Mostly) Stream Online
3 Kyle Dargis is Fauquier Times 2020 Fauquier High Boys Athlete of the Year
4 The Moviegoer: Our Critic Misses Sitting in the Dark With You
5 ‘Radioactive’ Review: Marie Curie and the Science of Autonomy
6 Loved ‘Parasite’? Manohla Dargis Recommends Other South Korean Movies
7 ‘The Vast of Night’ Review: There’s More to Fear Than Fear Itself
8 ‘Circumstantial Pleasures’ Review: The Lyrical Junkman Cometh
9 ‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ Review: A Woman’s Heroic Journey
10 ‘Cats’ Review: They Dance, They Sing, They Lick Their Digital Fur
11 Indie Focus: Sin and redemption in 'The Devil All the Time'
12 ‘Beanpole’ Review: The War Has Ended. Their Fight Is Endless.
13 ‘1917’ Review: Paths of Technical Glory
14 ‘Jaws’ Is Still Devouring Us. SOS!
15 ‘The Gentlemen’ Review: Boys Will Be Boys, Sometimes With Guns
16 ‘Uncut Gems’ Review: Adam Sandler’s Punch-Drunk Hustle
17 ‘Peninsula’ Review: The First Rule of Zombie Club Is Run!
18 What the ‘Parasite’ Landslide Says About the Oscars: Our Critics Weigh In
19 The Best Films of 2020 (So Far), and They’re All Streaming
20 ‘To the Stars’ Review: Rebels in Bobby Socks, Yearning for More
21 ‘The Photograph’ Review: An Unabashedly Old-School Love Story
22 ‘Emma’ Review: Back on the Manor, but Still Clueless
23 ‘Babyteeth’ Review: Love Means Never Having, Well, You Know
24 ‘Bacurau’ Review: Life and Death in a Small Brazilian Town
25 ‘The Banker’ Review: Wheeling and Dealing Toward Equality
26 ‘Wendy’ Review: Where Playtime Goes On … and On
27 ‘The Invisible Man’ Review: Gaslight Nation, Domestic Edition
28 ‘Waves’ Review: The Shattering Ebb and Flow of Family Life
29 ‘Lost Girls’ Review: Honoring the Gone Girls, With Sorrow and Rage
30 ‘La Llorona’ Review: The General in His Horrific Labyrinth
31 At Sundance, a Glorious Diversity of Voices Breaks Through
32 Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘His Girl Friday’ Together
33 ‘Like a Boss’ Review: Tiffany & Rose’s Very Unfortunate Adventure
34 ‘I Was at Home, but …’ Review: In Grief, What Dreams May Come
35 What Do We Lose When Cannes Is Canceled?
36 ‘Clemency’ Review: No Place for Mercy
37 Federal, state officials field hundreds of complaints about virus fraud, price gouging
38 ‘Parasite’ Review: The Lower Depths Rise With a Vengeance
39 Film Treasures, Streaming Courtesy of the Library of Congress
40 Escape With Me Into the Trippy World of 1930s Musicals
41 ‘The Lighthouse’ Review: Dark Nights, Troubled Souls, Hairy Men
42 ‘Knives Out’ Review: Murder Most Clever
43 ‘Boys State’ Review: Give Me a Teen and I’ll Show You a Politician
44 ‘Synonyms’ Review: Brilliant. Relentless. Comic. Tragic.
45 How Many More Weeks (Years)? Watching ‘Groundhog Day’ Together
46 Brad Pitt and the Beauty Trap
47 ‘Mr. Jones’ Review: Bearing Witness to Stalin’s Evil
48 ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Review: Um, You Go, Girls?
49 A Playlist of Your Favorite Cover Songs
50 Lynn Dargis, Farmbucks Awarded the $25,000 Purse at The Odlum Brown FWE Gala: Pitch for the Purse 2020
51 Best Movies of 2019
52 ‘The Truth’ Review: Being Catherine Deneuve
53 The Many Ways of Seeing Agnès Varda
54 Escape With Me Into the Delirious World of 1940s Musicals
55 Who’s Your Wingman Now? Pushing the Envelope With ‘Top Gun’
56 ‘The Shadow of Violence’ Review: Behold, the Bad Man (Again)
57 ‘Frozen 2’ Review: The Cold Still Never Bothers Them
58 The 10 Most Influential Films of the Decade (and 20 Other Favorites)
59 Will the Oscars Get as Nostalgic as Hollywood Did in 2019?
60 ‘Dolittle’ Review: Baa, Humbug
61 ‘Jurassic Park’: Where the Wild Things Are
62 Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘Nine to Five’!
63 ‘Project Power’ Review: Ye Olde Bangs, Scares and Clichés
64 ‘I Wish I Knew’ Review: A Melancholy Master’s Portrait of a City
65 Skook News Obituaries: July 28th, 2020
66 ‘House of Hummingbird’ Review: Picture a Girl, Picture a World
67 When Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal Went Screwball
68 FBI Warns St. Louis-Area Residents Of Cyberscams Around Coronavirus
69 How ‘The Social Network’ Became Mark Zuckerberg’s Origin Story
70 ‘Bombshell’ Review: Blind Ambition and Blond Sedition at Fox News
71 Punching the Clock (and the Boss) With Dolly, Lily and Jane
72 Men Are in Trouble and Hollywood Wants to Help
73 He Said, She Said, We Said, You Said
74 Why ‘Do the Right Thing’ Is Still a Great Movie
75 Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘Do the Right Thing’ Together!
76 The Swinging, Jamming Musical Charms of 1940s Soundies
77 The Power of the Critic: A Discussion | by Manohla Dargis
78 The Director Gina Prince-Bythewood Has Always Had Game
79 ‘The Trip to Greece’ Review: Men of Twists, Turns and Familiar Jokes
80 Around the Movie World in 17 Days at the New York Film Festival
81 8 Cannes Film Festival Prizewinners We Love (and 3 We Don’t)
82 Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘Top Gun’ Together
83 We Miss You, Cannes: 23 Filmmakers Relive Indelible Moments
84 ‘Amulet’ Review: A Man in Dark Times and Deep Trouble
85 Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘Love & Basketball’
86 ‘Dark Waters’ Review: The Killing Fields of West Virginia
87 How are ACC kickoff times set? This ESPN guy picks them.
88 ‘Last Christmas’ Review: Ho, Ho, Humbug
89 ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ Review: Sleep, Sleep, My Lovelies
90 ‘The Kingmaker’ Review: The Power and Vainglory of Imelda Marcos
91 ‘Ad Astra’ Review: Brad Pitt Orbits the Powers of Darkness
92 ‘The King’ Review: Once More Unto the Breach (but Why?)
93 ‘Lucy in the Sky’ Review: Bad Romance, Astronaut Edition
94 ‘Judy’ Review: The Singer (Disaster, Legend) at Rainbow’s End
95 TCT Show 2019: John Dargis, SmileDirectClub, and the battle for leadership in dental 3D printing
96 ‘Give Me Liberty’ Review: A Wild Ride With a Virtuoso of Chaos
97 ‘Paradise Hills’ Review: Caged Birds Singing, Maybe Escaping
98 Netflix’s The Devil All The Time Review Round-Up: What the Critics Are Saying
99 And the 2020 Oscar Nominees Should Be …
100 ‘Earth’ Review: Humanity Is Digging Its Own Grave