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1 Excess mortality from COVID-19 in an English sentinel network population
2 Lack of testing means we will never know true coronavirus death toll, Sage professor says
3 UK 'may never know' true coronavirus death toll, says top government adviser
4 How to Think Like an Epidemiologist
5 Hancock calls for urgent review into coronavirus death data in England
6 Why has the UK done so badly on Covid-19? There are still no simple answers
7 Coronavirus: Lockdowns made little difference to deaths, disputed US study claims
8 Coronavirus: Scottish victims older than average life expectancy
9 It will take more than half-price dinners to dig us out of this hole, writes Sir ROCCO FORTE
10 Spiegelhalter asks government to stop citing Covid-19 article | News
11 The 10 brilliant Cambridge scientists honoured in 2020 with Royal Society medals and awards
12 Sir David Spiegelhalter in seven | Feature
13 Cushman: Send your kids to school!
14 Sir David Spiegelhalter lambasts No 10 for failing to prioritise random coronavirus testing
15 Book Review: The Art of Statistics
16 Spiegelhalter says majority of Covid deaths would not have occurred in coming year
17 Experts want answers on coronavirus death data | News
18 Nine Cambridge researchers among this year’s Royal Society medal and award winners
19 The famous Swiss who died on their birthday
20 My plans for a Covid inquiry
21 Did we go into lockdown for no reason and are the mask rebels putting us at risk of a second wave?
22 Coronavirus deaths: how does Britain compare with other countries?
23 Coronavirus risk to young people “like a weeks' worth of driving” – Prof Sir David Spiegelhalter
24 Facebook removes post by Trump for falsely claiming children are 'almost immune' to COVID-19
25 Understanding Risk
26 Under-50s are more likely to die from a car accident or injury than from Covid-19
27 The Spain quarantine decision shows No 10 is still in coronavirus panic mode
28 Why did England have Europe's worst Covid figures? The answer starts with austerity
29 Author of Guardian article on death tolls asks UK government to stop using it
30 Channel 4 boss Dorothy Byrne: Why I'm going back to the office even though I'm 68 and 'vulnerable'
31 Government's stay at home message 'too successful', leaving people 'over anxious' and scared to go out
32 Risky Talk review: How to protect yourself from dodgy statistics
33 The Art of Statistics by David Spiegelhalter
34 Coronavirus: How scared should we be?
35 Gyms and swimming pools finally reopen amid concerns about their financial future
36 Coronavirus: How to understand the death toll
37 Embracing the Uncertainties
38 New non-executive directors appointed to UKSA
39 Cross Section: David Spiegelhalter – Science Weekly podcast
40 Shielding from covid-19 should be stratified by risk
41 How the Covid-19 inquiry should be done
42 The hidden UK death rate from coronavirus which is continuing to climb
43 Are official figures overstating England's Covid-19 death toll?
44 UK behind the curve in curbing Covid-19 deaths
45 Under 40s 'more likely to die from a road accident than coronavirus'
46 Uncertainty about facts can be reported without damaging public trust in news
47 Risks, R numbers and raw data: how to interpret coronavirus statistics
48 Brits could be given coronavirus 'risk scores' during easing of lockdown, scientist suggests
49 Scientist used by Boris Johnson at PMQs said UK has responded badly to coronavirus
50 Coronavirus: Is it time to free the healthy from restrictions?
51 Thousands of excess deaths 'collateral damage' of pandemic – expert
52 Covid-19: “Staggering number” of extra deaths in community is not explained by covid-19
53 FactCheck: what are the coronavirus risks to children?
54 Crunching the numbers: what are the real risks of dying from Covid-19?
55 Coronavirus: UK could be following 'similar path to Italy' over deaths, experts say
56 ‘Young pessimists’ and ‘old optimists’ differ on virus risks
57 Covid statistics are just politics by other means
58 Coronavirus Pandemic Reveals the Science of Risk That Shapes Our Lives
59 Statistician calls government briefing graphs "unhelpful" and recommends other data
60 What Statistics Can and Can’t Tell Us About Ourselves
61 FT analysis sees UK coronavirus death toll at 41,000
62 David Spiegelhalter
63 The Problem with Failing to Admit We Don't Know
64 Forget the coronavirus mudslinging and focus on the facts
65 Children 'at greater risk' of lightning strike than Covid-19
66 Coronavirus: UK death toll passes Italy to be highest in Europe
67 Stay-at-home message was slightly too successful, says leading academic
68 The Reckoning
69 Coronavirus Scotland: Parents could have ‘coronavirus parties’ so kids catch it when they’re young
70 Cambridge academic proposes voluntary infection as a possible lockdown exit strategy
71 The joy of stats
72 Kids more likely to be struck by lightning than die of coronavirus, figures suggest
73 Podcast: David Runciman · Superforecasting · LRB 12 March 2020
74 Covid-19 policy: UK government’s lack of transparency is worrying
75 Britons fear leaving home after lockdown
76 Around 1,700 'unexplained' deaths not linked to coronavirus in private homes
77 Coronavirus: public confused and suspicious over government's death toll information
78 Covid-19: “Huge rise” in deaths at home is not fully explained by virus, say experts
79 Cambridge study: Leaders who convey uncertainty won't lose trust
80 Coronavirus statistics: what can we trust and what should we ignore?
81 How the danger of coronavirus compares to every day life – from accidents to crime
82 Book review: 'The Art of Statistics: Learning from Data' by David Spiegelhalter
83 More people now dying from Covid-19 outside of hospitals than in them, says leading statistician
84 People dying of coronavirus today caught the disease a month ago
85 Coronavirus: ‘Excess fatalities’ occurring even in people without COVID-19 on death certificate
86 UK virus death toll rises by 449 to 16,509: ministry
87 The Plague Lifts as Trump Bends Reality
88 The lockdown six‑week syndrome quiz: booking a cruise or staying in bed
89 Three reasons we can't compare countries' coronavirus responses
90 FactCheck: caution advised on Covid-19 death toll
91 Fact check: Disease death rates bar chart does not accurately reflect impact of COVID-19
92 The R-number – and the danger of false certainty
93 Top statistician accuses government of MISLEADING the public as pressure mounts on Matt Hancock
94 Scientists question WHO`s study on relaxing social distancing norms
95 A Cambridge professor on how to stop being so easily manipulated by misleading statistics
96 Putting the Risk of Covid-19 in Perspective
97 A new book shows how not to fall for dubious statistics
98 After 65,000 excess deaths, UK figures return to normal
99 Under 45? Chance of dying from coronavirus is one in 67,000, study suggests
100 Coronavirus: Why are international comparisons difficult?