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1 David Sirota: Media should 'apologize' for early coverage of Cuomo's pandemic handling | TheHill
2 How Corrupt Is America? David Sirota Reports, But Will America's Media Stop Covering-Up?
3 Joe Biden says his hands are tied on a $15 minimum wage. That's not true
4 David Sirota says Biden has 'long, 40-year love affair' with student loan debt | TheHill
5 Democratic Strategists Talk Ongoing Fight To Raise Minimum Wage
6 Sirota: Tanden's past tweets were 'distraction' from other issues at hearing | TheHill
7 On a $15 Minimum Wage, Democrats Are Shooting Themselves in the Foot — Again
8 Remember the Vicious Elizabeth Warren vs. Joe Biden Fight Over Student Debt? It's Back
9 Joe Manchin And Senate Democrats Under Fire On Social Media
10 House Progressives Urged to 'Wield Their Power' to Fight Senate Sabotage of Covid-19 Relief Bill
11 All Things Considered for Saturday, February 27, 2021
12 Andrew Cuomo's narrative whiplash
13 Is This VP Harris Gambit Real?
14 Cuomo and Newsom symbolize corporate Democrat rot — and the need for progressive populism
15 David Sirota: Democrats Have Power To Play Hardball, Too
16 We knew media would coddle Biden — here's why it's much worse | TheHill
17 Here's what to read from the left and the right | Column
18 Andrew Cuomo Is Living to Regret the Deal He Pushed on Letitia James
19 Cuomo's scandal rocks world and other commentary
20 David Sirota: Democrats gave away leverage in forcing vote on $2,000 checks | TheHill
21 Critics declare media 'created' Cuomo, Lincoln Project 'monsters', resulting in 'no self-reflection'
22 'You Do Love to See it': Progressives Cheer Withdrawal of Neera Tanden's OMB Nomination
23 David Sirota: The Tyranny of Decorum Hurt Bernie Sanders's 2020 Prospects
24 ‘Useful Idiots’: Trump vs. Covid and ‘Handmaid’ Amy Coney Barrett
25 David Sirota's Word of the Week: Looting –
26 Can Joe Biden avoid Obama's mistakes? He must – for the future of the party
27 David Sirota blasts private equity companies using loans to pay owners | TheHill
28 The Former Journalist Who Is Bernie Sanders’s Media Critic
29 Read My Lips: $2,000 Checks for All, Now
30 Sirota: Health care industry coalition aimed at 'demonizing' Medicare for All, public option | TheHill
31 The Insurrection Was Predictable
32 "Classic Andrew Cuomo": Bill de Blasio piles on following latest allegations against NY governor
