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Result Content Idea Research
1 Feed conversion ratio for GB rearing herd improved in 2020
2 Parasite control
3 Feed conversion ratio improves for rearing herd
4 Beef farmers share secrets to achieving top growth rates
5 Future proofing parasite control
6 Prize-winning beef farmers share tips for success
7 Beef: Cost of production and performance
8 Lamb: Cost of production and performance
9 Field trials suggest that lawsonia vaccination could boost pig performance
10 New app helps young farmers achieve top growth rates in cattle
11 Pork Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
12 Pork: Cost of Production and Performance
13 The virtues of monitoring broiler bird weight in real-time
14 £500k shed pays dividends for west Wales beef farmer
15 Feeding beef cattle for efficiency
16 WIYLS: New beef build helps lift finisher growth to 2kg/day
17 What to do if you are vaccinating livestock this autumn and winter
18 How to help underperforming heifers hit growth targets
19 Benefits and considerations when feeding youngstock molasses
20 Promising weight gains made from grass in dairy beef study
21 WIYLS visits a £500,000 beef finishing shed
22 App reveals sires worth £120 more in gross margin
23 Expert advice on creep feeding calves
24 How rotational grazing increased beef daily liveweight gain
25 Is your milk replacer maximising your calves' potential?
26 Silage upgrade cuts costs at west Wales beef farm
27 Hitting beef finishing target success
28 Alternative feeds for beef cattle and what to consider
29 CAFRE to launch new dairy beef knowledge transfer project
30 Great breeding of Charolais pays dividends
31 A Northumberland farm's approach to faster lamb finishing
32 Breedr and Tru-Test integration reduces weigh-time to <20 seconds and enables smarter decisions live
33 Finishing bulls v steers: Which is best for your farm?
34 Denbigh sheep farmer adds chicory to the mix
35 How a farm is lifting beef calf weaning and slaughter weights
36 High-protein calf feed cuts finishing times by one month
37 Aquatabs releases InLine | WATTPoultry
38 New British Wagyu assurance scheme launched
39 How EID is helping beef finisher identify poor performers
40 10 things to consider when housing beef cattle this autumn
41 Swing into spring
42 Stockman's Choice for pedigree sector
43 How to prevent and treat scours in calves
44 How Harper Adams aims to maximise dairy beef growth rates
45 Feeding pigs silage offers sustainability gains
46 Two autumn calvers compare calf housing options
47 Protecting your dairy calves from cryptosporidium
48 Study looks at environmental impact of technograzing
49 The first 60 days last a lifetime 30 November -0001 Free
50 What is FQAS certification worth?
51 Beef producers losing £1/kg as production costs rise
52 SADC successfully drafts Integrated Maritime Security Strategy
53 Study shows how selecting feed efficient cattle can cut costs
54 How much is pneumonia costing your beef enterprise?
55 Higher-protein rations could make more profit for beef finishers
56 Ceva launches salmonella vaccine for pigs in the UK and Ireland
57 How beef processor Pickstock improved output by £560/ha
58 Optimism and innovations at Pig & Poultry Fair
59 £1m project aims to reduce disease and integrate dairy beef calf chain
60 Bovine respiratory disease on farm – looking past treating sick calves
61 Gerard Sherlock: I'm banking on bulls from Herdplus Sire Advice programme to bolster my fertility figure
62 Autumn block calving switch for west Wales spring dairy pioneers
63 Cost benefit of outwintering on kale
64 Lively trade for Aberdeen Angus bulls as Birches leads at 5,100gns
65 UGS annual conference: 'Getting back to business'
66 Stabiliser bulls on farm show best feed conversion rates of any breed
67 Caithness and Borders Top Aberdeen-Angus Sucklers
68 What's in your livestock shed? visits a Powys beef finisher
69 Taste of Japan makes its way into Yorkshire
70 Tackle underweight dairy heifers this autumn
71 Rumen performance powered by Maxammon
72 Pros and cons of EID reading equipment
73 Mole Valley trials give lamb finishing tips
74 Awards 2015: Beef Farmer of the Year
75 Beef Focus Farm: How to calve heifers at 24 months for improved efficiency
76 Farm profile: Beef Shorthorn cross thrive on a Welsh farm
77 How Borders flock is using targeted selective treatments
78 Make room for rumen improvement
79 Why estimated breeding values make a difference
80 How Co-op's calf scheme keeps livestock in the supply chain
81 3 things you could be doing to boost profits through cattle nutrition
82 Importance of optimum weight gains in pregnant heifers
83 Heifers hit 23-month calving target on replacer system
84 'Much healthier calves since we started using First Fibre' on Co. Carlow beef farm
85 How herbal leys are benefiting an upland lamb finisher
86 Maxammon helps to improve rumen performance and digestibility
87 Liquid feeding weaners improves pig finishing performance
88 Rotational grazing allows Welsh organic farm to expand suckler herd
89 Cell grazing improves liveweight production from grass
90 Crystalyx feed blocks: What's all the fuss?
91 Collection centres a valuable outlet for dairy farms' calves
92 Karro Food Group's Brydock Farms crowned Pig Producer of the Year
93 Fixed-time AI improves calf weights for Welsh beef producer
94 Beef focus farm: How cow size influences performance
95 Why you should use benchmarking data on your farm
96 Beef Focus Farm: How reducing waste is maximising beef margins
97 Cornish farmer shares secret to calf-rearing success
98 How Beef Focus Farmer Ian Willison is hitting new carcass specs
99 Rotational grazing beefs up meat production at west Wales farm
100 Primed fodder beet seed and how it can benefit livestock producers