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Result Content Idea Research
1 Set up a 'self-retraction' system for honest errors
2 Reply to Herschlag: Enhancing integrative science by acknowledging our biases
3 Junior researchers less likely to blow the whistle on research misconduct
4 Highlight negative results to improve science
5 Redefine misconduct as distorted reporting
6 Fixing Science: Events: The Independent Institute
7 First Author Should Be Responsible for Paper Accuracy: Study
8 Fixing Science: Practical Solutions for the Irreproducibility Crisis
9 Studies of scientific bias targeting the right problems
10 Are research papers less accurate and truthful than in the past?
11 Study of misconduct suggests first author should be guarantor for a paper's accuracy
12 US behavioural research studies skew positive
13 Why do researchers commit misconduct? A new preprint offers some clues
14 How biased is science, really?
15 Is a Conference to Fix Science Actually Undermining It?
16 Authors who retract for honest error say they aren't penalized as a result
17 Study: Scientists Witness Plagiarism Often
18 Your Data, Warts and All
19 Responsible research guidelines for the global scientist
20 How many scientists admit to questionable research practices?
21 Register your study as a new publication option
22 How Many Scientists Fabricate And Falsify Research?
23 Ask Us Anything: How Common Is Scientific Fraud?
24 The Restaurants and Stores Trying to Maintain New York Traditions
25 Researcher left Moffitt under a cloud from journal articles
26 Reproducible research: A hunt for the truth | News Center
27 How to avoid the stigma of a retracted paper? Don't call it a retraction
28 Publish or perish
29 The More Widely Cited A Study Is, The More Likely It Is To Exaggerate, Says This Study
30 Three Ways of Blowing the Whistle
31 Researchers find researchers overestimate soft-science results—US the worst offender
32 Weekend reads: Why following up on fraud matters; how many retractions in 2017?; misleading abstracts
33 Elsewhere in Science: Open access, Dance Your Ph.D., and more
34 The Big Picture: The world's most powerful x-ray laser
35 Watch out for small studies, they could be more biased
36 What a massive database of retracted papers reveals about science publishing's 'death penalty'
37 The elephant in the lab: how much science is fabricated?
38 Why we need to publish negative science
39 Peer review — reviewed
40 Why Do U.S. Behavioral Science Researchers Keep Skewing Their Results?
41 Can a Futures Market Save Science?
42 20 Things You Didn't Know About... Science Fraud
43 Faking the Results (and Fixing the Damage Done)
44 How can we tackle the thorny problem of fraudulent research?
45 For problematic papers, don't retract or correct, say publishing experts: Amend
46 Social Sciences Suffer from Severe Publication Bias
47 Bias, Conflicts, Spin: The 8th Olympiad of Research on Science & Publishing Begins
48 Scientists are getting proactive about self-corrections
49 The changing face of psychology
50 Is Science Getting Less Risky?
51 Rooting out bad science
52 Penn-Trafford lists graduates
53 Where Are the Results of These Five Clinical Trials of Antidepressant Drugs?
54 Area 2020 High School graduates
55 Using Google to Tell Real Science from Fads
56 Science is often flawed. It's time we embraced that.
57 Altruism needs selfish genes to evolve after all
58 ROC the Riverway projects advancing
59 Research: Uncovering misconduct
60 Dark-Moneyed Denialists Are Running 'Fixing Science' Symposium of Doubt
61 Research integrity: Sabotage!
62 Science Isn’t Broken
63 Impact Factor: Can a Scientific Retraction Change Public Opinion?
64 Why Statistically Significant Studies Aren't Necessarily Significant
65 Class of 2020 Graduating Seniors
66 Getting the Bogus Studies Out of Science
67 Skeptical of Science
68 Trouble at the lab
69 As Paris begins to reopen, Perrotin introduces a series of spirited cooperative exhibitions
70 Developing nations 'at higher risk' of research misconduct
71 10 Types of Study Bias | HowStuffWorks
72 Coming to Grips with Coauthor Responsibility
73 The Price Tag of Scientific Fraud
74 Opinion: Publish Negative Results
75 Jason Becker: "My heroes understand how devastating it would feel to not be able to play their guitar anymore"
76 Interactions Physics Photowalk
77 The hi-tech war on science fraud | Science
78 Suffolk County 2017 payroll
79 Scientists examine reproducibility of research issues and remedies
80 Gretchen Menn: What's on My Playlist
81 How likely are academics to confess to errors in research?
82 Morris Area Home Sales
83 Taxes: No accountability on lawyers for kids
84 Going beyond impact factors—reforming scientific publishing to value integrity
85 Is there a problem with academic integrity?
86 Zepparella's Gretchen Menn Discusses Her 'Inferno'-Inspired Album, 'Abandon All Hope'
87 GUEST VIEW: Those 50s cars could drive a kid crazy
88 UW-Green Bay announces academic honors
89 As racist attacks increase, is there a 'climate of hatred' in Italy?
90 The Latest Epidemic To Infect The Scientific Community? Bad Science
91 How Steve Vai's Big Mama Jama Jamathon Raised the Roof — and a Lot of Money — for a Good Cause
92 Photo Flash: A Class Act NY Presents Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, JR.
93 The Ten Best Sports Medicine Technologies for 2017
94 Dr. Ahmad Abdul Karim, Cardiologist in Joliet, IL | US News Doctors
95 New survey finds a growing climate consensus among meteorologists
96 Shore Conference Sports Results for Jan 17, 2015
97 Hamlin to MVCC grads: Have dedication, pride and passion
98 New Jersey All-Conference Baseball Teams
99 Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 2012: Stage 7 Results