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1 David Blaine Investigated For Sex Assault
2 Top magicians from 'America's Got Talent' grapple with performing virtually
3 David Blaine to Fly Through the Air Holding Balloons in YouTube Livestream, First Live Stunt in Nearly a Decade
4 Watch David Blaine successfully complete 'Ascension' balloon stunt
5 David Blaine reveals why his 'Ascension' stunt stands out from the rest
6 David Blaine's Ridiculous Balloon Stunt and Other Reasons to Hate-Love Him
7 Everything you need to know about David Blaine’s new stunt, Ascension
8 David Blaine on introducing his magical daughter in Wednesday's new ABC special
9 CoachArt Presents Shine Like the Stars Showcase
10 David Blaine Flies Up and Away with 'The Ascension'
11 Magician David Blaine to Fly Over NYC Holding Balloons
12 The most savage memes about magician David Blaine's latest stunt
13 David Blaine through the years: Photos
14 David Blaine will try to float across Hudson River using balloons. Yes, like ‘Up.’
15 David Blaine to attempt first live stunt in almost a decade on YouTube
16 American Magician And Daredevil David Blaine Soars Into the Skies Using Helium Balloons
17 David Blaine floats 5 miles above the Earth with balloons
18 LIVE: David Blaine’s ‘Ascension’ stunt set for this morning in Arizona
19 Explained: Illusionist David Blaine’s stunt that saw him go up 25,000 feet using helium balloons
20 Watch David Blaine Blow Harrison Ford's Mind With A Magic Trick
21 David Blaine And NYC Firefighter, Acts Of Bravery And Imagination
22 I Think About This a Lot: David Blaine Hanging Over the Thames
23 David Blaine Blows Mike Tyson's Mind With Quarantine Magic Trick
24 Inside David Blaine's life today
25 David Blaine brings magic to coronavirus patients, medical workers
26 David Blaine Makes 'Up' Movie a Reality by Soaring With 52 Helium Balloons -- See the Best Internet Reactions
27 David Blaine returns to ABC with his renowned street magic
28 Electronic Dance Music Albums
29 WATCH David Blaine Perform Virtual Magic For Hospital Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic
30 Watch: David Blaine uses balloons to fly nearly 25,000 feet over Arizona
31 VIDEO: Extreme Performer David Blaine Floats High Above the Earth From a Bunch of Balloons
32 Watch Jeff Bezos and internet pioneer Vint Cerf get fooled by card tricks from illusionist David Blaine
33 LeBron James and Anthony Davis Got Their Minds' Blown by David Blaine
34 Phoenix's Leading Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Phoenix, Arizona | |
35 Magician David Blaine performed mind-blowing FaceTime tricks for James Corden
36 David Blaine Sets ‘Death-Defying’ Live Event at YouTube
37 David Blaine will attempt his first live stunt in almost a decade on YouTube
38 David Blaine performs 'Ascension' stunt in Page, Arizona
39 Extra Extra: Not Now, David Blaine
40 This Unearthed 1995 Footage Of David Blaine Doing Street Magic Is Like Staring Into A Time Capsule
41 Video: Famous Magicians Zach King & David Blaine Release YouTube Collab
42 How to Calculate How Many Helium Balloons David Blaine Needed
43 David Blaine leaves Lakers stars LeBron James, Anthony Davis speechless with card trick
44 David Blaine to livestream flight with balloons near Lake Powell today
45 How Old Is David Blaine's Daughter? & 9 Other Things We Just Found Out About Him
46 Magician David Blaine to float across Hudson River via helium balloons
47 David Blaine successfully pulls off 'Ascension' stunt over Arizona
48 David Blaine floated high in the sky with giant balloons
49 David Blaine Explains The One Trick He'd Never Do After Hallucinating During A Particular Stunt
50 David Blaine tries to teach Ellen DeGeneres magic trick in isolation
