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1 Spouses and friends spread virus in City says MOH de Villa
2 When will the COVID-19 pandemic be over? Toronto's top doctor answers COVID-related questions
3 'No doubt' lockdown is right decision: Tory and de Villa back Ford's COVID-19 orders for Toronto
4 Opinion | Lawyers be damned: Toronto needed some courage. Dr. Eileen de Villa and John Tory provided it
5 'It's been quite searing': John Tory on being Toronto's pandemic mayor, Dr. Eileen de Villa — and whether he'll run again
6 'Keep your guard up,' Toronto's top doctor warns as city adds record number of COVID-19 cases
7 Stay home or face 'hard lockdown': Tory and de Villa issue a stark warning to Toronto
8 What further restrictions should Toronto expect? City's top doctor answers COVID-related questions
9 Carl De Villa delivers energetic pop record, 'War Cry'
10 Dr. Eileen de Villa discusses new lockdown restrictions in Toronto
11 Tory, de Villa in full support of new provincial restrictions
12 Toronto could get a COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021: de Villa
13 Coronavirus: Toronto's top doctor comments on COVID-19 outbreak at Swansea Public School | Watch News Videos Online
14 'Don't let your guard down:' Toronto's top doctor answers COVID-related questions
15 As Toronto reports over 500 COVID-19 cases, de Villa cautions against virus being normalized
16 Officials beg Torontonians to stop socializing with those not in their households — including outdoors
17 Is Toronto heading into a lockdown? Toronto's top doctor answers COVID-related questions
18 Ontario reports 1,487 new coronavirus cases; 10 new deaths
19 Gyms can open in Toronto this weekend but the new rules are super strict
20 Mari de Villa Puts Your Care First
21 Fourth of July marks Mari de Villa Senior Living resident’s 107th birthday
22 Torontonians can slow COVID-19 but only if they buckle down on personal behaviour now, de Villa warns
23 COVID-19 rules to remain until effective vaccine is found: Dr. Eileen de Villa answers your coronavirus-related questions
24 De Villa warns of more COVID-19 cases as kids return to class
25 Do not meet with people outside your household, Toronto's top doctor warns
26 'I need everybody to pitch in:' Toronto's top doctor answers COVID-19 questions
27 COVID-19 infections in Toronto this month could exceed peak reached in April, data suggests
28 Toronto has not yet seen the full impact of stricter COVID-19 restrictions: de Villa
29 Toronto planning for Stage 3, but de Villa urges cautious, gradual steps
30 Toronto's top doctor urges province to enact tighter restrictions as city sees 323 new COVID-19 cases
31 Toronto sees uptick in COVID-19 cases in residents 40 and younger, top doctor says
32 Eileen de Villa's Goth Lifestyle Included Her Dressing In All Black As A Teen
33 'Plan ahead:' Toronto's top doctor urges families to limit large gatherings on Thanksgiving
34 City details plans for 'inevitable' second wave of COVID-19
35 'Decisions we make' play a role in limiting the spread of virus, Toronto's top doc says after new cases in Ontario reach new high
36 COVID-19 is "not escalating" in Toronto: de Villa
37 Toronto's top public health official answers your COVID-19 questions
38 Toronto's top doctor recommends ending all indoor dining and gym classes
39 The pandemic isn't over in Toronto, de Villa warns
40 Key COVID-19 indicator tracked by Toronto Public Health in the yellow for first time since July
41 Rise in COVID-19 cases isn't unexpected: Toronto's top doctor answers COVID-19 related questions
42 Toronto unveils plan to deal with 2nd wave of COVID-19 that medical officer calls 'inevitable'
43 Weddings, play dates and family gatherings: Toronto's top doctor on what is behind the rise in COVID-19 cases
44 COVID-19 in Toronto: Toronto Public Health to receive 200 staff, city halts most contact tracing
45 Dr. Eileen de Villa: Our COVID-19 response demonstrates an unprecedented collaboration
46 'Important day for Toronto:' New restrictions position city to challenge COVID-19 spread, top doctor says
47 'COVID-19 is still here:' Toronto's top doctor answers your coronavirus-related questions
48 De Villa urges continued vigilance as Toronto's COVID-19 death toll approaches 500
49 Toronto Public Health failed to conduct contact tracing for 52 patients who tested positive for COVID-19
