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1 Steve Harvey Defends Ellen DeGeneres, Says She's 'One of the Kindest People' in the Business
2 All 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' guests who Ellen lied to – Film Daily
3 Lisa Kudrow on Rumors Ellen DeGeneres May Host Friends Reunion |
4 The Labor Abuses of Ellen DeGeneres
5 Ellen DeGeneres will talk controversy when show returns; Steve Harvey says 'just walk away'
6 The Mystery of Ellen DeGeneres
7 Friends' Lisa Kudrow responds to rumour Ellen will host reunion
8 Ellen DeGeneres: Have toxic workplace claims and quarantine struggles caused fans to flee?
9 Ellen DeGeneres: Firefighter's swipe after saving her house from California fire
10 Ellen DeGeneres says she will address toxic workplace allegations
11 A timeline of the allegations against Ellen DeGeneres and her producers
12 The wife that got away: Anne Heche says dating Ellen DeGeneres stalled her career
13 Daytime TV's Dark Side: Former 'TMZ on TV,' 'Ellen' and 'Rosie' Employees Detail Abusive Work Culture
14 Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi: Signs their marriage is on the rocks?
15 One of Ellen DeGeneres' old tweets resurfaces amid new allegations
16 Ellen faces backlash after allegations frame her as unethical
17 Ellen DeGeneres accused of lying to Ellen Show guests
18 Is This the Perfect Time for Drew Barrymore to Launch Her Talk Show?
19 Ellen DeGeneres to eventually be replaced by Kristen Bell?
20 Ellen DeGeneres wasn't fired for her show's toxic workplace. Bosses often get off easy.
21 Ellen DeGeneres Show Fires Senior Producers After Weeks Of Controversy
22 Mariah Carey says miscarriage happened after Ellen DeGeneres needled her about pregnancy
23 Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly 'Tormented' Her Household Workers by Setting Traps and Daily Performance Complaints
24 Movies to daytime TV? Could Drew Barrymore take DeGeneres's crown?
25 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show': Kylie Jenner Said Travis Scott Walks Around With 'Wads of Cash' on Him
26 Michelle Obama Said Ellen DeGeneres Was "Out Of Control", Here's Why
27 Ellen DeGeneres was behind Janice’s signature cackle in Friends
28 Ellen Degeneres Once Forced Britney Spears to Steal From a Mall on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show'
29 Ellen DeGeneres Show Producer Admits It Has Been a “Rough” Couple of Months
30 Ellen DeGeneres abuses her celebrity power, encourages Britney Spears not to pay
31 Ellen DeGeneres Embarrassed a Guest on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' for Stealing
32 Anne Heche's Relationship With Ellen DeGeneres Affected Her Career
33 Step inside Ellen DeGeneres jaw-dropping mansion worth $27million
34 What's Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres's married life really like?
35 Wendy Williams Once Shaded Ellen DeGeneres on 'The Ellen Show'
36 Ellen DeGeneres will address her controversial summer when her show returns this month and What Else for Septe
37 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show': Giada De Laurentiis Gets Roasted by Ellen DeGeneres for How She Pronounces Italian Words
38 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show': There's Major Tension Between Giada De Laurentiis and Nicole Kidman on Their Cooking Segment
39 Kylie Jenner, Kanye West, Ellen DeGeneres Rank on the Top 15 of Forbes’ Highest-Paid Celebrities List
40 Ellen DeGeneres to address show controversy on season premiere
41 SuperM will return to ‘Ellen Show’ months after Mark called out Ellen DeGeneres
42 Inside Ellen DeGeneres's $27 Million Montecito Mansion With Portia de Rossi
43 'Deal or No Deal' Host Howie Mandel Told Ellen DeGeneres He Was Invited To Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Wedding Even Though He Wasn't
44 Ellen DeGeneres's history of being mean to staff: Look at this tweet
45 Channel Nine finalises deal with Warner Bros to air new season of the Ellen DeGeneres show
46 Ellen DeGeneres' Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized After QAnon Rally
47 The construction of our Ellen DeGeneres Campus continues. | Dian Fossey
48 Ellen DeGeneres accused of bullying Mariah Carey