33 Barbara Ransby & David Sirota Warn of Close Links Between Biden's Cabinet Picks & Corporate Power
34 Sirota reacts to report of harassment, doxing by Harris supporters | TheHill
35 Sanders Has a “Room Full of Lawyers” Working to Ensure $15 Wage Bill...
36 Republicans are forcing Americans to return to dangerous workplaces
37 Sirota predicts that Biden won't be able to work with Republicans | TheHill
38 Sirota weighs in on what Democrats are likely to do with Senate majority | TheHill
39 Bernie Sanders Just Hired His Twitter Attack Dog
40 Bernie Sanders Adviser David Sirota on the Senator's 2020 Campaign
41 David Sirota: The Democratic Party's Tyranny of Decorum Helped Sink Bernie
42 Senate GOP Copied and Pasted Andrew Cuomo's COVID-19 Corporate Immunity Law
43 Will Kamala Harris go back on her $15 minimum wage promise? Internet says 'Save Us Kamala hashtag is hilarious
44 David Sirota: A Bipartisan Effort to Prevent Accountability for the Coronavirus Response Is Underway
45 Bernie Sanders hires former reporter who secretly advised campaign, deleted 20K tweets: report
46 Responding to Biden's Cabinet Picks
47 Bernie Sanders Is Fighting for a $2,000 Check for You on the Senate Floor
48 BREAKING: Potential Biden Officials' Firm Is Promising Big Profits Off Administration Access
49 From a Bogus Website to Bernie Sanders's Inner Circle
50 Democrats are fueling a corporate counter-revolution against progressives
51 Biden's Pick to Head OMB Brings Experience, Twitter Enemies
52 Trump's Impunity Reflects the Impunity of the Entire Class of American Elites
53 Yes, the World's Richest Nation Can Afford $2000 Survival Checks
54 Sirota: Claims that The Lincoln Project swayed the election for Biden 'absolutely absurd' | TheHill
55 A journalist (and Bernie Sanders supporter) had a relationship he kept from his readers
56 To achieve a real legacy, Biden will have to be more radical – and ready to fight
57 Obama Wants Us to Go Back to Brunch After Trump Is Out. That Would Be A Disaster.
58 Where in the World Is Kamala Harris?
59 Sirota says Democrats showing 'lack of urgency' on stimulus checks | TheHill
60 The Lincoln Project Was a Giant Grift
61 Joe Biden Just Made a Big Promise to His Wall Street Donors
62 Democrats Are Working With Liz Cheney to Prolong Dick Cheney's Endless War
63 Joe Biden's Campaign Is Making It Very Clear: They Will Push Austerity in the White House
64 Andrew Cuomo Gave Immunity to Nursing-Home Execs After Big Campaign Donations — Now People Are Dying
65 There's Really No Need to Compromise, Joe
66 Andrew Cuomo and Health Care Execs Just Got Dealt a Setback
67 Jacobin complains of being frozen out of Biden administration while promoting illusions in the Democrats
68 The Error of the Bernie Post-Mortems
69 The Crux of the Accusations Against David Sirota From the Atlantic's Edward-Isaac Dovere is False
70 Jacobin pleads with Biden and Democrats to make a “psychological shift” left
71 A Look At Biden's Cabinet Picks
72 Bernie Sanders’ speechwriter on how to defeat Trump in November
73 Bob Woodward Has Let Himself Become Trump's Human Shield
74 We've Always Had the Money for Medicare for All — We've Just Given It to Corporations Instead
75 David Sirota: Cuomo's approval ratings shows politics is getting more and more shallow | TheHill
76 Senate Democrats Could Have Defied Mitch McConnell on $2,000 Checks. They Chose Not to.
77 Wall Street Doesn't Like Ed Markey
78 Sirota says possible Biden pick could raise prospect of Social Security cuts | TheHill
79 Here Is One Graph Everyone Should See on Labor Day
80 Why Is It Always the Wrong Time to Criticize Democrats From the Left?
81 To Fight Trump's Rising Authoritarianism, Dems Must Drop Their Learned Helplessness
82 Sirota: Senate leaders, Barrett should quarantine before confirmation hearings | TheHill
83 Lawmakers Unify to Give Corporate Donors a License to Kill You
84 Trump Could Only Ignore the Reality of Coronavirus for So Long
85 Current and former Sanders staffers turn on each other in campaign aftermath
86 Despite Everything, We Shouldn't Give up Hope That We Can Change This Country
87 Before the Dust Has Settled, Corporate Democrats Are Already Attacking AOC and the Left
88 We Can't Survive on $600. The New Relief Bill Is Not a Victory.
89 The 1 Percent Are Cheating Us Out of a Quarter-Trillion Dollars in Taxes Every Year
90 Joe Biden Is Severely Hurting His Chances of Beating Donald Trump
91 Shut Down the Supreme Court Confirmation
92 Who Will Xavier Becerra Serve as Joe Biden's HHS Secretary?
93 Sirota slams short-lived candidacy of Raimondo as Biden's health secretary | TheHill
94 Sirota: Democrats need to look inward after downballot losses | TheHill
95 In America, the Rich Get Immunity. The Rest of Us Get “Law and Order”
96 A Lot Went Wrong for Democrats on Election Night
97 Democrats Haven't Learned Much From Florida 2000
98 Even in Safe Races, the Democratic Establishment Hates Progressive Candidates
99 Trump's Labor Secretary Is Reaching Cartoonish Levels of Supervillainry
100 Obamacare Is Becoming a Big Problem for Democrats