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1 Trump’s Racist Retweet: Still No Apology Issued
2 John Bolton goes from pro-Israel hero to 'John who?'
3 Twitter Labels Trump Tweet About ‘Racist Baby’ as Manipulated Media
4 The President’s Shock at the Rows of Empty Seats in Tulsa
5 Trump Campaign Weighs Alternatives to Big Social Platforms
6 Trump’s ‘silent majority’ isn’t a majority, and it’s far from silent
7 Trump's ‘White Power' Retweet Set Off ‘Five Alarm Fire' in White House
8 Dan Scavino Promoted as Meadows Shuffles White House Communications Team
9 Dan Scavino says Twitter is 'full of s***' after company flags Trump's tweet
10 Voice of America leaders to resign amid friction with Trump
11 How Trump’s obsessions with media and loyalty coalesced in a battle for Voice of America
12 Reddit bans hundreds of subreddits for hate speech including Trump community
13 Trump brings back his 2016 team for 2020 campaign battle
14 Pence Raised Nearly $500,000 From Donors to Pay Mueller Legal Defense
15 White House: 'Treasonous' John Bolton Has 'Betrayed his Country'
16 Twitter Adds Warning Label to Dan Scavino Tweet of Video From Joe Biden Speech
17 Parler, a right-wing social media site, lures conservatives, but Trump sticks with Twitter — so far
18 Twitter's 1st 'manipulated media' post? It came from the White House.
19 ‘Get Scavino in here’: Trump’s Twitter guru is the ultimate insider
20 The Man Behind the President’s Tweets
21 Dan Scavino, Trump's longest-serving aide, started as his golf caddie
22 Trump tweets a meme of himself fiddling, drawing a comparison to Roman emperor Nero
23 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
24 Dan Scavino is the other @realdonaldtrump
25 Trump asks why Facebook blocked Dan Scavino, his social media director
26 He writes Trump’s tweets and has been with Trump's campaign since day one
27 Trump's chief-of-tweets loses Dutchess County home
28 Did Trump Aide Dan Scavino Violate Hatch Act With Tweet Calling for 'Defeat' of GOP Congressman?
29 Wife of White House social media director Dan Scavino files for divorce | TheHill
30 He writes Trump’s tweets. This Hudson Valley man has been with his campaign since Day 1.
31 Who Is The Mystery Man Behind @realDonaldTrump? (Besides The President)
32 White House Attacks Voice of America
33 Senate confirms Trump's pick to lead Voice of America
34 CNN cuts away from 'propaganda' briefing as Trump plays video hitting press | TheHill
35 Unbelievable! Never seen anything like this: White House Official bowled over by Trump's Ahmedabad roadshow
36 How a golf caddie became Trump's campaign confidant
37 Undercover cop dressed as religious Jew blows his cover with cellphone on Shabbat: report
38 The (other) man behind the curtain of Trump's Twitter account is revealed … again
39 Trump names Dan Scavino White House social media director
40 Donald Trump Did a Zillion Tweets Today and Each One Is Terrible
41 White House, Trump associates trash Lt. Col. Vindman's testimony
42 President Donald Trump tours Maine maker of swabs for coronavirus testing
43 Trump vows to end street violence with 'heavily armed' troops
44 Trump Social Media Guy from Westchester
45 President Donald Trump’s White House may violate federal law by posting campaign material on taxpayer-backed
46 Donald Trump in India: ‘Unbelievable’ crowds at POTUS-Modi roadshow, says US President’s Assistant; check images
47 And then there were ten: With 85% turnover across President Trump’s A Team, who remains?
48 Trump's 'mini me' could (partly) fill Hicks' void
49 Twitter is now applying "manipulated media" labels to deceptive Tweets
50 Trump's surprising target in war on media: Voice of America
51 Dan Scavino: Is Trump's former golf caddie the author of his tweets?
