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Result Content Idea Research
1 Lead Senior Scientist (W3 salary level) – Head of FLASH
2 DESY launches Innovation Factory
3 Gran Telescopio Canarias finds the farthest black hole that belongs to a rare family of galaxies
4 Software Engineer for PETRA IV Control System: High-Level-Controls |
5 Scientists Measure Smallest Unit of Time Ever in ‘Zeptoseconds’
6 DESY-Fellowships
7 Laser Scientist / Postdoc at the Photo Injector Test Facility Zeuthen
8 Online Dating Spiele
9 There’s a new record for the shortest time measurement: how long it takes light to cross a hydrogen molecule
10 MADMAX and CERN's Morpugo magnet
11 60 years of DESY
12 Strange gamma-ray heartbeat puzzles scientists
13 World record: Plasma accelerator operates right around the clock
14 Shortest event ever measured lasts mere sextillionths of a second
15 Dynamics Anomaly: Researchers Keep Water in Liquid State at 170 degrees Celsius
16 High-school teams from Switzerland and Germany win CERN Beamline for Schools competition
17 Eta Carinae: Revolving binary stars whip up winds in space
18 Quasar jets are particle accelerators thousands of light-years long
19 Scientists discover new forms of feldspars
20 World record: Laser-plasma accelerator operates continuously for 30 hours
21 DESY: The Universe's largest particle accelerators are a whole lot bigger
22 New materials: A toggle switch for catalysis
23 How Many Zeptoseconds In A Second? Scientists Discover Shortest Unit Of Time
24 Slowing down of dynamics and orientational order preceding crystallization in hard-sphere systems
25 DESY produces face shields for Hamburg's doctors and nursing facilities
26 A binary star as a cosmic particle accelerator
27 Mysterious gamma-ray 'heartbeat' detected from cosmic gas cloud
28 Professor Emeritus Ulrich Becker, who made major contributions to particle physics, dies at 81
29 Dark Matter search enters new chapter
30 Zeptoseconds: new world record in short time measurement
31 Undersea Telescopes Scan the Sky from Below
32 The Optics Enabling X-Ray Science
33 Scientists Explore Signals for a Quantum Universe
34 Microscopic pathways for stress relaxation in repulsive colloidal glasses
35 Plasma Accelerator Sets Performance Record
36 Research and Industry News
37 Physics
38 Fastest chemical reaction in ionized water observed
39 Laser Accelerator Doubles Down to Boost Energy
40 Dutch and US students win 2019 CERN Beamline for Schools competition
41 Ten from MIT awarded 2020 Fulbright Fellowships
42 DESY strengthens cooperation with Armenia
43 DESY nearing personalized medicine
44 Fastest Event Ever Recorded Took 247 'Zeptoseconds'
45 shortest time period ever measured, 247 zeptoseconds!
46 A new test to investigate the origin of cosmic structure
47 Integrated lightwave electronics
48 Giant electrochemical actuation in a nanoporous silicon-polypyrrole hybrid material
49 Facing a Downpour of Data, Scientists Look to the Cloud
50 Researchers suggest IMPDH enzyme could be used to target sleeping sickness
51 Global Physics Photowalk 2020
52 Germany Green-Lights E-Scooters on Roads, Not Pavements
53 Mainz University, Fermilab agree to joint appointment in support of Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
54 First-ever photo proof of powerful jet emerging from colliding galaxies
55 Scientists observe ultrafast birth of free radicals in water
56 The invisible Higgs bosons | symmetry magazine
57 Zeptosecond birth time delay in molecular photoionization
58 Labs around the world act to slow spread of coronavirus
59 'Black nitrogen'
60 UV satellite will open new view on exploding stars and black holes
61 West High School team is first American group to win international science competition
62 China is outflanking Japan in promoting research links with Germany
63 New insights into lung tissue in COVID-19 disease
64 Interview: Seeing the (very bright) light in Hamburg
65 Observation of the fastest chemical processes in the radiolysis of water
66 The math in music: Why numbers don't rule the universe
67 Particle billiards with three players
68 Gamma-ray bursts with record energy
69 Structure and assembly of ESCRT-III helical Vps24 filaments
70 Deutsche Hospitality brings Zleep Hotels to Germany – Hospitality Net
71 Dopplereffekt's 2003 album Linear Accelerator to be released on vinyl for the first time
72 Topping out ceremony for Start-up Labs Bahrenfeld innovation centre
73 Purdue marks record Fulbright Scholars haul on campus
74 Collecting Hot Carriers: New Process Harvests Excited Quasiparticles
75 Gas cloud's gamma-ray heartbeat puzzles astronomers
76 c-di-AMP hydrolysis by the phosphodiesterase AtaC promotes differentiation of multicellular bacteria
77 How a biophysicist became a beacon of hope in the Middle East
78 Arecibo Observatory data help lead to discovery of cosmic 'heartbeat'
79 MIT Develops Integrated Lightwave Electronic Circuits
80 New agile enterprises aim to bridge innovation gap
81 'Nano scalpel' allows scientists to manipulate materials with nanometer precision
82 Smashing The Atom: A Brief History Of Particle Accelerators
83 Hamburg's "Startup Port" launches
84 New wave of medical 'deep tech' can help coronavirus response – but there's resistance
85 Join EIT Health InnoStars Awards and meet Europe's 15 most promising healthcare startups in 2020 (Sponsored)
86 Meet Europe's 15 most promising healthcare startups at the EIT Health InnoStars Awards on Sept. 30 (Sponsored)
87 Hydrochloric acid boosts catalyst activity
88 Gerald Donald’s Dopplereffekt releasing Linear Accelerator on vinyl for the first time
89 Powerful Relativistic Jet Blasts From Colliding Galaxies & Here's the First-Ever Photo Proof
90 Did Galaxies Grow from Quantum Static?
91 Scientists observe ultrafast proton transfer reaction
92 Scientists Stabilize Gold In Non-Cubic Lattice, Unfurling Efficient Catalytic Properties of Metal
93 DOE endorses Advanced Photon Source upgrade
94 Liquid crystal molecules form nano rings
95 Scientists probe internal stress in colloidal glasses
96 Key to preserving The Scream
97 Much cheaper, smaller atom smashers may be on the horizon
98 Uni Hamburg: Around EUR 4 million in EU funding for scientists
99 German science facility is very flash
100 Diamond micro-lenses stand up to synchrotron sources – Physics World