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1 Accelerating Microbial Engineering with Thermodynamic Calculations
2 Uncovering novel genomes from Earth's microbiomes: Genome resource expands known diversity of bacteria and archaea by 44%
3 Uncovering Novel Genomes From Earth’s Microbiomes – Expands Known Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea by 44%
4 A one-stop shop for analyzing algal genomes
5 Scientists uncovered novel genomes from Earth’s microbiomes
6 Berkeley Lab Celebrates the Integrative Genomics Building
7 Berkeley Lab Breaks Ground on Integrative Genomics Building
8 Science Made Simple: What Is Quantum Computing?
9 Earth's bacteria are 44% more diverse than previously thought
10 U.S. Department of Energy Unveils Blueprint for Quantum Internet
11 “Survival of the Fittest” Now Applies to Computers
12 A Community-Driven Data Science System to Advance Microbiome Research | Berkeley Lab
13 Revealing nano big bang: Scientists observe the first milliseconds of crystal formation: New study shows how stable materials have unstable beginnings
14 BioenergizeME Virtual Science Fair: Bioenergy
15 Living Large: Exploration of Diverse Bacteria Signals Big Advance for Gene Function Prediction | Berkeley Lab
16 Scientists demonstrate a new experiment in the search for theorized 'neutrinoless' process
17 Subadditivity begins to explain the mysteries of the circadian system's response to light (MAGAZINE)
18 DOE to invest $6.4M to develop hydrogen-fueled turbines
19 Using Tiny Organisms to Unlock Big Environmental Mysteries
20 New Quantum Loop Allows Testing of Spooky Action at a Great Distance
21 Researchers find surprising similarities between genetic and computer codes
22 Bioenergy
23 Four years of calculations lead to new insights into muon anomaly
24 Navigating collaborative grant research
25 Marine energy devices likely pose minimal impacts to marine life, report shows
26 NSF, IARPA, and SRC Push into “Semiconductor Synthetic Biology” Computing
27 Lumileds and BIOS partner to deliver more efficient circadian lighting
28 Creating the circadian lighting toolbox — Bringing the language into practice (MAGAZINE)
29 PhenomeXcan: Mapping the genome to the phenome through the transcriptome
30 Reversing the flow of time on a quantum computer: Quantum simulation gives a sneak peek into the possibilities of time reversal
31 National Academies Committee Recommends EPA Improve Its Use of Systematic Review for TSCA Risk Evaluations
32 Is your supercomputer stumped? There may be a quantum solution: Team solves a tough math problem with quantum computing
33 BMC Genomic Data | Data note
34 Sierra snowpack could drop significantly by end of century
35 Giant map of the sky sets stage for ambitious DESI survey: Final data release from DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys issued
36 New interface allows Energy Dept. scientists to harness big data
37 Study: Actually, potted plants don't improve indoor air quality: Decades of potted plant studies don't hold up outside the lab
38 Cost Estimating Handbook | NASA
39 What is the next step for quality by design (QbD) in pharma?
40 OECD Nanomaterial Risk Assessment and Categorization Pathway
41 Lab develops unprecedented long-term wildfire prediction model
42 Nuclear Power Losing Out In The U.K.
43 The Hydrogen Economy: The Picture Is Confused, The Timeline Too Long
44 SolarWindow Technologies: Empty Cleantech Promises Can't Defy The Laws Of Physics
45 Hydrogen Vs. Natural Gas For Electric Power Generation
46 International Chemical Policy and Regulation
47 AACN Launches Micro-Credential for COVID-19 Patient Care
48 Report Confirms Wind Technology Advancements Continue to Drive Down Wind Energy Prices
49 Circadian ZircLight publishes research defining new circadian-sensitive wavelength band
50 Shedding light on the energy-efficiency of photosynthesis
51 Century-Old Problem Solved With First-Ever 3D Atomic Imaging of an Amorphous Solid
52 Sentiment Speaks: Economy In Recession
53 Microbial Manifesto: The Global Push to Understand the Microbiome (Kavli Roundtable)
54 Searching the COVID-19 spike protein for a potential vaccine
55 3 Reasons Ford Poised To Rally From Here
56 Designing overall stoichiometric conversions and intervening metabolic reactions
57 COVID-19 Update: NY and NJ impose inbound quarantine, CA and TX cases surge
58 Stocks To Watch: Vaccine Players, Earnings Blitz And Fiscal Debate
59 Online community to assist chapter leaders
60 Sequencing the Tree of Life
61 Knoxville Biz Ticker: CVS Health opens 18 new drive-thru test sites in Tennessee as Part of Nationwide COVID-19 Response
62 New Lighting Research Center studies show blue and red light cycles promote circadian entrainment
63 Blue-light study shows promise in healing mild TBI
64 Better Plant Data at the Root of Ecosystem Models
65 The path of breast-to-brain cancer metastasis
66 World's first EPR enters into commercial operation at China's Taishan nuclear power plant
67 A bridge for accelerating materials by design | npj Computational Materials
68 Metazoans evolved by taking domains from soluble proteins to expand intercellular communication network
69 Energy Transfer declares $0.305 dividend (NYSE:ET)
70 What's the right way to list your nursing credentials?
71 Notables
72 Researchers develop mathematical solver for analog computers
73 Global Chemical Policy and Regulation News July 2019
74 Researchers Convert Basic Discoveries in Materials Science and Engineering to Real-World Applications | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
75 UM professor recipient of Ocean Sciences Rachel Carson Lecture from the AGU
76 Throwback Thursday: Where is Everybody? (Synopsis)
77 Calls for action, promising energy solutions emerge from Andlinger symposium
78 Delhi HC: Private schools on govt lands won’t need approval for fee hike
79 DeCompression Of Cash Flows: ArchRock, USA Compression, CSI Compressco
80 Sesquiterpene emissions from Alternaria alternata and Fusarium oxysporum: Effects of age, nutrient availability and co-cultivation
81 Forget Shipping Hydrogen, ABB's HVDC Cabling Will Allow Long Distance Power Exports
82 The U.K. Banned a Cream Cheese Commercial and Car Commercial Due to Gender Stereotypes
83 Threats, Violent Incidents at Federal Facilities Assessed
84 Results of MAH CET MBA-MMS 2020 declared
85 Tesla Endgame
86 The Toxicity Of Geron's Imetelstat May Lead To Accelerated FDA Approval
87 Launch of BMC Veterinary Research
88 Taking Stock of Phosphorus and Biofuels
89 Are Hydrogen Cars A Threat To The Electric Vehicle?
90 Logan University Opens Chiropractic Clinic At Paraquad; Continues Commitment To Providing Community Health Care
91 Algae Biofuels
92 Stephen Hawking calls heaven a "fairy story." Do you agree?
93 The Evolution And Future Of Management | By Dietmar Kielnhofer – Hospitality Net
94 Bismuth: Not Just for Heartburn
95 Radiation Conversation II –
96 The CIA, Mossad and "Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings
97 Contributor Partners