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1 Act leader David Seymour rejects bishops' euthanasia claims
2 David Seymour plots radical overhaul of state, slashing spending over a decade
3 David Seymour rejects bishops' euthanasia claims in open letter objecting referendum
4 The Elevator Pitch: David Seymour on holding politicians to account
5 Election 2020: David Seymour criticises Jacinda Ardern's lack of social distancing in selfie while on the campaign trail
6 Act would repeal the Zero Carbon Act if it was in power
7 A poem for .. David Seymour
8 Election 2020: Seymour takes aim at tourism fund, promises tax cuts for operators
9 ACT leader Seymour rejects bishops' euthanasia claims
10 Being an island nation in a pandemic world presents opportunities, ACT Party leader says
11 ACT leader David Seymour talks freely about the dangers of silence
12 Election 2020: Judith Collins and David Seymour battle for the right wing
13 Jacinda Ardern apologises for breaking social distancing rules
14 Election 2020: Act leader David Seymour visits Whanganui
15 David Seymour says Jacinda Ardern in 'la la land' over Matariki holiday promise
16 Labour's tax policy 'picks on people who work hard'
17 ACT's David Seymour says Labour acting like a 'one-party state' after releasing video featuring shot of Ashley Bloomfield
18 The PM Is Already At Level 1 – Why Not The Rest Of Us?
19 David Seymour visits Nelson to support local ACT candidate
20 American Airlines Flies Home Native American Remains
21 Covid Restrictions A Relief – But We Never Should Have Been Here
22 David Seymour rubbishes NZ COVID Tracer App over no record of how close contacts are traced
23 Q+A debate: David Seymour and Alfred Ngaro on legalising assisted dying
24 Kiwis ‘more fiscally responsible' than current Government, according to ACT’s Debt Destroyer tool
25 Seymour Calls On Bishops To Engage In Honest Debate | Scoop News
26 NZ Election 2020: ACT's David Seymour hits out at National's 'irresponsible' spending promise for expecting parents
27 Election 2020: ACT wants to unwind the Government's climate and energy efforts
28 David Seymour: Greens are 'smoked' with latest farming announcement
29 Newsroom
30 Coronavirus: Judith Collins, David Seymour criticise 'wrong' Auckland testing message sent by Government
31 Let's give it up for hard-working Kiwis
32 David Seymour says ACT Party will support a “humanitarian approach” in getting overseas stranded temporary migrants back in NZ
33 Vote Compass: Which minor party leader beats Judith Collins on likeability?
34 Role as sole MP may change soon
35 Hold fire on sick leave during recovery, Business NZ says
36 On David Seymour's claim of 'divisive populism' – oh come on Dave!
37 ACT launches debt cut calculator as other parties notch up billion-dollar spending promises
38 NZ Election 2020: Labour's Carmel Sepuloni says ACT's 'debt destroyer' plan is 'callous', would plunge Kiwis into hardship
39 'Our species is under attack': Opposition parties react to alert level announcement
40 Businesses Punished By Labour Amidst Recession
41 Experts welcome COVID-19 lockdown extension but warn it may need to be extended again
42 American Airlines Using Antiviral Spraying Solution Created By North Texas Company In COVID Fight
43 Gaining traction in crowded political marketplace
44 Postponement, Post-COVID and Piwakawaka: A Sit Down with Brooke Van Velden
45 Kate Hawkesby: Why isn't the PM social distancing?
46 ACT: Immigration critical to build economy, create jobs for Kiwis
47 Why I will be voting no to euthanasia
48 Not many surprises in parties' tax policies
49 Election Live, September 17: Third day with zero community Covid-19 cases
50 Week in Politics: Recession fires up the campaign
51 Politicians Start Dishing Out Promises to Tertiary Students — Salient Magazine
52 A sobering slice of perspective ahead of alert level review
53 Minister Can't Confirm A Single Contact With Covid Tracing App
54 Barbara Sue Mize
55 When politicians run loose in the wild
56 Mike Hosking: Electorate polls shows MMP is done after 20 years
57 Dave Macpherson: Right-wing party puts more thought into Mental Health Policy than the others….
58 Product that kills COVID-19 for 7 days given EPA approval for use in Texas
59 Dr. Seymour Schwartz, Who Wrote the Book on Surgery, Dies at 92
60 What's on in South Canterbury: September 18-20, 2020
61 Health Bureaucracy Strangling Businesses | Scoop News
62 26 Days until the NZ Election – where are we and what happens next?
63 Government to honour Maori New Year if reelected: New Zealand PM
64 ACT's David Seymour: 'I don’t really care what people think and I’m still quite successful'
65 NZ Election 2020: Government's opening of the books reveals some surprises
66 Election Live, September 14: Alert level set to drop, but Aucklanders will have to wait
67 Revealed: 44 projects worth $600m at stake over James Shaw's 'ultimatum' email
68 Labour disparages National's tax cut promise as 'desperate and irresponsible'; minor parties also pile on
69 Sir Michael Cullen Deserves Loving Care Not A Lethal Injection
70 Political parties react to latest GDP figures
71 World-renowned surgeon and URMC icon Dr. Seymour Schwartz dies at 92
72 Seymour driver takes super stock feature at Brownstown
73 Jacinda, I like you, but please shut up about the team of five million
74 The Elevator Pitch: Jacinda Ardern reveals who she'd poach from NZ First
75 Cannabis referendum: Jacinda Ardern reveals why she won't publicly take a side
76 Me, die? One day, but not just yet
77 Greens' School Choice Support Welcome, But It Shouldn't Be Political
78 Election 2020 with Covid-19 restrictions 'the worst campaign environment'
79 Election 2020: Judith Collins fears 'brain drain' to Australia after Covid-19 economic shock
80 NZ Election 2020: Labour promises to end tobacco excise tax hikes
81 Election 2020: National's tax cut plan 'desperate, reckless and ill-thought out' – Grant Robertson
82 Alice Snedden's Bad News: I held a dinner party to help decide which way to vote in the euthanasia referendum
83 Greens pledge $297m for sustainable farming, promise to tackle nitrogen pollution
84 'I might need to get some ink myself': Judith Collins on Crusher tattoo
85 Euthanasia referendum: Four experts explain which way you should vote on the End of Life Choice Bill
86 Poll shows large majority of Chinese New Zealanders still favour National over Labour
87 Ashley Bloomfield on public servants featuring in Labour Party video: Staff were 'thrilled' to see Jacinda Ardern
88 NZ Election 2020: 'Soft, soft' approach to increasing taxes
89 Election Live, September 19: Two new Covid-19 cases, one in the community
90 Philip Temple: Why we have the MMP electoral system
91 Election Live, September 11: One new case of Covid-19 in community, second West Auckland student tests positive
92 Election 2020 latest: Parties exchange blows over Treasury numbers
93 Planning for the future of Seymour
94 The week in memes: Why is Donald Trump so obsessed with us?
95 Winston Peters on Māori Party policy to rename New Zealand Aotearoa: 'Headline hunting'
96 NZ Election 2020: How the pandemic is changing campaigning
97 David Seymour says second Covid-19 lockdown not the answer and it's time to 'learn to live with it'
98 David Seymour says he knows what it's like to be a minority, has nothing to apologise for
99 On Campaign Politicking | Scoop News
100 NZ Election 2020: National commits $1.9 billion to learning support, plans to scrap Government's school zoning powers