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1 Hubble Watches Comet ATLAS Disintegrate Into More Than 2 Dozen Pieces
2 New NASA image provides more details about first observed interstellar comet
3 UCLA astronomer gets best look at first comet from outside our solar system
4 A deep dive into the abyss
5 2nd-known interstellar visitor rounds the sun
6 It Came From Outside Our Solar System and Now It’s Breaking Up
7 COVID-19 Shutdown May Obscure Mysteries of Cracked Interstellar Comet
8 Comets Are Breaking Apart in Our Cosmic Backyard, and Astronomers Are Stoked
9 Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Really Is Breaking Apart, According to New Data
10 Watching an Interstellar Comet and Hoping for a Bang
11 NASA's space snowman reveals secrets: few craters, no water
12 Hubble images galactic visitor, interstellar comet 2I/Borisov
13 Coronavirus name, animal-research data and a Solar System snowman
14 The First Known Interstellar Comet Might Survive Our Solar System After All
15 Here's the Picture We've Been Waiting for. Hubble's Photo of Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov
16 Space News: Hubble watches comet ATLAS disintegrate into more than two dozen pieces
17 Why astronomers now doubt there is an undiscovered 9th planet in our solar system
18 Astronomers capture best view ever of disintegrating comet
19 Mysterious interstellar comet Borisov survived its encounter with the sun, new study says
20 Comet of the Week: ATLAS C/2019 Y4
21 Interstellar Comet 2I/Borisov Appears to Have Broken in Half
22 An Exclusive Image of the Interstellar Comet That Stunned Astronomers
23 How Many Moons Does Our Solar System Have? We Ranked Them All
24 Space snowman reveals its secrets
25 Daily briefing: How to write a top-notch paper
26 James Jewitt
27 'I'm going to cut you up into pieces'
28 Interstellar comet Borisov could be breaking apart, researchers believe
29 Top LA news: Mnuchin calls Lakers' small biz loan 'outrageous'; supes approve mail-in ballots; more
30 Saturn surpasses Jupiter after the discovery of 20 new moons
31 Saturn now has 82 known moons—so why did we only get one?
32 Interstellar Comet Borisov Just Lost A Chunk
33 Astronomers Find Our Second Interstellar Visitor Looks like the Locals
34 NASA's Hubble Telescope Snaps Best Images Yet Of Our First Interstellar Comet
35 Scientists Have Captured a Close up View of Interstellar Comet 2l/Borisov
36 Hubble observes the farthest active inbound comet yet seen
37 No Starry-Eyed Astronomer
38 Pluto was discovered 90 years ago this week. Controversy about its identity rages on.
39 Colorful Asteroids Near Neptune Reveal a Solar System Conundrum
40 NASA Releases New Image of Interstellar Visitor
41 20 New Moons Found Around Saturn, Snagging Satellite Record from Jupiter
42 See the moon through a UCLA telescope Oct. 8 | UCLA
43 Astronomy star gets his due for discovering the Kuiper Belt
44 Hubble Space Telescope snaps amazing images of Comet Atlas shattering
45 Orlando Health acquires Jewett, to open orthopedic hospital
46 Saturn Overtakes Jupiter as Planet With Most Moons; You Can Help Name the Moons
47 Love Island UK's Camilla Thurlow, Jamie Jewitt Expecting Baby
48 Team led by UCLA astrophysicist observes primitive comet 1.5 billion miles from the sun
49 The last meteor shower of 2019 will occur this weekend
50 Astro Bob: Hubble photographs a shattered comet
51 Nasa releases unseen photos of mysterious object travelling at astonishing 100,000mph
52 'Oumuamua was a unique object. Now astronomers think there could be trillions just like it – Astronomy Now
53 Irregular moons in big planets by David Jewitt | Space
54 So You’ve Found a Comet With a Weird Orbit …
55 Saturn Dethrones Jupiter With Its 20 New Moons. And You Can Name Them!
56 Found: A never-before-seen asteroid with six comet-like tails
57 Black holes, interstellar objects, Mars discoveries and moon landing attempts: Top space stories of 2019
58 UCLA Students Demand Dismissal of Professors Who Refuse to Cancel Final Exams Over Floyd Death
59 Science news in brief: From mating flies frozen in time to butterflies in captivity
60 Hyperactive Comets Hint at Origins of Earth's Oceans
61 Hubble Finds that a Bizarre X-Shaped Intruder Is Linked to an Unseen Asteroid Collision
62 Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow is pregnant with boyfriend Jamie Jewitt’s baby
63 Why the Iowa caucuses are first in the nation, and how critics could change the rules
64 Orlando Health acquires local orthopedic firm, to build $250 million downtown hospital
65 Come marvel at the moon through a UCLA telescope on Oct. 20
66 Second interstellar visitor may be carrying water from beyond our solar system, shocking study suggests
67 Special Topic: Centaurs
68 Saturn surpasses Jupiter after the discovery of 20 new moons—and you can help name them
69 A 12-Mile-Wide Primitive Comet Has Just Been Spotted Hurtling Towards the Sun
70 Astronomers race to learn from first interstellar asteroid ever seen
71 Interstellar visitor shaped like giant fire extinguisher passing by Earth
72 Deadly Collision Blows an Asteroid Apart
73 The Dumb Sh*t We Do In Video Games
74 Early comet detected
75 Asteroid's 'bizarre' disintegration captured by Hubble
76 34 juvenile lifers in Arizona can seek new sentences
77 Coronavirus tips: How to build better relationships remotely
78 Interstellar Visitor Shaped Like a Giant Pink Fire Extinguisher
79 Campus Queries: Could asteroid 3200 Phaethon be potentially dangerous?
80 Love Island's Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt: 'We're hoping for a baby girl'
81 Today in science: Breakup of an asteroid
82 Thank you readers, subscribers and donors
83 Love Island's Jamie Jewitt opens up on mental health struggles
84 Fairview football: 2019 team capsule
85 High Sherriff Charles Bagot-Jewitt logs on to take on oldest position in UK
86 Pittsford man ranks as world's best lumberjack
87 Love Island’s Camilla and Jamie talk engagement plans
88 CSUN's Spring Sky Planetarium Show awes viewers
89 7 ways celebrities are helping charities
90 Get to Know David Jewett: New owner of Julwin's revamping local landmark
91 The Rise and Fall of Planet Pluto
92 Professor Hanington's Speaking of Science: More moons for Saturn
93 Astronomers Puzzle Over Newfound Asteroid That Acts Like a Comet
94 Hardened criminals and repeat offenders who just won't learn their lesson head latest parade of jailings
95 Oddball Object Tumbling among the Stars Could Disrupt Planetary Science
96 'Alien' comet 'shaped like a giant pink fire extinguisher'
97 The Enduring Mysteries of the Outer Solar System
98 Earth's Water May Have Come from Comets, Asteroids or Something Else Entirely
99 1I/2017 U1 'Oumuamua
100 The first known interstellar rock gets a name