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1 Darrell Issa Quietly Drops Lawsuit over Gov. Newsom’s Mail-in Election Order
2 President Trump Tweets ‘Total Endorsement’ of Darrell Issa for Congress
3 Congressional Candidate Darrell Issa on San Diego economy amid COVID-19
4 Congressional candidate Darrell Issa wants to reevaluate the data before locking down again
5 CA-50 candidate Darrell Issa discusses why we need to start getting back to business
6 Darrell Issa ‘Pressing On’ with Newsom Suit Despite It Being Called Moot
7 50th Congressional Candidates Talk Coronavirus
8 Darrell Issa reacts to Trump clashing with Seattle Mayor over ‘autonomous zone’
9 Issa: Newsom’s Mail Ballot Order Could Cause Presidential Vote Chaos
10 Darrell Issa Wants To Return To Congress, Seeks To Beat Fellow Republican
11 Column: Former Rep. Darrell Issa is campaigning like an incumbent
12 POLITICO Playbook PM: States scramble as Covid keeps spiking
13 Carl DeMaio Concedes To Darrell Issa In 50th Congressional Race
14 Darrell Issa, candidate for the 50th Congressional District
15 In California, Former Congressman Darrell Issa Will Challenge Indicted Congressman Duncan Hunter
16 Issa wants a return engagement in Congress, and GOP-leaning California seat could be his ticket
17 Republican Darrell Issa, Once One of Congress' Richest Members, Is a Step Closer to Regaining the Title
18 Desperate in Southern California: Darrell Issa's 'back to the future' primary campaign misfires | TheHill
19 Sight of Nazi Swastika Flag Stuns East County Motorists on I-8
20 New Darrell Issa ad calls attention to Carl DeMaio's sexuality, gets pushback from Republicans
21 Issa advances to runoff in California House race
22 Editorial: Darrell Issa's shameful gay-baiting attack ads
23 Darrell Issa appears to edge out GOP rival in House comeback bid
24 Carl DeMaio and Darrell Issa get key endorsements in Congressional race to replace Duncan Hunter
25 Issa Moves Toward Challenging Indicted US Rep Duncan Hunter
26 50th Congressional candidate Darrell Issa discusses reopening our economy amid the coronavirus pandemic
27 Ex-Rep. Darrell Issa is not Duncan Hunter's only problem in California primary
28 Duncan Hunter's ONLY successful bill killed
29 Ex-GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, running again for Congress in SoCal, is part of lawsuit to block California effort to expand vote-by-mail access
30 Darrell Issa's second political act
31 Senate panel postpones Darrell Issa confirmation hearing over FBI file questions
32 Former Rep. Darrell Issa launching an exploratory committee for Rep. Duncan Hunter's seat
33 Former U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa, who's suing over absentee voting, used it himself 16 times
34 Courtroom win for Newsom's vote-by-mail strategy as Legislature presses on
35 Darrell Issa's campaign for the 50th Congressional District
36 Darrell Issa campaigns for the 50th Congressional District
37 Congressional candidate Darrell Issa and RNC file lawsuits to block California move to expand voting by mail
38 Darrell Issa details his domestic policies and campaign for the 50th Congressional District
39 California Globe Interviews Former Rep. Darrell Issa
40 Column: How a potential Issa election would affect San Diego's congressional delegation
41 Darrell Issa Says He’ll Run for Hunter Seat if Trade Job Isn’t His by Nov. 3
42 Darrell Issa discusses the US airstrike that killed Iran's most powerful general and his campaign for the 50th Congressional District
43 50th Congressional District Candidate Darrell Issa will host several events ahead of Tuesday's election
44 Darrell Issa sits down with Valley News
45 Darrell Issa on his campaign for the 50th Congressional District seat
46 Ammar Campa-Najjar on his campaign against Darrell Issa in the 50th Congressional District race
47 50th Congressional District candidate Darrell Issa calls on Governor Gavin Newsom to suspend AB 5
