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1 AG Yost launches unit dedicated to unsolved crimes: 'Either everybody counts or nobody counts'
2 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost faces lawsuit alleging he won't turn over records on GOP group
3 PG Sittenfeld: After bribery arrest, AG Dave Yost pursues suspension, Sittenfeld posts thank you video
4 Watchdog Group Sues Ohio Attorney General For Records On Republican Groups
5 Mayor Cranley: Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost will try to suspend Councilman Jeff Pastor from office
6 Ohio AG still hopes to put nuclear bailout on hold
7 Attorney General Dave Yost obtains settlement with Home Depot after data breach
8 AG Dave Yost files new lawsuit to stop collection of HB6 nuclear bailout money
9 Why is Ohio AG Dave Yost inserting himself into Pennsylvania’s elections fight? This Week in the CLE
10 Lawsuit Against Ohio's Attorney General Seeks Information About Involvement With Republican Group
11 Ohio attorney general moves to suspend Cincinnati city councilmember
12 Columbus, Dayton sue AG Dave Yost to improve Ohio’s background-check database
13 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to seek suspension of Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld
14 Ohio Attorney General creates scientific advisory council – Ohio Ag Net
15 Yost among 43 Attorneys General urging Congress to pass extension for CARES Act funding
16 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost signs off on Trump lawsuit that Pennsylvania should invalidate some votes: Ca
17 Yost files lawsuit against car dealership for selling vehicles without titles
18 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost asks U.S. Supreme Court to overturn ruling that extended deadline for absente
19 Yost has a lot to answer for | Opinion
20 AG Dave Yost inserts Ohio into Pennsylvania absentee ballot case: The Wake Up for Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020
21 Registration open for human trafficking summit
22 Tips for donating wisely on Giving Tuesday and avoiding holiday scams
23 Ohio lawmaker proposes delaying House Bill 6 subsidies for nuclear power plants
24 Ohio AG Dave Yost calls on Councilman Chris Seelbach to apologize for Sittenfield indictment tweets
25 In-Depth: Local, state leaders urgent plea for second COVID-19 stimulus package
26 GOP lawmaker files bill to halt collection of bailout money
27 Tea party leader urges Trump to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law to hold new vote
28 Real victims' warning: Protect your holiday purchases
29 Bill would halt bailout money collection | News, Sports, Jobs
30 Two former Cuyahoga County Jail correction officers sentenced in corruption cases
31 AG gets restraining order on complex | News, Sports, Jobs
32 Former Cuyahoga County Corrections Officers Sentenced To Prison
33 Yost announces $113M settlement with Apple Over iPhone Throttling
34 AG Yost announces proposed settlement over liquor law violations
35 Resident's death at Toledo group home prompts Ohio AG to seek to shut down housing complex
36 Ohio's AG | News, Sports, Jobs
37 Yost tweets inaccurate mail-in voting deadline, chided by Dems
38 Ohio Supreme Court schedules arguments in armed teachers case
39 Heres How Ohio Will Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines: Patch PM
40 Yost should keep the heat on HB 6, end politically motivated out-of-state legal filings
41 Columbus and Dayton Sue for Deficient Background Check System
42 Ohio AG files suit to block HB 6 fees
43 AG Yost files 2nd suit to stop collection of $150M from Ohioans as a result of HB6
44 Hoping to 'restore trust' in Cincinnati City Council, Kevin Flynn announces 2021 council run
45 Ohio tea party leader urges Trump to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law to hold new vote
46 Lawsuit filed against car dealership accused of selling vehicles without titles
47 Judge Winkler taps Cincinnati lawyer Steve Goodin to replace suspended Cincinnati City Councilman Jeff Pastor
48 FBI investigating PUCO chairman
49 Opinion: Schools' data may help stop future tragedies
50 Councilman Mann seeks independent commission to audit City Council development deals saying the city is in a 'crisis unlike I have seen'
