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1 House Appropriations Committee Wants NNSA To Submit Plans, Schedules For Pit Production
2 LANL to increase plutonium lab work ahead of pit production
3 LANL trolley that carries radioactive material broken down
4 Plutonium mishap at Los Alamos National Lab accentuates pit production worries
5 Inspector General Criticizes DNFSB Hiring Practices
6 15 LANL workers tested for radiation exposure after mishap
7 Wild Olympics plans added to National Defense Act; could pass alongside military spending
8 Heinrich Provisions For New Mexico Military Installations, National Laboratories, Artificial Intelligence Clear Senate
9 Hill Moves to Protect Nuclear Safety Board
10 Seven Nominations Sent to Senate 22 July
11 Nuclear defense agency jettisons federal defense contractor at Y-12 over safety concerns
12 DNFSB Calling NNSA In to Explain Tepid Response to Recent Safety Recs
13 DNFSB Member Fears DOE Rejection of Tritium Safety Recommendation Linked to Jurisdictional Spat
14 DNFSB Urges Staff to Delve Deeper Into Nuke Sites
15 Nuclear Safety Board Slams Energy Department Plan to Weaken Oversight
16 Trump Administration Neuters Nuclear Safety Board
17 Energy Department, contractor Parsons collaborating to address SWPF troubles
18 NNSA Will Let DNFSB Attend Nuclear Explosive Safety Meetings on Trial Basis
19 ‘We don’t seem to learn’: Beirut explosion echoes US tragedy
20 No Return Date Set for DNFSB Staff in Washington, DC
21 SRS plutonium project prep paused for 14 days after coronavirus concerns
22 Group that oversees LANL safety gets new member
23 Beirut Tragedy Brings Back Memories In West, TX
24 GOP chair of nuclear safety agency secretly urges Trump to abolish it
25 Trump limits access of board overseeing safety at Hanford site
26 Chairman of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board: Who Is Sean Sullivan?
27 Delegation should support strong review of pit production
28 Reconsidering US Plutonium Pit Production Plans
29 Chairman of nuclear weapons oversight agency steps down amid internal turmoil
30 Guest Column NNSA should focus on cleanup
31 When it comes to Iran, not everything that goes boom in the night is sabotage
32 Work on Savannah River Waste Unit Temporarily Suspended Due to Pandemic
33 Senate confirms Army general to lead vaccine effort
34 12 years and counting: Effort to lock Hanford's radioactive waste in glass faces more delays
35 Heinrich Secures Significant Advancements For National Laboratories, New Mexico Military Installations, Artificial Intelligence In Annual Defense Spending Bill
36 Energy Department's plutonium disposal plans at SRS reach key milestone
37 Statement by the President
38 Lawmakers assured review of nuclear weapons work to be open
39 Pantex Plant in Texas ramping up new 'staging mission' for SRS plutonium
40 Resignation Leaves DNFSB With Three Members
41 Hanford strategy for worst nuclear waste criticized. Plant estimates skyrocket to $41 billion
42 Work at Savannah River National Laboratory suspended for two weeks
43 Chairwoman of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board: Who Is Joyce Connery?
44 For members: CNS violated nuclear safety requirements at Y-12, NNSA says
45 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board: Who is Peter Winokur?
46 White House Hobbles Nuclear Weapons Safety Agency
47 Nuclear board sees no quick fix for LANL safety issues
48 Virginia's rural communities miss out on millions in federal economic investment funding
49 Savannah River Remediation suspends construction of Saltstone Disposal Unit 7
50 The Human Side of Nuclear Weapons Issues in the FY20 Defense Bill
51 Bill To Create White Sands National Park Heads To Trump For Signature
52 Fourth coronavirus case confirmed at Savannah River Site
53 WIPP: Federal board raises concerns for air system; cites poor monitoring, slow response
54 Thousands of Hanford workers lack whistleblower protections passed by Congress
55 Nuclear Device Assembly Facility In Nevada Desert May Be A Ticking Time Bomb (Updated)
56 Nuclear safety board warns of trouble ahead at Hanford, but could lose role under Trump
57 Maintaining Nuclear Safety and Security During the COVID-19 Crisis
58 14 coronavirus cases logged at Savannah River Site | News
59 Under siege: Safety in the nuclear weapons complex
60 DNFSB: Moving fissile materials, operations from Y-12 building improves nuclear safety, reduces risk
61 RCLC Quizzes LANL Deputy Director Of Operations On Future Lab Plans
62 New Bosses Take Over at DOE Nuclear Cleanup Office
63 Court Ruling Impacts Scope of $6.5B Uranium Processing Project
64 All 13 Savannah River Site workers fully recover from coronavirus
65 ‘Ground zero’ for whistleblowing? Not D.C., but the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state.
66 Key sites proposed for nuclear bomb production are plagued by safety problems
67 LANL: Served, Still Serving – Part 1
68 Contamination halts work at Hanford project. It’s the 8th worker exposure this year
69 NNSA set to start site prep for Savannah River Site plutonium disposal
70 Judge voids UPF decision, requires more seismic hazard analysis
71 Radiation-contaminated water discovered at SRS facility, new report states
72 Lab fire highlights ongoing LANL waste problems | Local News
73 Senate Bill could provide $403 million to WIPP, fund other energy projects in New Mexico
74 Report questions safety of 74-year-old electrical system at Hanford nuclear plant
75 Hanford contractor earns $39M incentive bonus. Workers will see extra in their checks
76 Thousands of masks at SRS came from supplier not on federal government's approved list
77 The Week of October 21, 2019
78 Lord: DoD wants mini nuclear reactors on bases and for transport
79 SBG Technology Solutions Teams With Staffing Company Leader Zee Force
80 Safety problems at a Los Alamos laboratory delay U.S. nuclear warhead testing and production
81 Trump's oil buy may not be so easy
82 LANL: No risk of radioactive ‘criticality’ accident in recent incident
83 Billion-dollar LANL building has plumbing problem
84 The Week of June 22, 2020
85 SRNS parent company Fluor selling its government, equipment businesses
86 The Week of December 9, 2019
87 Thirty Nominations and One Withdrawal Sent to Senate
88 Unexpected contamination reported in Hanford cleanup
89 Repeated safety lapses hobble LANL's work on U.S. nuclear warhead cores
90 A near-disaster at a federal nuclear weapons laboratory takes a hidden toll on America's arsenal
91 Feds raise concerns over Uranium Processing Facility safety designs
92 Freedom of Information Act
93 DOE Nuclear Cleanup Chief Formally Resigns
94 Hanford nuclear site accident puts focus on aging U.S. facilities
95 Does a New Department of Energy Order About Worker Safety Violate the Atomic Energy Act?
96 DOE approves use of ORNL uranium stores for medical research
97 Energy Briefs
98 DOE reports show WIPP chemical exposure months before workers got sick
99 Los Alamos safety concerns impact U.S. nuclear weapons program
100 Report: Los Alamos lab comes up short on emergency drills