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Result Content Idea Research
1 Human presence weakens social relationships of wild giraffes
2 Human presence weakens social relationships of giraffes
3 Complex society discovered in birds
4 How animals learn, socialise
5 Two ERC Starting Grants for the University of Konstanz
6 Konstanz scientists among the world's most influential
7 Discovery of Birds With a Complex Society Shows Mammals Aren't as Unique as We Thought
8 These Beautiful Blue Turkey-Like Birds Have Tiny Brains and Huge Social Networks
9 The unusual social habits of East Africa's vulturine guineafowl
10 Vampire bats form deep social bonds by grooming before sharing blood
11 Vulturine guineafowl's complex societies overturn scientific assumptions
12 How Do Vampire Bat Strangers Make Friends? Scientists Find Out
13 Some birds, it turns out, live in complex societies
14 Vampire bat friendships endure from captivity to the wild
15 The rules of baboons: Biologists study the principles underlying the collective movement of baboons
16 Impact on the collective behavior of animal groups
17 Birds may have complex hierarchical societies: Study
18 'Where the Animals Go' Offers A Fresh Perspective On Wildlife : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture
19 The Upside of Eating Together
20 Researchers outline a new way to define and classify how groups of animals hunt together
21 Habitat features and social behavior impact how baboons move as a group
22 Bird feeders may spread an illness that blinds finches
23 Where the animals go: wildlife tracking secrets revealed
24 Democratic decision-making observed in baboon troops
25 Birds conform to local 'traditions'
26 Small-brained birds live in surprisingly complex societies
27 'Democratic' Decision-Making Drives Baboon Troop Movements, New Study Finds | Biology
28 Have a bird feeder? It might be spreading pink eye
29 Friends help female vampire bats cope with loss
30 French bakery staff get suspended sentences in China
31 French patissier jailed in China in 2017 returns home
32 Birds that eat at feeders more likely to get sick, spread disease
33 Mapping the Hidden Movements of Baboon Troops
34 COVID -19: Redcliffe couple stranded in the Maldives as countries start to close borders
35 Sucking blood isn’t an easy life, even for vampires
36 Coordinated vigilance provides evidence for direct reciprocity in coral reef fishes
37 Being a vampire can be brutal. Here’s how bloodsuckers get by.