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1 The Walking Dead Could Look at Daryl’s Love Life Very Soon
2 The Walking Dead Could Explore Daryl’s Love Life Very Soon
3 TWD bonus episodes reveal focus on Carol and Daryl's friendship
4 The Walking Dead fans won't see Daryl and Carol's relationship turn romantic
5 'The Walking Dead' Daryl/Carol Spinoff Gets Series Order From AMC
6 The Walking Dead boss won't rule out Daryl and Carol romance in spin-off
7 The Walking Dead: Best Daryl and Carol Moments
8 'The Walking Dead' Needs to Stop Tiptoeing Around Daryl's Love Life
9 The Walking Dead fans convinced Daryl and Carol are in love and beg bosses to get them together
10 The Walking Dead: Are Carol and Daryl finally about to get together?
11 The Walking Dead Carol and Daryl spin off was supposed to be a bit different
12 The Walking Dead Actor Says Daryl and Carol Should “Just Be Friends”
13 The Walking Dead: Caryl and Donnie Fans React to Key Daryl and Carol Scene
14 ‘The Walking Dead’: Daryl and Carol Romance “Caryl” Still Possible
15 The Walking Dead Isn’t Pitting ‘Caryl’ and ‘Donnie’ Shippers Against Each Other
16 The Walking Dead: New Poll Reveals Whether Fans Want to See Daryl With Carol or Connie
17 The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus talks about the Carol and Daryl spinoff
18 'Caryl' or 'Donnie': Who Should Daryl Be With on 'The Walking Dead'? (PHOTOS)
19 Comic-Con@Home 'The Walking Dead' panel: Melissa McBride feels 'meh' about Carol-Daryl romance, fans hope for
20 'Walking Dead' Season 10 Spoilers on Daryl and Carol 'Love' Story
21 The Walking Dead Sparks Debate Over Daryl’s Soulmate
22 ‘The Walking Dead’ Ship Debate: Daryl And Carol Versus Daryl And Connie
23 The Walking Dead: Carol and Daryl should never get together
24 The Walking Dead sparks fan warfare with post teasing Daryl’s ‘soulmate’ – with Carol and Connie as frontru
25 Everything to know about ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off with Daryl and Carol
26 The Walking Dead Fans React to Carol and Daryl Dream Sequence
27 Why Walking Dead History Made That Daryl-Carol Moment Extra Heartbreak
28 The Walking Dead: Carol vs. Alpha, Daryl's New Love, Season 10 Preview
29 How 'The Walking Dead' May (Finally) Be Setting Up a Love Story for Its Most Beloved Character
30 The Walking Dead Fans Divided Over Caryl vs. Donnie Romance
31 The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Responds to Fan Calls for Negan and Carol Relationship
32 ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10: Showrunner Discusses Whether Daryl And Carol Could Actually Become Caryl
33 The Walking Dead fans erupt in heated debate over Daryl's soulmate
34 ‘The Walking Dead’ Not Ruling Out Carol and Daryl Romance
35 Norman Reedus is feeling a little sentimental
36 The Walking Dead Set Up a Major Falling-Out Between Daryl and Carol
37 'The Walking Dead' Fans Are Divided Over Daryl, Carol, and Others
38 7 Reasons Why It's Time for Carol & Daryl to Get Together on 'The Walking Dead'
39 Top 10 Carol and Daryl moments on The Walking Dead
40 'The Walking Dead': Norman Reedus Talks Carol and Daryl Running Away Together and More
41 The Walking Dead: ‘Caryl’ could be the endgame
42 Walking Dead boss hints at romance for Daryl in season 10
43 Will Daryl & Connie Become A Couple On 'The Walking Dead'? They Are Already Perfect For Each Other
44 Walking Dead's Norman Reedus discuses Carol and Daryl's close relationship
45 21 questions we have before the season 10 finale of 'The Walking Dead'
46 'The Walking Dead' May Be Finally Giving Daryl A Love Interest That Fans Never Saw Coming
47 Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride Talk Daryl and Carol Spinoff From 'The Walking Dead' At NY Comic Con
48 'The Walking Dead's' Melissa McBride on 'Caryl' -- the chemistry between Carol and Daryl