49 Ellen DeGeneres ‘bullied’ Emma Stone, ‘Gangnam Style’ singer Psy on ‘Ellen Show’
50 Former 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' DJ says he felt 'toxicity'; Portia de Rossi defends wife
51 Is Ellen DeGeneres done with her talk show? Why that's not likely, at least not now
52 ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Workplace to Be Reviewed by WarnerMedia
53 Sofia Vergara Debunks Story She Was Embarrassed On ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ — The Latest Celebrity To Comment On Scandal
54 Why 2020 has been the year of backlash against Ellen DeGeneres
55 'Ellen' producer says 'nobody is going off the air' amid allegations of toxic work environment
56 The backlash against Ellen DeGeneres, explained
57 Why Ellen DeGeneres Won’t Be Canceled
58 A former bodyguard for Ellen DeGeneres said his experience with the host was 'kind of demeaning'
59 Ellen DeGeneres sparks backlash after joking that self-quarantine is like 'being in jail'
60 Here's why #RIPEllen started trending on Twitter — and no, Ellen DeGeneres is not dead
61 Ellen DeGeneres: Stories from celebrities, employees of her being mean
62 Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi's home burglarized on July 4, 'high value jewelry' stolen
63 Ellen DeGeneres staying ‘mean’ during COVID-19, her show’s crew alleges
64 Is ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ getting canceled?
65 Ellen DeGeneres deleted a tweet about racial injustice after backlash
66 How did Ellen become one of the biggest villains of 2020?
67 Octavia Spencer, 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' DJ stand by embattled talk show host
68 Ellen DeGeneres scandal: Ellen faces backlash over jail, quarantine comment
69 Ellen DeGeneres isn't as nice as she wants you to believe, insiders confess
70 People Are Finally Starting to See the Real Ellen DeGeneres and It Isn't Pretty
71 Ellen Degeneres is "mean": The most hilarious memes about her
72 Ellen DeGeneres Issues Letter to Staff As More Allegations Surface [Updated]
73 Ellen DeGeneres Is Trying to Navigate Rumors That She’s Mean, Thought It Was ‘Just Sour Grapes’
74 Ellen DeGeneres is mean? 2020 is the perfect time to cancel her show
75 In pictures: The life and career of Ellen DeGeneres
76 Ellen DeGeneres hanging up her dancing shoes to be an 'ally for change'
77 Ellen DeGeneres shares throwback wedding photo with Portia de Rossi for heartbreaking reason
78 Ellen DeGeneres amps up network amid accusations she's mean
79 Why didn't anyone speak out? Ellen DeGeneres has been mean for years
80 Who Wants to Teach Ellen DeGeneres How to Be a ‘Better Person’?
81 At what age will Ellen DeGeneres retire? Why we hope it's soon
82 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show': All the times Ellen was terrible to guests – Film Daily
83 Ellen DeGeneres shares message of positivity amid coronavirus pandemic
84 DeGeneres apologizes to show's staff amid workplace inquiry
85 Ellen DeGeneres May Finally Be Canceled
86 Ellen DeGeneres' staff 'loving' that people are listening to complaints about toxic work environment: source
87 The Evolution Of Ellen: A Talk Show Host Faces New Scrutiny
88 ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Shuts Down Production Over Coronavirus
89 A Timeline of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Real Estate Portfolio
90 Ellen DeGeneres and Wendy Williams Set TV Returns After Coronavirus Hiatus
91 Internal investigation at ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ after allegations of racism
92 Ellen DeGeneres is 'Notoriously One of the Meanest People in Hollywood,' Comedian Claims
93 Ellen DeGeneres might be mean, but let's not erase her LGBT legacy
94 Inside Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's Two-Decade Love Story
95 Inside Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's California home
96 How Ellen DeGeneres' Historic Coming-Out Episode Changed Television
97 Ellen DeGeneres 'Lives in an Incredibly Privileged Bubble' Source Claims
98 Ellen Degeneres Was Exposed & Her Attempts to Look Nice Are Fooling Nobody
99 Is Ellen DeGeneres Actually Mean? Many Tweeters Are Sharing Not-So-Nice Stories About the 'Be Kind' TV Host
100 Ellen DeGeneres Is Getting Exactly What She Deserves