48 Lawmaker Says There's "Problematic" Info in Trump Trade Nominee Darrell Issa's FBI File
49 Issa advances in bid to fill Hunter's vacant House seat | TheHill
50 Carpetbagging Issa refers to coronavirus, wildfires as 'moronic doomsday scenarios'
51 Darrell Issa faces confirmation hearing Thursday for Trump administration post
52 Issa on challenging fellow Republican Hunter: 'He cannot win reelection'
53 Darrell Issa calls out Ammar Campa-Najjar for deleting and replacing tweet criticizing House Democrats
54 Darrell Issa visits Temecula VFW post
55 Politics Report: Vacation Rentals? It's Just Like Old Times!
56 CA-50 candidate Darrell Issa is critical of Governor Newsom's decision to close all beaches and state parks
57 Nobody Knows Where the 50th District Is
58 Darrell Issa on the Protecting the Right to Organize Act and President Trump's 2021 budget
59 Issa's lead over DeMaio grows slightly; he'll likely take on Campa-Najjar in November
60 Ex-Rep. Issa gets confirmation hearing, muddling potential comeback
61 Former Rep. Darrell Issa likely to return to Congress
62 Rep. Hunter, Sen. Brian Jones, Darrell Issa and Carl DeMaio Take Stage for District 50 Forum
63 Ex-lawmaker launches bid for return to Congress from California
64 Campa-Najjar, Issa Officially Competing for 50th District
65 Darrell Issa, Suing Newsom over All-Mail Ballot, Voted Absentee 16 Times
66 Darrell Issa eyes return to Congress | TheHill
67 Former Rep. Darrell Issa Forms Exploratory Committee for Run in 50th
68 Issa's Trump trade job burned to the ground
69 CA-50 candidate Darrell Issa and conservative group Judicial Watch file lawsuit challenging an all mail-in ballot election
70 Issa Appears Likely To Run For Duncan Hunter's Congressional Seat
71 San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer endorses Darrell Issa for the 50th Congressional District in 2020
72 California congressional Republicans endorse Issa in 50th District
73 Issa Unloads on ‘Lying’ Rival DeMaio as Campa-Najjar Clarifies Trump Stance
74 Issa says Trump clemency for Hunter could save on prison costs
75 Darrell Issa: California special election – GOP win suggests this for November 2020
76 Darrell Issa: 50th Congressional District
77 Issa's Congressional Comeback Comes Down to Trump Loyalty Test
78 New Poll Shows Campa-Najjar and Issa Neck-and-Neck in 50th District
79 2020 Q1 Campaign Finance: What 50th Congressional District Candidates Raised and Spent
80 Poll: Campa-Najjar, Issa emerge as frontrunners in 50th Congressional District
81 Video & Podcast
82 Rep. Darrell Issa to retire, handing Democrats another big pick-up opportunity in California
83 Darrell Issa foundation tips hand to North County Farms
84 Democrat who won Issa's open House seat advances in California primary | TheHill
85 AP Source: Former lawmaker Darrell Issa to run again
86 Report: Darrell Issa Eyes Return to Congress if Rep. Hunter Resigns
87 New poll shows tight race in key California House race | TheHill
88 Darrell Issa: Trump Clemency for Duncan Hunter Could Be 'Public Good'
89 Rep. Darrell Issa Resigned to His District Flipping to Democrats
90 New Poll Shows Campa-Najjar Leading in 50th District, Top Republicans Tied
91 Rating change: With Hunter gone, California race shifts to Solid Republican
92 Issa’s bigoted tactics pander to the worst elements of the right
93 California Primary Election Results: 50th House District
94 Former Rep. Darrell Issa Endorses Rep. Mike Levin Challenger Brian Maryott
95 Trump Nominates Retiring Rep. Darrell Issa To Run Trade Agency
96 Republicans battle for primary spot in contentious 50th district race
97 Darrell Issa was Obama's toughest critic. Here's why he's suddenly sounding like a moderate
98 Darrell Issa and his $1 million in leftover campaign funds
99 Column: Issa's odyssey takes congressional race for a ride
100 Democrats’ ‘Best Election Stealing Lawyer’ to Oppose Issa on Ballot Suit