49 Norman Reedus featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live
50 The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Calls Carol a Pain in Daryl’s Ass in Season 10
51 'The Walking Dead' Will Finally Address Carol and Daryl's Relationship
52 Daryl Wilbur "Bud" Peck Obituary
53 The Walking Dead Fans Debate If Carol Deserves Blame for Cave Cliffhanger
54 The Walking Dead Showrunner Says “Soulmates” Carol and Daryl Share a “Very Big Storyline” in Season 10
55 Has The Walking Dead Finally Figured Out What to Do with Daryl Dixon?
56 ‘The Walking Dead’: Melissa McBride Opens Up on “Carzekiel” vs. “Caryl”
57 On Carol, Daryl and Food: Thoughts Inspired by EW’s Walking Dead Photoshoot
58 The Walking Dead Fans React to Season 10 Trailer’s Dramatic Romance Shakeups
59 'The Walking Dead': Daryl and Carol hug it out in premiere sneak peek
60 The Walking Dead will feature an Ezekiel/Michonne romance
61 The Walking Dead: Emily Kinney Answers If Beth and Daryl’s Relationship Was Turning Romantic
62 What's Past Is Prologue for Carol on 'The Walking Dead' (RECAP)
63 'The Walking Dead' showrunner promises 'beautiful stuff' with Daryl and Carol
64 ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Trailer Shows Adorable Banter Between ‘Best Friends’ Daryl Dixon And Carol
65 Fans of Daryl and Carol may be saddened by The Walking Dead season 9
66 14 Reasons We Love Daryl And Carol Together On 'The Walking Dead'
67 TV ships that need to sink and sail Valentine's Day 2020
68 'The Walking Dead': Negan Meets His Biggest and Most Annoying Fan (RECAP)
69 The Walking Dead: Melissa McBride talks Caryl and Carzekiel (interview)
70 Artists' Workshop Gallery announces October featured artists
71 ‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Daryl And Carol Sleep Together, But How Romantic Is It? [Video]
72 ‘The Walking Dead’: Norman Reedus Says a Daryl Love Scene Would Be “Super Awkward”
73 The Walking Dead Episode 14: Look At The Flowers
74 The Walking Dead: Season 8 photo shows reunited Daryl and Carol
75 The Walking Dead Season 7 Carol Daryl Romance
76 'Game of Thrones' Brienne of Tarth, 'Walking Dead's Carol Peletier & the Power of 'Shipping
77 Has Negan Earned Redemption on 'The Walking Dead'? (POLL)
78 'Walking Dead' favorites Carol and Daryl: Will they or won't they?
79 Shipping Daryl & Carol On 'The Walking Dead' Is Hard: 12 Reasons It Excites & Confounds Us
80 Daryl and Carol: Can They Ship Without the Ship?
81 The Walking Dead Showrunner Says More Daryl and Connie Still Ahead in Season 10
82 15 Times Daryl Dixon Had Crazy Sexual Chemistry With Every 'Walking Dead' Cast Member
83 TV Review: The Whisperers launched their war against Hilltop on 'The Walking Dead'
84 ‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Carol And Daryl’s Dangerous Mission Revealed In Season 10, Episode 6
85 'The Walking Dead' actress Melissa McBride talks Carol-Daryl romance
86 New 'Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers Are Perfect for Daryl & Carol Fans
87 Norman Reedus: I feel bittersweet about The Walking Dead ending
88 ‘The Walking Dead’ Update: Maggie Is Back, Spinoffs, And More!
89 The Walking Dead Season 9 Updates: "Caryl", Maggie/Michonne, and Rick
90 'The Walking Dead' Carol & Daryl Season 5 Spoilers Get Us Hoping They'll Finally Hook Up
91 'The Walking Dead' Slowly Reveals Michonne's Endgame — and Alpha's Plan (RECAP)
92 ‘The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Addresses Daryl Dixon’s Sex Life
93 'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Recap — The All-Daryl and Beth Episode
94 "The Walking Dead" Season 10 Images: Negan Free, "Caryl" Rides & More
95 'Walking Dead' Fans Get 'Caryl in Season 7' Trending, But Will It Happen?
96 "The Walking Dead" Season 10: Michonne, Daryl Laughing & More [Video]
97 'The Walking Dead': Are Carol and Ezekiel a thing in season 8?
98 'The Walking Dead's Samantha Morton on Alpha and Carol, Beta's Loyalty & More
99 'The Walking Dead': Is Daryl Gay? Creator Finally Reveals Daryl's Sexuality
100 'The Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 10, Recap: Daryl, Carol Reunite