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1 A New Type of Dark Energy: Solving the Mystery of the Expansion of the Universe
2 New Breakthrough Towards Understanding Dark Energy
3 Dark Energy Experiment 16 Years in the Making Could Illuminate Origin, Evolution, Fate of Universe
4 Search for 'dark energy' could illuminate origin, evolution, fate of universe | Penn State University
5 Physicists Open New Window Into Dark Energy
6 World's Largest Map of Space Offers Clues on Dark Energy
7 NAOC scientists make further step towards understanding dark energy
8 The Mystery Of Dark Energy
9 Dark Energy Pre Workout Review: The Real Reason Why It's Gone
10 What is dark matter? The most mysterious force of the universe explained
11 11-Sigma Detection of Dark Energy Comes From Measuring Over a Million Extremely Distant Galaxies
12 How 'straight' lightning could prove the existence of dark matter: report
13 Neil deGrasse Tyson: what is dark matter and dark energy?
14 Dangerous nutrition supplements highlight dark secret in fitness industry
15 Could Weirdly Straight Bolts of Lightning Be a Sign of Dark Matter?
16 A wobbling muon could unlock mysteries of the universe
17 Four faculty members recognized for outstanding teaching Academics
18 Katrin Heitmann elected spokesperson for LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration
19 The US Government Hides Some Of Its Darkest Secrets At The Department Of Energy
20 How solar power could go dark in South Dakota
21 What I Learned in Space about the Climate Emergency
22 Santa Fe County urged to examine compliance with dark skies ordinance
23 Scientists Have Discovered a Unique and Powerful Dark Matter Detector
24 What if 70% of the universe isn't dark energy after all?
25 Peter Duncan wins J/70 North Americans >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
26 Furthering exploration of space
27 Is there more than one dark energy?
28 Dark matter may not be where we thought it was
29 How exoplanets could aid the search for dark matter
30 Dark energy: map gives clue about what it is – but deepens dispute about the cosmic expansion rate
31 College Students Find the Silver Lining in a Pandemic
32 Fueling demand: Dark Dog's second shipment of energy drink arrives in Singapore after Suez Canal blockage
33 New NASA Data Sheds (Sun) Light on Climate Models
34 Physicists Suggest Existence of New Type of Dark Energy | Astronomy, Physics
35 The One Big Problem With All Alternatives To Dark Matter And Dark Energy
36 Mass Effect 3 Alternate Endings Show What Could Have Been
37 Science Made Simple: What is Cosmic Acceleration and Dark Energy?
38 U.S. gasoline shortage eases, but pumps dry in some areas
39 Shining a new light on dark energy
40 Nevada Sen. Chris Brooks' SB 448 Will Support Clean Energy Economy
41 PEI Connect: The 'dark side' of cybercrime
42 Joe Budden Apologizes To Rory After Firing Him From His Podcast
43 Dark Energy Survey physicists open new window into dark energy
44 New Model Raises Doubt About the Composition of 70% of Our Universe – Dark Energy May Simply Not Exist!
45 Building a universe in a supercomputer
46 The Beginning to the End of the Universe: The mystery of dark energy
47 Why Isn't Anyone Seriously Challenging The Big Bang?
48 Hints of Twisted Light Offer Clues to Dark Energy's Nature
49 Joe Budden Fires Podcast Co-Hosts Rory Farrell and Jamil ‘Mal’ Clay, Future of Show Uncertain
50 Could Dark Energy Wind Up Destroying The Universe?
51 An early dark energy model could solve an expanding cosmological conundrum
52 Better day at J/70 North Americans >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
53 Ask Ethan: Is Einstein’s Cosmological Constant The Same As Dark Energy?
54 This 21-Mile Liquid Red Ford GT Is One Of The Prettiest We've Ever Seen
55 Power outage leaves Stamp, St. Mary's and Dorchester halls in the dark
56 Dark Energy Survey census of the smallest galaxies hones the search for dark matter
57 New Dark Energy Type May Explain Universe's Expansion | IE
59 Dark Energy Survey makes public catalog of nearly 700 million astronomical objects | Penn Today
60 A new window into dark energy
61 Dark energy: The apocalyptic wild card of the universe
62 How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume?
63 Dark energy could be warping light from the dawn of time
64 Ask Ethan: Could Dark Matter And Dark Energy Be The Same Thing?
65 Scientists Precisely Measure Total Amount of Matter & Dark Energy in the Entire Universe
66 WVU researcher to tackle the mysteries of dark energy and the universe beyond
67 What is dark energy?
68 New Model Questions Existence of Dark Energy in the Universe
69 Dark Energy Survey releases catalog of nearly 700 million astronomical objects to the public
70 A Small Town in New Hampshire Has Been Struck By the Republican Prion Disease
71 Destiny 2’s newest Exotic goes in different weapon slot than expected
72 2019 Ford GT Headlining 2021 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas With No Reserve
73 Can We Outrun Dark Energy In The Race To See The Universe?
74 Dark energy camera takes hyper-detailed images of nearby dwarf galaxies
75 The 10 Most Powerful Cosmic Characters In Marvel Comics, Ranked
76 SPACE WEEK: The Mystery Of Dark Energy : Short Wave
77 Physics 101: What Is Higgs Boson and Higgs Field? | IE
78 Dark energy instrument snaps breathtaking image of galactic neighbor Astronomers have captured a stunning image of
79 "Magnetic" dark matter may be accelerating the universe's expansion The expansion of the universe is accelerating
80 'Doses After Dark' overnight vaccine clinic opens in Peel Region this weekend
81 Movie Review: Guy Ritchie's 'Wrath Of Man' Is Wildly Unexpected
82 Turkish power firm halts generation for Lebanese grid
83 Dynamical dark energy after Planck CMB final release and H0 tension
84 Alfred Banks clears his head and finds new energy on 'One Guy Standing By Himself'
85 Couple hit by snowplow at dark Santa Fe intersection sue PNM
86 CS Score Interviews Emmy-nominated Composer Ruth Barrett
87 Researchers predict location of novel candidate for mysterious dark energy
88 Most Precise Tests of Dark Energy and Cosmic Expansion Yet Confirm the Model of a Spatially Flat Universe
89 Researchers Predict Mysterious Dark Energy Is Located in Vast Sea of GEODEs Between Galaxies
90 Universe = 6% matter, 25% dark matter and 69% dark energy, approx
91 UVa professor helps measure the universe's dark matter
92 Has Dark Energy Been Debunked? Probably Not.
93 Pipeline Panic Recalls Perils Of Gas Lines For Past Presidents Energy
94 Large-scale solar panel project in Stuarts Draft goes dark after commission denial
95 Dark Energy
96 Map of Milky Way's halo sheds light on dark matter 'ocean'
97 UH Manoa researchers predict location of novel candidate for mysterious dark energy | University of Hawaiʻi System News
98 Energy-efficient Forest House minimizes its impact in California
99 Incredible images show a monumental step for NASA's massive new telescope
100 In Conversation: Crumb Talk Making Colorful Music in Dark Times