52 Dan Scavino tweets out video of wrong storm in post about Hurricane Irma
53 Donald Trump's Social Media Director Just Made the Most Tone-Deaf Claim About Trump's Visit to Ohio and People Are Calling Him Out
54 Save us all from Jared Kushner
55 Twitter Suppresses Speech by Calling It ‘Manipulated Media’
56 Twitter plans to expand its misinformation labels — but will they apply to Trump?
57 Trump reportedly dislikes tweeting publicly because he needs glasses
58 Trump retweets White House photo of him fiddling, says he doesn't know 'what this means'
59 Testimony: Nunes acolyte misrepresented himself to Trump as Ukraine expert
60 Senate panel advances Trump pick to head Voice of America
61 Former North Carolina rep starts as White House chief of staff on Tuesday
62 Top White House aide takes shot at Mitch McConnell after his criticisms of Trump
63 How To Tell When Someone Else Tweets From @realDonaldTrump
64 White House Social Media Director Says Bloomberg’s ‘Paying Millions For ‘Sh*tty Memes,’ Praises Trump’s ‘EPIC Memes’
65 Top national security aide Robert Blair won't testify Monday, citing White House direction
66 George Floyd: Trump Makes Somber Remarks
67 Hope Hicks, Trump's longtime "body man" are headed back to the White House.
68 Trump in Palm Beach: Top White House staffers arrived for Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago, too
69 Trump Holds Call With Putin, King Salman to Discuss Oil Deal
70 Trump sets presidential record for most tweets in a day
71 Donald Trump turns Bajirao: US Prez assistant shares morphed video of him dancing; Watch
72 A new report reveals Trump's social media director is one of the most powerful people in White House
73 Facebook Apologizes For Banning Trump's Social Media Director
74 Cape Cod Trump Movement Recognized By White House Via Twitter
75 First photos released of President Trump's visit to Miami Valley Hospital
76 Trump's new press secretary pledges not to lie from podium
77 Twitter is taking down a fake Joe Biden ad amplified by Trump campaign staffers
78 Bloomberg video with added crickets would be 'Manipulated Media' under new Twitter rules
79 Trump sets record for most tweets in a single day since he took office
80 Watch live: White House plays campaign-like ad in briefing room
81 Trump wants to win over black voters while his base wants him to be tough. His base is winning.
82 Scavino: Trump 'Treated Like Rock Star'
83 Donald Trump Is Our National Catastrophe
84 At White House, re-election advisers rise as coronavirus task force fades
85 Trump launches wild rant against Bloomberg with bizarre photoshopped image
86 President Trump Tweets Video To Bash SF’s Homeless Crisis, CA Lawmakers
87 While the world deals with the coronavirus, Trump glorifies himself on Twitter
88 Vector in Chief | by Fintan O'Toole
89 Dan Scavino is now Trump's longest-tenured aide after Hope Hicks resigned
90 Trump labels Democratic caucuses in Iowa an 'unmitigated disaster' | TheHill
91 Trump Campaign Trolls Adam Schiff With "Road Runner" Cartoon Showing Schiff As Wile E. Coyote
92 ‘Unbelievable, Never Seen Anything Like This’: Trump’s Assistant Expresses Awe Over Ahmedabad Road Show
93 Twitter Says That It's Looking to Make Its New 'Manipulated Media' Labels Stand Out More in Feeds
94 Trump's Social Media Director Now Part of Senate's Russia Investigation
95 Trump’s Caddy Will Put You in a Chokehold If You Criticize His Boss
96 Twitter allows Trump disinfectant videos, says they do not violate COVID-19 policy
97 Video shared by Trump omits full context of Biden's comments
98 7 bizarre revelations from the NYT analysis of Trump's tweets
99 Donald Trump's Assistant Shares Morphed Video of the US President Dancing on Ranveer Singh's Malhari
100 Trump advisor Stephen Miller pitched supremacist stories to Breitbart