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1 Biodiversity: sharing is caring – David Thake
2 Thake suggests granting councils veto powers on certain development projects
3 'A Man Of Many Layers': Tributes Pour In For Beloved Maltese Artist Ed Schembri
4 Despite tough year for film production companies, chosen few continue to rake in public funds
5 Water Services Corporation racks up €72,000 in credit card bills in just over two years
6 Hands tied on China embassy approval – Farrugia
7 Farrugia burst the budget bubble on single-use plastic
8 St Aloysius Jesuit Who Died From COVID-19 Remembered Fondly As Beloved Teacher
9 Letters to the editor
10 Jason Azzopardi to be reprimanded by party for Hilton freebie from Tumas Group
11 School attendance down from 90% to 75%
12 'Fake' Christmas tree: Minister slams PN's 'make believe' environmental policies
13 Maria Efimova Says Her Husband Arrested Over 'Ridiculous Charges' By Cyprus
14 Chinese get stingy on €478,000 fee as Pembroke embassy gets green light
15 Agriculture is important for the economy, Grech says
16 Hunting minister not a signatory to FKNK agreement on Miżieb and Aħrax
17 This is a fight against the 'monster' trying to hijack the party – David Thake
18 Police want to speak to David Thake about Yorgen Fenech bribery allegation
19 David Thake calls for police and party probe into PN election bribe claims
20 David Thake meets police over Yorgen Fenech election bribe claims
21 David Thake Says Adrian Delia Was Dishonest About His 'Monster' Comment: 'He Knows I Wasn't Referring To Him'
22 Chinese embassy in Pembroke gets green light
23 Mines and Money" get set for next event, discussing Biden, Gold and Rare Earths Metals
24 Call for application for more ERA officers as 20 not enough
25 'Significant shift' in way new PN is addressing corruption – David Thake
26 David Thake Calls For Fresh PN Leadership Election: 'This Is Not What Tesserati Voted For'
27 Reorganization plan to be voted on soon by Williston District 1, Williams County District 8 residents
28 David Thake calls on Delia to quit in stormy PN parliamentary group meeting
29 David Thake proposes veto power for ERA on ODZ development
30 Making Malta carbon neutral – David Thake
31 The green depression – David Thake
32 Ivan Bartolo and David Thake sworn in as MPs
33 Adrian Delia critic David Thake eyes parliamentary seat that will be vacated by Simon Busuttil
34 MP David Thake Urges Police To Investigate Claim Yorgen Fenech Tried To Bribe PN To Stop MEP's Reelection
35 Watch: Two of Adrian Delia's staunchest critics elected to parliament
36 Busuttil's resignation could open door for David Thake to become MP
37 Politicians under inquiry should step aside to clear their name – Thake
38 David Thake Says Airport Was Left Open For So Long To Let Joseph Muscat Return To Malta
39 LXi REIT adds more food and discount stores to portfolio
40 David Thake wins Parliament seat after deadlock with Graziella Galea; Ivan Bartolo elected as well
41 Board members talk about benefits of reorganization | Education
42 Adrian Delia: 'I am still Opposition leader'
43 Updated: Thake and Galea in contention to replace Simon Busuttil in Parliament
44 Muscat's severance package – which his Cabinet changed – a state secret
45 Adrian Delia Meets His New MPs David Thake And Ivan Bartolo: 'They Will Bring Fresh Ideas To The PN'
46 David Thake suggests 17 Black owner made €50,000 offer to block Casa's reelection bid
47 Daphne and the devil's hoof
48 Thake submits his nomination for Simon Busuttil's old seat in parliament
49 David Thake ordered to pay €3,000 in libel damages to former policeman
50 David Thake said a blatant lie on live TV, Yorgen Fenech claims
51 Cutajar challenges fellow MPs to 'set example' and take the bus
52 Government spending on Steward Healthcare criticised
53 If Miżieb and l-Aħrax are to be run by an NGO, why not give it to conservationists?
54 Responsibility for various public appointments shifted from PM to Cabinet
55 Quid pro quo
56 Details of Robert Abela's consultancy services to Muscat 'privileged and confidential'
57 Prime Minister claims MP's question ‘invited’ him to commit illegality
58 MP Claims That A Junior Minister Had An Affair With Yorgen Fenech After 17 Black Revelations
59 Watch: 'A magistrate is not an investigator,' says David Thake
60 Laurence Green & Lovisa Silburn: this Autumn's best TV ads
61 Magistrate probing claims involving Yorgen Fenech payments to Adrian Delia
62 Mature trees lining Attard's Mdina Road cut down
63 Chris Said not interested in becoming interim PN leader: 'There are various options'
64 'Are Those Chips To Share?': MP Questions Whether Robert Abela Broke New Restaurant Rules
65 The Man Who Could Be The PN's Next MP Is Calling For Adrian Delia's Resignation
66 David Thake wins €1,000 libel case against One TV over Wi-Fi contract claims
67 David Thake resigns as PN deputy mayor, says Opposition needs 'credible' leader
68 Watch: “Hunting lobby group is stealing from our environment” – Dr Claire Bonello
69 My, how hyper-sensitive we've all suddenly become…
70 WhatsApp Terms Contradict Adrian Delia's Claim On 'Vanished' Chats With Yorgen Fenech
71 Nationalist MPs meet at party HQ after revelations of Delia-Fenech chats
72 PN: Abela must take steps on Cabinet members who chatted with 17 Black owner
73 Reactions pour in on proposal of enacting journalist warrants
74 Inquiry criticised for not delving into relations between Fenech, young lawyer
75 David Thake considers PN leadership bid
76 Role of Steward Healthcare questioned again in light of pre-fabricated hospital
77 Chaos in parliament as protest rages in Valletta
78 300000 tonnes of waste ends up in a landfill every year
79 David Thake calls for fair casual election mechanism
80 Adrian Delia Brushes Off Yorgen Fenech Bribery Accusations: 'I'm Clearly Bothering A Lot Of People'
81 Former PN candidate David Thake shuts down his online radio station
82 PN will consider internal investigation into bribe allegations, FZD says
83 Watch: 'I stand by my words'
84 Delia replies to questions on Xarabank
85 It was a trap... and Adrian Delia walked right into it
86 Maltese ambassador resigns after comparing Angela Merkel to Hitler
87 Never give up… | Hermann Schiavone
88 Actor Charles Thake dies, aged 90
89 Ousted from the PN media, David Thake ready to launch 'Switch', his own radio station
90 Reshuffling of the shadow cabinet earns plaudits for PN leader
91 Former PN Candidate Will Not Report Bombshell Xarabank Allegation Of Attempted Bribery To The Police
92 Protestors in Valletta call for ‘truth and justice’
93 David Thake off air as BA stops regular shows by candidates
94 Yorgen Fenech's family demands investigation into mobile phone contents leaks
95 Health Minister, FMS CEO deny David Thake claims, say relationship is 'purely professional'
96 David Thake will run for PN leader if Delia and Said are the only ones to contest
97 Minister renews commitment to set cut-off date for polluting car engines
98 Who's In The Running To Replace Simon Busuttil As An Opposition MP?
99 Watch: David Thake rules out PN leadership bid, backs Perici Calascione
100 [WATCH] Maria Efimova to submit alleged declaration of trust belonging to Michelle Muscat if granted whistleblower status