50 De Villa urges Toronto residents to ‘re-think’ Thanksgiving plans
51 Premier Doug Ford won't close bars and restaurants in Toronto without 'more data,' despite soaring case counts and plea from city's top doctor
52 Coronavirus public health Q&A with Dr. Eileen de Villa (April 22)
53 'Toronto has done really well': Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
54 Eileen de Villa is not freaking out
55 As city's curve flattens, Toronto deals with two distinct outbreaks: de Villa
56 Q&A with Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto's public health guardian
57 Toronto's mayor backs reopening even as city sees 330 new cases
58 Public health officials ask people to stick to own households, worrying those who live alone
59 Three-Ingredient Recipe: Jon de Villa's chicken asado
60 Mayor Tory left in shock when he finds out Dr. de Villa doesn’t cheer for the Leafs
61 'Concerning': de Villa says people waiting an average of 5 days after symptoms to get COVID-19 test
62 'Stay the course': Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
63 'I wish I had the crystal ball': Toronto's top doctor answers COVID-19 questions
64 Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
65 'Our battle is not over': Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
66 De Villa urges Toronto residents to skip the cottage this long weekend
67 Chief medical officers are leading Canada through COVID-19 crisis — and many are women
68 COVID-19 affecting certain groups in Toronto more than others, preliminary data suggests
69 Toronto publishes COVID-19 testing positivity data by neighbourhood
70 Physical distancing part of our lives until we have a vaccine: Dr. de Villa | News
71 'We are at the right place': Toronto's top doctor answers COVID-19 questions
72 Toronto's Chief Medical Officer has a fan account dedicated to her scarves | News
73 'We must remain vigilant': Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
74 Toronto's top doctor calls for quarantine facility tor COVID-19 patients who can't isolate at home
75 Black people and other people of colour make up 83% of reported COVID-19 cases in Toronto
76 Stay in your own 'household bubble,' Toronto medical officer of health says
77 Is COVID-19 airborne? Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
78 Torontonians urged to stay home, cancel dinner with friends as COVID-19 cases climb
79 How long will physical distancing last? Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
80 Can dogs get COVID-19? Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
81 'He was looking to meet me': Public health leaders face threats, harassment over COVID-19
82 Toronto had 16 suspected overdose deaths over just 9 days in July
83 Spike in overdose deaths prompts medical officer to call for federal, provincial help
84 Travellers returning from March break 'must stay home,' Toronto's medical officer of health says
85 PhilHealth VP resigns amid heat of corruption probes
86 Can I catch COVID-19 in a pool? Toronto's top doctor answers COVID-19 questions
87 Toronto Public Health Says The City's New COVID-19 Spike Could Last Until Spring
88 COVID-19
89 Toronto moves closer to Stage 2 of reopening with steady decrease in COVID-19 cases
90 De Villa, Cressy react to crowds in Trinity Bellwoods Park New COVID-19 cases soar in Ontario as provincial total passes 25000
91 Stop serving customers except for takeout and delivery, Toronto health officials tell restaurants, bars
92 Today's coronavirus news: Toronto reporting 40 new cases as de Villa warns of resurgence in the fall; 81 Quebec City students in isolation after three cases confirmed at two schools
93 Is Toronto prepared for the second wave? Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
94 People are obsessed with the scarves worn by Toronto's Medical Officer of Health
95 We're not out of the woods yet: Toronto's top doctor answers your COVID-19 questions
96 City announces enhanced measures to combat COVID-19 pandemic
97 Dr. de Villa Said She Doesn't Cheer For The Leafs & John Tory Was Not Impressed (VIDEO)
98 Find creative ways to celebrate Mother's Day virtually: Toronto's top doctor
99 Today's coronavirus news: Health officials in Quebec City say they're fighting an uptick in infections; Ontario reporting 133 new cases, no additional deaths
100 De Villa resigns but not off the hook on PhilHealth probe