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Result Content Idea Research
1 Evaporation critical to coronavirus transmission as weather changes: Impact of evaporation on virus survival, concentration, transmission
2 Evaporation is critical for coronavirus transmission in colder months
3 Magic Six Feet Not Enough To Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in a Light Breeze
4 Pediatric pulmonologist explains how obesity can lead to sleep apnea, mental disorders
5 When you cough, how far can it go?
6 6 Feet May Not Be Enough: Wind May Carry Coronavirus Farther
7 Physics of Fluids publishes new study that quantifies effectiveness of face masks
8 Study shows six feet social distancing may not be enough to avoid COVID-19 spread
9 Repeated coughing adversely affects filtering efficiency of face masks
11 Tyre Municipality receives 510 COVID-19 PCR test kits from UNIFIL
12 Bluffton, Port Royal restaurants close after employees test positive for coronavirus
13 Face masks: Small droplets of saliva can emerge with some droplets traveling up to 1 meter: Study
14 UNIFIL head unveils statue of Roman-time jurist in Tyre | UNIFIL
15 SG pull-back poses questions for CDS market
16 This is where you get Beirut-style grilled fish in Scarborough
17 SocGen’s global head of bond trading at risk
18 Computer models show how many respiratory droplets are released when a person coughs with and without a mask
19 Centuries-old lesson inspires challenging conversations on AI in Dubai
20 TSA didn’t do enough to protect passengers, staff from coronavirus, whistleblower says
21 LAPD seek additional victims involved in financial scheme aimed at deaf community
22 All states are partially reopen leaving Americans to weigh the risk of venturing out again
23 Lebanese butcher shop in Scarborough serves up shawarma 'as we do it back home'
24 Preserving Phoenician heritage between Lebanese and Italian cities
25 Here Comes the Bride. And the Bride. And the Bride. Mass Weddings Boom in Lebanon.
26 Joint tour of Tyre by senior UNIFIL and local officials to boost local economy
27 The people's beaches
28 XGLOBAL Markets offers traders the chance to win $3,000 in hard cash.
29 Detroit Suburb Rejects Proposed Mosque
30 North Delta outgunned by Port Moody squad
31 A new perspective on lung cancer
32 Online assessment tool helps patients make informed decisions
33 Standardized, expert care can overcome factors associated with worse clinical outcomes in testicular cancer
34 Study opens new therapeutic avenue for treating glioblastoma tumors
35 Novel saliva test could fast track heart attack diagnosis
36 Study: Estrogen may reduce severity of COVID-19 symptoms in women
37 Dietary interventions to optimize healing of injury-induced inflammation
38 Researchers develop new technique to improve cancer treatments
39 New method can help develop drugs that target membrane proteins
40 Defiance and low trust in doctors associated with anti-vaccination attitudes
41 Study shows how PIM kinases enhance cancer cell motility
42 Dartmouth receives $2.5 million to develop device for detecting tumor left behind during surgery
43 Gout drug may improve heart function in individuals with congenital heart disease
44 New test can pinpoint which people with gonorrhea can be cured with ciprofloxacin
45 Low levels of 'good' cholesterol common among people in Latin America and the Caribbean
46 NIH harnesses artificial intelligence and medical imaging to fight COVID-19
47 31st International Symposium on Human Identification is going virtual in 2020
48 Retrieving memories is an active process that can bias and distort memories
49 Spinal cord injuries in mice cause acquired bone marrow failure syndrome
50 Research identifies a potential therapeutic target for clogged arteries
51 What is RT-LAMP Technology?
52 Advantech introduces new AI-based infection prevention solution
53 New articles focus on recent developments in the field of health preference research
54 Bacterial infections may increase risk of coronary heart disease in type 1 diabetic patients
55 First 3D multicellular brain organoid can screen drugs to control inflammation
56 Scientists unlock behavior of an enzyme involved in cancer spread
57 Engineers develop better understanding of skin damage caused by rubbing
58 Novel method identifies traces of plastic in seafood samples
59 University of Illinois to head two of artificial intelligence institutes in the U.S
60 Study: SARS-CoV-2 can infect human neural progenitor cells and brain organoids
61 Using Flow Cytometry for Virus Detection
62 Prominent pharmacologist calls for new approach to treat COVID-19
63 Switching off 'master regulator' may protect critical brain cells from Parkinson's-related damage
64 A new approach for treating alcohol use disorder
65 GAMA Healthcare adds four new hires to its expanding Science and Innovation team
66 Research shows nonprescribed fentanyl and stimulants were the major cause for overdose mortality
67 Dual sensory impairment in older adults linked to higher risk for dementia
68 FDA announces public meeting to discuss development and licensure of COVID-19 vaccines
69 Discovery offers new hope for millions at risk from antibiotic-resistant infections
70 Researchers may have discovered the key to treating inflammatory diseases
71 FDA warns consumers about alcohol-based hand sanitizers packaged in containers
72 Researchers document comprehensive communication pathways in human cell infected with SARS-CoV-2
73 A coffee and quick catnap can improve alertness during nightshift
74 Key molecule can be used to assess prognosis of triple negative breast cancer
75 BM32 vaccine against grass pollen allergy could be potential treatment for hepatitis B infection
76 New fabrics prevent the transmission and spread of SARS-CoV-2
77 New research delineates how genetic variations cause atopic dermatitis
78 Study shows mental health challenges of U.S. healthcare workers during COVID-19
79 Researchers find way to make pediatric brain cancers respond better to therapies
80 Study: Personal connections can help communities adapt to climate change
81 Genetic variant in Japanese population increases risk of interstitial lung disease among RA patients
82 Study examines potential therapeutic approach for Alzheimer's disease
83 Taller children have higher risk of developing obesity
84 COVID-19 Prevention Network announces Phase 3 trials to evaluate monoclonal antibodies
85 New drug discovery shows promise in fighting acute respiratory illnesses
86 BIA Separations signs new distribution agreements with two companies in Asia
87 Scientists discover mechanism involving key protein that predicts cancer progression and relapse
88 New article sheds light on challenges faced by vaccine developers
89 Study identifies possible therapeutic treatment for COVID-19
90 Evaluating the use of sofosbuvir and daclatasvir for treatment of COVID-19
91 Increased fructose intake during pregnancy can affect metabolism of offspring
92 Leading expert is sounding the alarm on newly-identified symptom of coronavirus
93 Novel biomarkers can diagnose and assess the risk of preeclampsia
94 Novel plasma-coated bandages could revolutionize the treatment of chronic wounds
95 Environmental conditions affect the stability of SARS-CoV-2, study finds
96 COVID-19 may increase risk of blot cots in women who are pregnant or taking birth control pills
97 Yale and AI Therapeutics launch clinical trial of potential COVID-19 drug
98 Historic study that evidenced the benefits of anti-COVID steroids could have saved lives
99 Diagnostic criteria can improve diagnosis and management of functional cognitive disorder
100 Voice analysis by smartphone app detects lung congestion in heart failure patients