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1 DeVos Walks Back Threat To Withhold Funding From Schools That Don't Reopen—Says Parents Should, Instead
2 DeVos urges school districts to 'think creatively' about reopening amid coronavirus | TheHill
3 Secretary DeVos Releases Statement on the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative Executive Order
4 Sec. DeVos: Children’s mental health, well-being is at risk if they don’t return to schools
5 Secretary DeVos on Espinoza: Religious Discrimination is Dead
6 Local school districts weigh in on the State's lawsuit against Devos
7 Secretary DeVos Approves Final Wave of State, Territory Career and Technical Education Plans
8 As Markets Crashed, DeVos Sold Shares in Secretive Cayman Island Fund
9 Several of Secretary DeVos' Rethink Higher Education Regulations Take Effect Today as Department Issues New Rule to Protect Religious Liberty, Reform TEACH Grant Program
11 Secretary DeVos Challenges Educators to Rethink Education Options for Rural High School Students Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
12 Stateside: Cornelius Fredericks' death; Black mental health; Nessel sues DeVos over CARES funds
13 Judge Orders DeVos: Cancel These Student Loans Immediately
14 Secretary DeVos Issues Rule to Ensure CARES Act Funding Serves All Students
15 California judge blocks Betsy DeVos from withholding relief money from undocumented students
16 DeVos doubles down on policy shutting vulnerable college students out of emergency grants
17 Secretary DeVos Marks 48th Anniversary of Title IX
18 DeVos is pushing legal boundaries with private school guidance, experts say
19 Secretary DeVos Approves Six Additional Perkins Career and Technical Education State Plans
20 Betsy DeVos is an abysmal failure and our nation’s schoolchildren are paying the price
21 Federal Judge Orders DeVos To Cancel Student Loans For Some Students
22 Secretary DeVos Launches New Student-Centered Grant Competition to Spur Short-Term Education Opportunities, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth as America Reopens
23 Trump administration could allow families to use U.S. education funds elsewhere, DeVos says
24 Michigan attorney general: Betsy DeVos ‘reverse Robin Hood’ taking from poorer schools to give to richer ones
25 Judge orders Betsy DeVos to cancel 7,200 scammed borrowers’ student loans
26 As pandemic tests public schools, Betsy DeVos pushes school choice
27 Judge Overrules Betsy DeVos On Limiting Covid-19 Relief
28 I'm a Democrat; Secretary DeVos Is Right on Title IX Reform
29 Federal judge rules against DeVos in Washington State over emergency grants
30 As Covid-19 Takes Toll, DeVos Denounced for New 'Craven' Public School Privatization Scheme
31 Supreme Court hands victory to DeVos in decision on aid to religious schools
32 Secretary Betsy DeVos echoes President Trump: There's no excuse for schools not to reopen
33 Dems urge DeVos to waive standardized testing next school year
34 Group sues DeVos, DOE over borrower defense ruling again
35 Kaul sues Betsy DeVos over repeal of for-profit college rules
36 Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Ranked by U.S. News & World Report
37 Betsy DeVos doubles down on her education agenda during the pandemic
38 Secretary DeVos Calls on Wealthy Institutions to Reject Taxpayer Emergency Funds, Congress to Change Eligibility
39 Secretary DeVos Takes Historic Action to Strengthen Title IX Protections for All Students
40 DeVos defends policy boosting virus aid for private schools
41 Secretary DeVos Releases Statement on 'Inexcusable' NAEP Results
42 Secretary DeVos Proposes Rethinking Teacher Professional Development by Empowering Teachers to Customize, Personalize their Continued Learning
43 DeVos Funnels Coronavirus Relief Funds to Favored Private and Religious Schools
44 How Betsy DeVos’s handling of relief funds hurt some of the country’s neediest schools, students
45 Why the DeVos family's backing of the Michigan protests is no surprise
46 Betsy DeVos defends decision to direct stimulus money to private schools
47 After Monday rebuke, Whitmer praises DeVos company for coronavirus donations
48 Secretary DeVos Launches New Grant Competition to Spark Student-Centered, Agile Learning Opportunities to Support Recovery from National Emergency
49 Betsy DeVos finds new pot of cash to push education agenda: federal covid-19 relief money
50 Four especially testy moments when Betsy DeVos testified on Capitol Hill
51 Betsy DeVos Overruled Education Department Findings On Defrauded Students
52 Readout of Vice President Pence and Secretary DeVos' Conference Call with Education Stakeholders
53 DeVos Plans to Force Public Schools Share Aid With Private Ones
