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1 Meet New DARPA Director Victoria Coleman
2 DARPA to Hold 2020 Electronics Resurgence Initiative Summit in August
3 DARPA Strengthens Ties with Arm
4 DARPA's new hardware proves tough to crack
5 DARPA seeks new microsystems proposals
6 Researchers Successfully Connected a Human to a Computer Through The Veins
7 Arm and DARPA Sign Partnership Agreement to Accelerate Technological Innovation
8 The Cybersecurity 202: DARPA wants hackers to try to crack its new generation of super-secure hardware
9 DARPA Chip Effort Pivots to Securing US Supply Chain
10 Arm signs three-year agreement with DARPA
11 DARPA hardware-based security holding up against white-hat hackers
12 The PLA's Pursuit of Terahertz: Facts and Fallacies
13 Tech executive Victoria Coleman named director of DARPA
14 US defense agency joins forces with Arm
15 DARPA's N-ZERO Can Sense with 'Near-Zero' Power
16 DARPA: Hack Our Hardware
17 DARPA's Recent Deal With Arm Reflects a History of Microelectronics Innovation
18 US Department of Defense announces new DARPA Director Victoria Coleman
19 DARPA wants hackers to try to crack its new generation of super-secure hardware
20 DARPA Getting New Director – MeriTalk
21 DARPA: Research Advances for Near-Zero-Power Sensors
22 PW2020: DARPA seeking close cooperation with photonics sector
23 Human-computer interface connected through patients' veins in 'cyborg' first
24 DARPA funds new electronics revolution
25 DoD names new director of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
26 embedded computing revolutionary advances microsystems
27 DARPA'S $1.5-Billion Remake of U.S. Electronics: Progress Report
28 Ensuring the Physical Security of Microelectronics | SIGNAL Magazine
29 Pentagon Issues Hacking Challenge
30 DARPA Picks Its First Set of Winners in Electronics Resurgence Initiative
31 DARPA Doubles Down on Chip-Level Cybersecurity
32 DARPA looks beyond Moore's Law
33 Victoria Coleman sworn to DARPA director post
34 US DARPA selects Northrop for $1.5bn Electronics Resurgence Initiative
35 DARPA's micro-tech office returns to its roots
36 DARPA Selects Teams for $1.5 Billion Electronics Effort
37 Paul V. Braun
38 DARPA wants photonic integrated circuits
39 DARPA chooses two to develop insect-size robots for complex jobs like disaster relief and hazardous inspection
40 NSWC Crane contributes first open source project to provide warfighters with more advanced
41 DARPA wants innovative research to mind the GAPS
42 DARPA Picks Research Teams for Post-Moores Law Work | TOP500
43 Epirus CTO to Speak at DARPA’s Electronics Resurgence Initiative Summit
44 DARPA takes on election security with open source
45 Opportunities in DARPA SubT Challenge
46 DARPA's Top 10 Stories of 2016
47 Pentagon Aims to Close the GAPS for Sensitive Data in the Cloud
48 DARPA Seeks To Engage With MEMS Industry
49 DARPA Seeks Proposals for Revolutionary Advances in Mini-Robots
50 DARPA looks to guard the air gap
51 DARPA Eyes 'Real-Time' HPC for Simulations
52 DARPA Delegates Look to POSH Chips, Page 3 for Defence Inspiration
53 DARPA wants to move beyond the air gap
54 DARPA Selects Research Projects for Next-Gen Processing Technology
55 DARPA Is Hosting an Olympics for Tiny Robots
56 Weinstein receives DARPA Young Faculty Award
57 Haven't Sold To Government Before? DARPA Still Might Buy Your Tech
58 Apple Supplier TSMC is Extremely Important to DARPA for Military needs
59 DARPA, NSF Seek Real-Time ML Processor
60 These 20 Advanced Military Projects Will Change Your Life
61 University of Minnesota to lead $5.3 million federal grant to improve electronic circuit design
62 DARPA tunes machine learning to radio signals
63 At SkyWater, a project with DARPA could reshape the fortunes of a Minnesota chip factory
64 Creating A Roadmap For Hardware Security
65 AI Lays the Foundation for 5G Spectrum Sharing
66 Smarter AI for Electronic Warfare | SIGNAL Magazine
67 DARPA makes $850M services contract open for bids
68 The Chiplet Race Begins
69 DARPA wants to go deep on wireless
70 Pentagon, With an Eye on China, Pushes for Help From American Tech
71 DARPA's CHIPS Program Aims for Mix-and-Match Functionalities
72 DARPA unveils first SSITH prototype to mitigate hardware flaws
73 DARPA kicks off $2m Grand Challenge focused on intelligently splitting up radio spectrum
74 DARPA Plans Bugbot 'Olympics' to Foster Breakthrough in Tiny Machines
75 DARPA puts its money on spectrum sharing
76 DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System
77 DARPA Picks Intel, Qualcomm, PNNL, 2 Others to Tackle HIVE Project
78 DARPA taps Teledyne to continue work on fabricating smart radar antenna technology
79 UK electronics graduate made head of DARPA
80 DARPA to Solicit Machine Learning Hardware R&D Proposals
81 Bug-Sized Robot Competitors to Swarm DARPA's 'Robot Olympics'
82 DARPA Explores Underwater Radio Communication
83 The Pentagon's Seek-and-Destroy Mission for Counterfeit Electronics
84 AI Career Notes: September 2020 Edition
85 DARPA opens biotech office to utilize biology for national defense
86 Supercomputers to Render Electronic Battlefield
87 DARPA: Help Us With Machine Intelligence For Wireless Devices
88 DARPA pop-up testbed takes on spectrum management
89 If DARPA Has Its Way, AI Will Rule the Wireless Spectrum
90 April/May 2018
91 Carbon nanotube computers face a make-or-break moment
92 DARPA's New Chip Will Supercharge Radar Defenses
93 DARPA Is Working on Insect Scale Disaster Robots
94 DARPA sets Guinness world record for world's fastest circuit
95 Pentagon awards deal for non-GPS precision guidance
96 Auto Chip Reliability Opens Door To Other Industries
97 DARPA Taps Intel for Graph Analytics Chip Project | TOP500
98 Best Technology Podcasts
99 Mini Atomic Clocks Promise Greater Accuracy and Alt-PNT Independence
100 New Security Risks Create Need For Stealthy Chips