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1 Could Weirdly Straight Bolts of Lightning Be a Sign of Dark Matter?
2 How 'straight' lightning could prove the existence of dark matter: report
3 The 5 Truths About Dark Matter That Everyone Should Know
4 Dark matter detection | UDaily UD's Singh and collaborators propose repurposing tabletop sensors to search for dark
5 Where’s the Dark Matter? Look for Suspiciously Warm Planets
6 Dark matter may not be where we thought it was
7 Primordial black holes could explain dark matter, galaxy growth and more
8 Dark matter could be destroying itself inside the bellies of exoplanets
9 Astronomers chart invisible ocean of dark matter swirling outside the Milky Way
10 If We Live in a Sea of Dark Matter, This Tiny Mirror Might Be Able to Detect It
11 Black physicist rethinks the 'dark' in dark matter
12 What is dark matter? The most mysterious force of the universe explained
13 Scientists Have Discovered a Unique and Powerful Dark Matter Detector
14 How exoplanets could aid the search for dark matter
15 Dark matter's signature could be written in stone
16 One of Earth's nearest stars may be a dark matter factory
17 Using exoplanets as dark matter detectors
18 Map of Milky Way halo reveals dark matter ocean
19 Exoplanets could be used as dark-matter detectors – Physics World
20 Exoplanets could be used as colossal detectors in hunt for dark matter
21 Map of Milky Way's halo sheds light on dark matter 'ocean'
22 UR: A Search for Dark Matter with HaloSat
23 Astrophysicists Help Chart Dark Matter's Invisible 'Ocean'
24 Physicists Build a Quantum Bit That Can Search for Dark Matter
25 One Idea to Explain Dark Matter – Ultralight Bosons – Fails the Test
26 Dark Matter Detection: Repurposing Optomechanical Accelerometers to Search for Dark Matter
27 DALI Experiment: An Astro-Particle Telescope for Dark Matter
28 Ask Astro: What is the shape of the Milky Way's dark matter?
29 Physicists hunt for dark matter dragging on black holes
30 Looking Skyward: A tiny particle could reveal the secrets of dark matter
31 Monoprice Dark Matter 27-inch 240 Hz Monitor Review: Cheap Fun, Solid Accuracy
32 A New Type of Dark Energy: Solving the Mystery of the Expansion of the Universe
33 World's Largest Map of Space Offers Clues on Dark Energy
34 Neil deGrasse Tyson: what is dark matter and dark energy?
35 The Disordered Cosmos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime, and Dreams Deferred
36 A wobbling muon could unlock mysteries of the universe
37 It's no conspiracy. Legacy of late-night radio legend Art Bell is at stake in NJ lawsuit
38 A Telescope on the Moon Could Illuminate the Dark Ages of the Universe
39 Four faculty members recognized for outstanding teaching Academics
40 Our Galaxy is Shook: Impact of the LMC on the Outer Milky Way
41 7 Art Bell facts 'they' don't want you to know about the late conspiracy radio host
42 Tiny black holes could cause white dwarf stars to explode – Physics World
43 Dark Matter's Last Stand
44 Maybe 'dark matter' doesn't exist after all, new research suggests
45 Charting the expansion history of the universe with supernovae
46 Scientists narrow down the 'weight' of dark matter trillions of trillions of times
47 Scientists Supersize Quantum Effects with Entangled Drum Duet
48 To explain away dark matter, gravity would have to be really weird, cosmologists say
49 cosmology dependence of galaxy clustering and lensing from a hybrid N-body–perturbation theory model
50 Worth Hundreds of Galaxies: NASA Shares Stunning Photo of Galaxy Cluster Captured by Hubble Telescope
51 6 ways the hunt for dark matter changed in 2020
52 How dark matter in galaxies is distributed
53 Why Isn't Anyone Seriously Challenging The Big Bang?
54 The MCU Has Done A Huge Disservice To Agents Of SHIELD
55 Mysterious 'kick' just after the Big Bang may have created dark matter
56 Furthering exploration of space
57 Scientists confounded by new findings on universe's mysterious dark matter
58 Physicists Are Expanding the Search for Dark Matter
59 How Astronomers Use Gravity as the Ultimate Camera Lens
60 What dark matter is (probably) not | symmetry magazine
61 Gaia Might Even be Able to Detect the Gravitational Wave Background of the Universe
62 Fast-spinning black holes narrow the search for dark matter particles
63 Can Science Illuminate Our Inner Dark Matter?
64 Dark matter could warm the hearts of lonely old planets, scientists predict
65 People of color are excited about science, but scientific community isn't excited about them, says astrophysicist
66 Have Astrophysicists Finally Discovered Primordial Black Holes?
67 The dark matter mystery deepens with the demise of a reported detection
68 How heavy is dark matter? Scientists radically narrow the potential mass range for the first time
69 Are We on the Brink of a New Age of Scientific Discovery?
70 Dark matter could be made of black holes from the beginning of time
71 The Mystery Of Dark Energy
72 Dark matter: Taking a closer look at the (un)usual suspects
73 Detector Technology Developed at Berkeley Lab Yields Unprecedented 3D Images, Heralding Far Larger Application to Study Neutrinos | Berkeley Lab
74 Science Made Simple: What Is Dark Matter?
75 Hubble Gazes at a Cluster Full of Cosmic Clues
76 Physics Matters: Why Congress Should Pay Attention to Muon Research
77 The One Big Problem With All Alternatives To Dark Matter And Dark Energy
78 Detector technology yields unprecedented 3D images, heralding far larger application to study neutrinos
79 'Debris' on NBC is a sci-fi show with enormous potential
80 Dark matter not 'super heavy' or 'super light': In a first, scientists calculate its mass range
81 Building Stronger Bridges Between Discovery, Innovation, and Prosperity
82 New Hubble data explains missing dark matter
83 Milky Way's shredded companion provides clues about dark matter
84 Seeing dark matter in a new light
85 'Gravity portals' could morph dark matter into ordinary matter, astrophysicists propose
86 A Weekly Summary of Top Content from Marshall, May 10-14, 2021
87 The search for dark matter gets a speed boost from quantum technology
88 Dark matter 'annihilation' may be causing the Milky Way's center to glow
89 Astraeus – II. Quantifying the impact of cosmic variance during the Epoch of Reionization
90 What Do We Really Know About Dark Matter And Black Holes?
91 Dark matter: our method for catching ghostly haloes could help unveil what it's made of
92 China's Falling Rocket Is No Reason To Panic
93 Shedding squeezed light on dark matter Hypothetical particles called axions could constitute dark matter
94 Why Aren't Scientists More Skeptical Of Dark Matter?
95 Ask Astro:If dark matter is invisible, then how do we detect it?
96 What We Still Don't Know About Dark Matter
97 Last Chance for WIMPs: Physicists Launch All-Out Hunt for Dark Matter Candidate
98 Primordial black holes and the search for dark matter from the multiverse
99 New study points to gap in dark matter theory New research co-authored by a Yale
100 Is dark matter just made of "antimatter nuggets"?