54 Secretary DeVos Announces New Grant Competition for School Districts to Launch Student-Centered Funding Program
55 Secretary DeVos Delivers $6 Billion in Additional Grant Funding to Support Continued Education at America's Colleges, Universities
56 Secretary DeVos Approves First Wave of Perkins Career and Technical Education State Plans
57 Secretary DeVos Rapidly Delivers More Than $6 Billion in Emergency Cash Grants for College Students Impacted by Coronavirus Outbreak
58 US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Names 161 Students as 2020 US Presidential Scholars
59 Secretary DeVos Delivers Nearly $1.4 Billion in Additional CARES Act Relief Funds to HBCUs, Minority Serving Institutions, and Colleges and Universities Serving Low-Income Students
60 Secretary DeVos Announces $3 Billion in Emergency Education Block Grants for Governors
61 Betsy DeVos Earned At Least $56 Million While In Office Last Year
62 Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Authorizes New Funding Flexibilities to Support Continued Learning During COVID-19 National Emergency
63 Betsy DeVos, Education Department Held In Contempt In Student Loan Case
64 DeVos Aide Cleared of Ethics Allegations
65 Delivering on President Trump's Promise, Secretary DeVos Suspends Federal Student Loan Payments, Waives Interest During National Emergency
66 U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is the real civics failure
67 DeVos compares abortion rights debate to slavery
68 US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Announces Proposed Rule Regarding Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Education Institutions, Provides Updated School Prayer Guidance
69 Senate overturns DeVos rule limiting debt relief for defrauded students
70 Secretary DeVos Directs FSA to Stop Wage Garnishment, Collections Actions for Student Loan Borrowers, Will Refund More Than $1.8 Billion to Students, Families
71 Urging States to Continue Educating Students with Disabilities, Secretary DeVos Publishes New Resource on Accessibility and Distance Learning Options
72 California sues Education Secretary DeVos, saying she has failed to implement student loan forgiveness program
73 Senators press Betsy DeVos on Education Department’s coronavirus response
74 Statement from Secretary DeVos on 2019 NAEP Results
75 Secretary DeVos Awards $65 Million to Create and Expand Public Charter Schools in Areas of Greatest Need
76 Betsy DeVos on Coronavirus: What Are the Feds Doing to Help Schools?
77 DeVos Defends Restricting Debt Relief for Bilked Students
78 Senators Press DeVos for Specifics on How Schools Should Handle Coronavirus
79 DeVos' Guidance On Increased Private School Funding Meets Pushback
80 States sue to block DeVos' campus sexual assault overhaul
81 US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Announces New Flexibility for States to Better Meet the Needs of Students, Local Communities
82 Teachers Union Sues Betsy DeVos Over Student Borrower Protections
83 What it really means when Trump, DeVos and their allies refer to public schools as ‘government schools’
84 Secretary DeVos Announces New, Proactive Civil Rights Compliance Center within Office for Civil Rights
85 Secretary DeVos Announces New Civil Rights Initiative to Combat Sexual Assault in K-12 Public Schools
86 A DeVos-Linked Group Promoted the Right-Wing “Operation Gridlock” Tantrum in Michigan
87 Betsy DeVos’s problem with numbers
88 Asked whether she is using crisis to support private school choice, DeVos says ‘absolutely’
89 Remarks by Secretary DeVos at the White House Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing
90 Secretary DeVos Releases New Resources for Educators, Local Leaders on K-12 Flexibilities, Student Privacy, and Educating Students with Disabilities During Coronavirus Outbreak
91 Governors Urge Betsy DeVos: Give Us Coronavirus Aid and Guidance Quickly
92 Student Loan Borrowers Sue DeVos To Overturn Loan Forgiveness Rule
93 Student Loan Borrowers Succeed In Lawsuit Against DeVos
94 Secretary DeVos Announces New Federal Deadline Flexibility for Career and Technical Education Leaders, Allowing Them to Focus on Serving Students During the COVID-19 Outbreak
95 Counterpoint: Betsy DeVos is the Real Civics Failure – InsideSources
96 Senate Coronavirus Bill Would Give DeVos Sweeping Power to Waive Education Law
97 Federal Student Aid Delivers on Secretary DeVos' Promise to Modernize, Personalize Customer Experience
98 Trump’s Dilemma: Reject DeVos Debt Forgiveness Rollback or Anger Veterans
99 DeVos Weighs Waivers for Special Education. Parents Are Worried.
100 DeVos criticized for excluding more than DACA students from emergency grants