51 David Blaine Successfully Completes 'Ascension' Stunt With Balloons
52 ABC to Premiere DAVID BLAINE: THE MAGIC WAY on April 1
53 David Blaine's Airborne 'Ascension' Stunt Is A Success
54 Anthony Recreates David Blaine's "Ascension" Stunt
55 Magician David Blaine to Fly Over NYC Holding Helium-filled Balloons [VIDEO]
56 Here's What We Know About David Blaine's Private Life | TheThings
57 Breaking News
58 Up, Up and Away: David Blaine's First Stunt in 10 Years Goes Gravity-Defying
59 Emmitt Smith Goes Crazy Over Magic Trick in Forgotten Cowboys Clip
60 David Blaine Asks Joe Rogan To Stab Him With An Ice Pick
61 Daredevil David Blaine floats high above Arizona desert on balloons
62 Millionaire magician David Blaine uses a simple $1 rule to make all his career decisions
63 WATCH LIVE: Daredevil David Blaine dangles from a bunch of balloons over Lake Powell
64 David Blaine Once Won a Fight with Fiona Apple by Putting on Seven Blazers
65 This Mind-Bending Card Trick Fooled David Blaine And Here It Is Explained So You Can Learn It For Yourself
66 David Beckham 'is earning more as icon in FIFA 21 than he did playing football in real life'
67 David Blaine accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour as second woman contacts Scotland Yard
68 ABC Offers New David Blaine Magic Special
69 David Blaine leaves Mike Tyson stunned with card trick over FaceTime
70 Magician David Blaine To Attempt Helium Balloon Stunt
71 Jaden Smith braves cyro chamber for David Blaine stunt
72 RICHARD KAY: On David Blaine's balloon stunt and Lawnchair Larry
73 David Blaine Freaks Jimmy Out with Card Tricks
74 David Blaine Ascends Over 24000 Feet Using Helium Balloons
75 WATCH: David Blaine teaches Odell Beckham the Deck Challenge
76 Watch as David Blaine floats 9,000 metres above Arizona using jumbo balloons | Watch News Videos Online
77 David Blaine stuns Mike Tyson with quarantine magic trick on boxing legend's online talk show
78 James Corden CALLS OUT David Blaine
79 David Blaine Will Strap Himself to Helium Balloons to Fly Over Arizona
80 David Blaine Took Social Distancing To The Extreme On Balloon Ride | 100.7 WZLX | Chuck Nowlin
81 WATCH: Magician David Blaine Takes His Latest Trick to 23000 Feet in the Air
82 Magician David Blaine under investigation for sexual assault
83 David Blaine Just Recreated The Balloon Scene From 'Up' In Arizona & It Was Wild (VIDEO)
84 Michael Rubin Applauds Chris Pratt, David Blaine For All In Challenge
85 David Blaine Blows Celebrity Minds in 2020 TV Special, "The Magic Way"
86 David Blaine review – astonishing spectacle is not for the squeamish
87 David Blaine floats above Arizona desert from balloons
88 David Blaine’s Real or Magic UK and Ireland tour dates and ticket information – here’s all you need to know
89 LeBron James And Anthony Davis Bug Out After David Blaine’s Magic Card Trick
90 Wednesday Ratings: 'David Blaine: The Magic Way' Scores ABC's Best Demos Within Time Slot Since Christmas Night
91 David Blaine ascends with giant helium balloons in latest stunt
92 Entertainment News Roundup: David Blaine pulls off high flying balloon 'Ascension' stunt; BBC reverses course in 'Rule Britannia' singing row and more
93 Magician David Blaine bemused that pals STILL tell him to keep something secret
94 David Blaine's Ascension on YouTube |
95 US magician David Blaine is CLEARED over 2004 rape of British model at London party
96 Weekend Rewind: David Blaine, Heartbreak Hotel, Bryce Harper and more
97 The Nine Lives of David Blaine
98 Prep football season was a slice of normal
99 David Blaine: 7 of His Most Enduring Performances
100 David Blaine is going to go himself one better, which is saying something