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1 Vivek Goel to step down as U of T's vice-president, research and innovation, and strategic initiatives
2 Socio-economic status, health disparities should guide efforts to mitigate COVID-19, say researchers
3 What's Next: COVID-19 podcast – (Ep 22) Vivek Goel on contact tracing apps
4 BRAUN: Second COVID-19 wave? That's up to you
5 Potential COVID-19 vaccine has re-energized anti-vaccination groups, health experts warn
6 Capital funding of health care in Canada is critical, yet declined in last 20 years
7 Overview of Policies, Guidelines, and Standards for Active Assisted Living Data Exchange: Thematic Analysis.
8 'I don't think we're going to be able to contain this virus:' Fears of second wave loom large
9 Karina Roman: Parents, provinces call on Ottawa to help ensure schools open in the fall
10 Second-Hand Smoke Impacting Sleep Disturbances
11 U of T librarian creates online resource to fight COVID-19 misinformation
12 How does systemic racism predispose people to COVID-19?
13 Health experts pen letter in support of anti-Black racism protests during pandemic
14 How to make COVID-19 mask-wearing a habit: Social scientists offer some suggestions
15 The latest on the coronavirus outbreak for July 3
16 Sewage lets researchers get the jump on disease
17 The latest on the coronavirus outbreak for June 29
18 Alcohol labeling: What do we know and what can we do?
19 University researchers to study impact of cannabis on Indigenous oral health
20 Woman wants racial data used in health care, cites treatment problems
21 U of T offers novel course in diplomacy for public health professionals
22 How does the body fight COVID-19? U of T researcher's work could aid vaccine development
23 Canada needs to beef up its global health diplomacy
24 What if we hadn't locked down? Studies show we saved many millions of lives
25 COVID-19 cases will go up as Alberta reopens many activities: health experts
26 U of T researchers to study impact of cannabis on Indigenous oral health
27 'It matters to families': Canada does not keep track of probable cases of COVID-19
28 Experts say using phones in Toronto to trace COVID-19 brings new risks
29 researchers create interactive tool to help hospitals plan for COVID-19
30 Mandatory mask laws are spreading in Canada
31 Ontario's Doug Ford says he relies on COVID-19 experts, but his government won't identify them
32 If the Virus Slows This Summer, It May Be Time to Worry
33 U of T graduate students maintain public dashboard, spreadsheet on COVID-19 spread in Canada
34 Why South Asia's COVID-19 Numbers Are So Low (For Now)
35 Daniel Harris
36 Loblaws employees say stores are handling COVID-19 unsafely, putting them at risk
37 Kate Mulligan
38 Healing begins on the land: How U of T's Dalla Lana School of Public Health is Indigenizing the teaching of public health
39 How will the coronavirus spread? U of T epidemiologist deciphers 'messy data'
40 Alberta to Face Increase in COVID-19 Cases as Everything Opens This Friday, Say Health Experts
41 Model built by U of T researchers suggests coronavirus outbreak began in November, has yet to be controlled
42 Catharine Chambers
43 While warmer weather won't slow the spread of COVID-19, closing schools will, suggests research led by St. Michael's Hospital and the University of Toronto
44 Survivors who missed out on polio vaccine hope for breakthrough against COVID-19
45 Summer patios beckon, but thanks to COVID-19, they won’t be quite the same
46 U of T launches podcast focusing on COVID-19 public health challenges and next steps
47 'We're learning more every day': How U of T is leading efforts to understand – and respond to – COVID-19
48 Ethical dilemma: Who should get a COVID-19 vaccine first?
49 How many people can I see at once? Coronavirus social rules by region
50 How to safely have friends and family over amid COVID-19
51 Periodic physical distancing for COVID-19 control: New modelling study
52 Decoder: Managing public health crises like coronavirus
53 infectious disease expert Allison McGeer on coronavirus risks – and uncertainties
54 U of T students create dashboard to monitor COVID-19 case trajectory in Canada
55 outreach program imagines public health emergency involving Raptors – and Drake
56 'We're right to be optimistic,' says epidemiologist about search for COVID-19 vaccine
57 U of T students in medicine, public health put their education to work during COVID-19 crisis
58 COVID-19: 'We want to control the burn as best we can,' U of T epidemiologists write in the Globe and Mail
59 of T experts speak to Globe and Mail about Canada's move to active detection of coronavirus cases
60 U of T researchers receive $4 million in federal funding to help curb smoking, vaping
61 COVID-19: What's Next? (Ep.17) – Vivek Goel on the consequences of public health measures
62 'The window for action is right now': U of T epidemiologist on the effectiveness of social distancing
63 Perceived loss of social status linked to rising mortality rate among white Americans, U of T researchers find
64 Planning a road trip? Here are the pandemic precautions you should take
65 Rethinking the healthcare paradigm
66 Who's responsible if I get sick? What are my rights as a worker? Your questions answered as COVID-19 lockdowns lift across Ontario
67 Opinion: The paradox of prevention: By avoiding the worst, we remain vulnerable to future waves of disease
68 COVID-19: Why reacting early and aggressively is the key to avoiding crisis
69 Race, health and happiness: U of T researcher launches well-being podcast focused on racialized groups
70 How will the coronavirus spread? Epidemiologist deciphers 'messy data'
71 Without more COVID-19 testing and tracing, Ontario should continue distancing as it reopens: U of T study
72 Restaurants are set to reopen, but your meal will come with a side of COVID-19 rules
73 COVID-19 will spread like a forest fire. We need to control the burn as best we can
74 U of T epidemiologist leads study tracking COVID-19 immunity of 10,000 Canadians
75 Dynamic Social Distancing Could Manage Tension Between COVID-19 Containment and Economic Impacts
76 Tracking coronaviruses post SARS: How science has made for rapid response
77 U of T's Susan Chatwood celebrated for work on public health in Arctic
78 With new federal funding, U of T researchers aid global effort to understand and control COVID-19
79 Dean of U of T's Dalla Lana School of Public Health among experts advising Ontario on health-care policy
80 Are we testing enough for COVID-19? For now, yes, experts say
81 Canadian study finds temperature, latitude not associated with COVID-19 spread
82 'In this work to move forward in a good way': U of T grad focused on improving Indigenous public health
83 COVID-19: What's Next podcast (Ep. 19) – Updates from Vivek Goel
84 We may have passed the tipping point in the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak
85 Daycares are opening across the country, but can they really operate safely?
86 Lack of health data hurting Black Canadian women, U of T researchers find
87 The data-driven pandemic: Information sharing with COVID-19 is 'unprecedented'
88 U of T opens flu shot clinics on campus for students, staff and faculty
89 Nine U of T researchers receive federal grants for COVID-19 projects
90 COVID 19: Can we control the pandemic and move from 'flattening the curve' to 'riding the wave'?
91 What does 'reaching the peak' in the COVID-19 pandemic mean?
92 Newsroom : Media Briefing on COVID-19 Modelling
93 Coronavirus and the City: Experts share insights on COVID-19 recovery via U of T School of Cities series
94 Vivek Goel's COVID-19 podcast (Ep. 3): Why does the death rate appear so different across countries?
95 #HowsMyFlattening? Group led by U of T community members creates one-stop shop for COVID-19 data
96 Anna Banerji
97 U of T to support high-impact coronavirus research projects through Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund
98 What is Ontario doing wrong on COVID-19?
99 Visualizing how control methods could slow the exponential spread of COVID-19
100 Communication, transparency key as Canada faces new coronavirus threat