51 Columbus, Dayton sue to force fix of gun background checks
52 Letters: Crew stadium coverage, cracking down on rioters, ACA in court and Yost lawsuit
53 Ex-Ohio GOP leader Matt Borges says he didn't bribe anyone, Yost 'chasing headlines'
54 Ohio Attorney General asks Chris Seelbach to apologize for comments about U.S. Attorney
55 Jeff Pastor officially suspended from Cincinnati City Council
56 Editorial: Council arrests an intolerable embarrassment for Cincinnati
57 Ohio's Attorney General Adds To GOP Supreme Court Ballot Trial Request
58 Former ECOT treasurer could help state recover millions from school's founder Bill Lager
59 Next up in Ohio: Can Mike DeWine, Rob Portman and other GOP incumbents sweep anew in '22?
60 Ohio: AG Yost Works to Protect Local Businesses
61 Ex-Cuyahoga County jail guard who took bribes to smuggle drugs to locked-up Heartless Felons sentenced to pri
62 Ohio already faces nearly $1 million in outside legal bills over coronavirus rulings
63 Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper says he’ll step down at year’s end: Capitol Letter
64 New DNA testing used to identify human remains as Toledo man missing since 2013
65 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Tweets Inaccurate Mail-In Voting Deadline
66 Feds subpoenaed AG Dave Yost’s office as part of HB6 bribery investigation
67 Diane Dimond: Heroes who fight human trafficking | Columns
68 Ohio AG Dave Yost to President Trump: Don’t reform post office until after the November election
69 'He's got this one wrong.' Attorney General Dave Yost doesn't think bar closing times lead to violence
70 Ohio lawmaker calls on AG Dave Yost to resign for opposing his request to investigate Gov. Mike DeWine
71 Ohio AG Dave Yost sues FirstEnergy, Householder and others over House Bill 6
72 AG Dave Yost addresses concerns of ballot harvesting, voter intimidation
73 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost requests removal of “Cuties” film from Netflix
74 Why did Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost mention werewolves involving a lawmaker’s attempt to lock up Gov. Mik
75 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost giving $24,208 in HB 6-related campaign cash to charities
76 Ohio AG Dave Yost argues diner owners who reopened early shouldn’t face criminal charges
77 Is Dave Yost alone in bringing common sense to repealing the corrupt FirstEnergy nuclear bailout? The Wake Up
78 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announces success of statewide anti-human trafficking operation
79 Ohio AG Dave Yost says state lawmaker should be sanctioned for seeking Gov. Mike DeWine’s arrest
80 'It's not that we weren't trying.' Why it took decades to arrest Michael Mearan
81 Ohio AG Dave Yost announces formation of cold case unit
82 Energy Harbor, FirstEnergy officials should testify before Ohio lawmakers about nuclear plants' profitability
83 How Heartless Felons teamed up with Cuyahoga County Jail guards in jailhouse drug smuggling ring
84 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost makes elections complaint after indicted former House Speaker Larry Household
85 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost threatens to sue to block bailout funding for nuclear plants
86 Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says first coronavirus vaccine doses coming in mid-December
87 Retired Officers Blast His Calls for Martial Law
88 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost working on ‘new normal’ plan in which some employees won’t return to the offi
89 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost on the success of 'Operation Autumn Hope'
90 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost addresses election concerns
91 Dave Yost believes Ohio State can sue Big Ten over football cancellation
92 Attorney General Dave Yost prosecutes candidate for posing with police officers in campaign photo
93 Where Ohio’s GOP leaders are on the outcome of the election
94 Ohio AG Dave Yost creates scientific advisory council to alert, assist him regarding algal blooms, other issu
95 Will Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost block the FirstEnergy bailout, if legislators won’t? This Week in the CLE
96 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost keeping close eye on Samuel Legg III case
97 Ohio AG Dave Yost: Judge should have no say in whether to prosecute Michael Flynn for lying to FBI
98 Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost preparing possible lawsuit over alleged House Bill 6 corruption
99 WATCH: 1-on-1 with Attorney General Dave Yost on Ohio State football & the Big Ten
100 AG Dave Yost announces first steps in redesigning the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy