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1 March science snapshots
2 Science Snapshots: COVID-19, power outages, Alzheimer's disease, and optical antennas
3 The Green Secrets of Goat Poop
4 Uncovering Novel Genomes from Earth's Microbiomes | Berkeley Lab
5 Editorial Working Groups
6 Groundbreaking research into white-rot fungi proves its value in carbon sequestration
7 Thoughts on DOE Discovery Impact in 2020
8 Li-Jun Ma Receives Joint Genome Institute Award for Fungi Research
9 VIDEOS: Five Ways Berkeley Lab is in the Fight Against COVID-19 | Berkeley Lab
10 Two Berkeley Lab Scientists Honored with the Lawrence Award
11 Microbe “Rewiring” Technique Promises a Boom in Biomanufacturing | Berkeley Lab
12 Picking up threads of cotton genomics
13 Fields of breeders' dreams: A team effort toward targeted crop improvements
14 9 Berkeley Lab Scientists Named 2020 AAAS Fellows
15 Uncovering Novel Genomes From Earth's Microbiomes – Expands Known Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea by 44%
16 Scientists uncovered novel genomes from Earth’s microbiomes
17 Science snapshots from Berkeley Lab
18 A one-stop shop for analyzing algal genomes
19 Here, there and everywhere: Large and giant viruses abound globally
20 Berkeley Lab Celebrates the Integrative Genomics Building
21 12,000 New Species of Microbes Discovered Whilst Cataloguing Earth's Microbiomes
22 COVID-19 Related Research at Berkeley Lab | Berkeley Lab
23 Breakthrough Technique for Studying Gene Expression Takes Root in Plants
24 Berkeley Lab Breaks Ground on Integrative Genomics Building | Berkeley Lab
25 Molecular architecture of the endocytic TPLATE complex
26 An automated tool for assessing virus data quality
27 Unlocking the Biochemical Treasure Chest Within Microbes | Berkeley Lab
28 Bioenergy research team sequences miscanthus genome
29 Dan Kasen Honored with EO Lawrence Award | UC Berkeley Physics
30 DOE JGI plumbs termite guts to yield novel enzymes for better biofuel production
31 A Community-Driven Data Science System to Advance Microbiome Research | Berkeley Lab
32 DOE JGI releases IMG 2.0 with all genomes refreshed from RefSeq
33 Berkeley Lab researchers win funding from US Department of Energy
34 A functional genomics database for plant microbiome studies
35 DOE JGI extends the capabilities of the Integrated Microbial Genome System
36 Shattering expectations: Novel seed dispersal gene found in green millet: Road trips result in the first shattering gene found in a wild population
37 Metagenomic Microbiome Analysis Expands Known Phylogenetic Diversity of Earth's Bacteria, Archaea
38 UMass Amherst's Blanchard Lab Leads National Soil Microbiome Investigation
39 DOE JGI wins 2010 Ergo Cup
40 Final FY21 Appropriations: DOE Office of Science
41 Smart Farms of the Future: Making Bioenergy Crops More Environmentally Friendly
42 Scientists Hit Pay Dirt with New Microbial Research Technique
43 Earth's bacteria are 44% more diverse than previously thought
44 FY21 Budget Request: DOE Office of Science
45 Uncovering Uncultivated Microbes in the Human Gut
46 Host-virus dynamics in a microbial mat in a hot spring microbial mat
47 Spotlighting differences in closely related species
48 Department of Energy to Provide $75 Million for Bioenergy Crops Research
49 Researchers identify gene related to seed dispersal in green millet
50 Epic Research Endeavor Reveals Cause of Deadly Digestive Disease in Children
51 Fields of Breeders' Dreams: Effort Toward Targeted Crop Improvements
52 Scientists create protein models to explore toxic methylmercury formation
53 Microbiota catalogue just got bigger
54 How maize makes an antibiotic cocktail
55 Genes from tiny algae shed light on big role managing carbon in world's oceans
56 National labs are forced to adapt during coronavirus outbreak
57 Crews at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have taken the first 3200-megapixel digital photos
58 Worldwide Stellarator Research Goes Virtual
59 New public-private projects to speed fusion energy production come to PPPL
60 Scientists Named 2019 AAAS Fellows
61 Big Data Predicts Structures for Hundreds of Protein Families
62 How filamentous fungi sense food
63 UNM biologists study Antarctic viruses: UNM Newsroom
64 Yaravirus: A novel 80-nm virus infecting Acanthamoeba castellanii
65 The Latest News and Data About Ethanol Production
66 Berkeley Lab Receives DOE Support for Building to Study Microbe-Ecosystem Interactions for Energy and Environmental Research | Berkeley Lab
67 Rare and Diverse Giant Viruses Unexpectedly Found in a Forest Soil Ecosystem
68 PCAST Delivers Roadmap to Spur 'Industries of the Future'
69 Mapping a path to improved cassava production: Comparative analysis highlights impacts of previous breeding programs on cassava genome
70 A Whole-Genome Sequenced Rice Mutant Resource for the Study of Biofuel Feedstocks | Berkeley Lab
71 Giant viruses may simply be a 'Frankenstein' of smaller viruses
72 Salt-loving microbe provides new enzymes for the production of next-gen biofuels
73 Science snapshots: Dinosaur blood vessels, giant viruses, and antibiotic-building enzymes
74 Genomic gymnastics help sorghum plant survive drought
75 A reference catalog for the rumen microbiome
76 A Game Changer: Metagenomic Clustering Powered by Supercomputers
77 Earth's Viral Diversity
78 FY20 Appropriations Bills: DOE Office of Science
79 FY20 Budget Request: DOE Office of Science
80 Genome sequence of lancelet shows how genes quadrupled during vertebrate evolution
81 Dirty, Crusty Meals Fit for (Long-Dormant) Microbes | Berkeley Lab
82 Better genome editing for bioenergy
83 Freedom and flexibility: Thinking outside the cell for functional genomics
84 New 'genomic' method reveals atomic arrangements of battery material
85 Sequencing of Green Alga Genome Provides Blueprint to Advance Clean Energy, Bioproducts | Berkeley Lab
86 New Bacteria Groups, and Stunning Diversity, Discovered Underground
87 ORNL scientists make fundamental discovery to creating better crops
88 Strategy to derive a sequence assembly for plant genome of bread wheat
89 Soybean Genome Sequenced
90 Genome of simplest animal reveals ancient lineage, confounding array of complex capabilities
91 Sewage Sludge Leads to Biofuels Breakthrough
92 Complete genome of devastating soybean pathogen assembled
93 New insights from uncultivated genomes of the global human gut microbiome
94 White rot fungi's size explained by breadth of gene families involved: Comparative genomics involving humongous fungus helps explain evolution of Armillaria
95 A model system for perennial grasses
96 Button mushroom biomass-degrading genes may benefit biochemicals |
97 Liverwort genes and land plant evolution: Genome analysis of early plant lineage sheds light on how plants learned to thrive on land
98 US Department of Energy to provide $75 million for biofuel crop research
99 A step toward controlling soybean rust
100 Comparative analysis of Aspergillus species provides genus-wide view of fungal diversity