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1 Airey Bros. Radio / Episode 100 / Del Bigtree
2 The Doomsday Prophecy of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
3 What's ahead for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?
4 Does Covid Vaccine Cause Infertility? Facebook Still Letting Fake News Go Viral
5 Mass Covid-19 vaccination will not lead to 'out of control' variants
6 Texas-based anti-vaccine group got Paycheck Protection Program funds in May
7 Annual Big Tree Contest seeks Eastern Panhandle’s largest dogwood
8 Anti-Vax Activists Are Quietly Bending State Politics To Their Will
9 Did the Internet News Program "The HighWire With Del Bigtree" Break the Coronavirus Code?
10 COVID-19 vaccines are critical for controlling the pandemic; vaccines still offer partial protection against new variants of the virus
11 Article: Activists Fueling Concerns About COVID Vaccine Safety
12 Leaders of the anti-vaccine movement used 'Stop the Steal' crusade to advance their own conspiracy theories
13 Once approved, should people be required to get a COVID-19 vaccine as a matter of public health?
14 Vaccine skeptics victims of an anti-science cottage industry
15 Anti-Vaxxer Del Bigtree Got His Start on 'The Doctors', 'Dr. Phil'
16 Hidden cameras capture misinformation, fundraising tactics used by anti-vaxx movement
17 The discredited doctor hailed by the anti-vaccine movement Book Review
18 ICAN Founder Del Bigtree: New Research Study Shows CDC Vaccine Schedule Likely Causes Aluminum Toxicity In Newborns
19 Misinformation 'superspreaders': Covid vaccine falsehoods still thriving on Facebook and Instagram
20 How to have a constructive conversation with vaccine skeptics
21 World Health Organization's Closed-Door Video Shows Claim "Science Is Settled" About Vaccine Safety Is Dangerously Wrong, Says ICAN's Del Bigtree
22 US & WORLD EXCLUSIVES: "The HighWire With Del Bigtree" Thursday Interview with David & Collet Stephan, Exonerated Canadian Couple "Villainized" By State Media
23 Covid-19 vaccines face a varied and powerful misinformation movement online
24 Controversial Anti-Vax YouTube Host Accused Of Preying On Ultra-Orthodox Community
25 Anti-mask, anti-vax views raise concerns – Smoky Mountain News
26 Where Del Bigtree’s Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Come From
27 Where Anti-Vaccine Propaganda Went When YouTube Banned It
28 The HighWire with Del Bigtree's next episode: MOM VS. MEDICAL EXAMINER
29 Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement
30 Vaccine Safety Advocate and ICAN Founder Del Bigtree's Controversial Speech Vindicated As Rockland County, NY, Supreme Court Overturns Ban of Non-Vaccinated Children In Public Spaces
31 COVID-19 Vaccine Faces Challenge of Skeptics, Misinformation | Time
32 The anti-vaxxer city where the Covid vaccine will struggle to have a shot
33 Fact-Checking An Anti-Vax 'Vaccine Symposium'
34 The multi-millionaire anti-vax couple bankrolling groups scaremongering about immunisation
35 After Facebook banned a prominent anti-vaxxer's page for spreading dangerous medical misinformation, he just moved his lies to a different one
36 An anti-vaccine figure is encouraging people to intentionally contract coronavirus via Facebook and YouTube
37 Massive Public Pushback Sinks New Jersey's Attack Upon Religious Exemptions For Vaccines, Says ICAN's Del Bigtree
38 Austin anti-vaccine group receives federal COVID-19 relief funds
39 Just 50% of Americans plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Here's how to win over the rest
40 Anti-vaxxers spread fear about future coronavirus vaccine
41 Vaccine Skeptics Join Forces With Antimask Advocates
42 Facebook and Twitter resist calls to ban anti-vaxx campaigner
43 Five myths about vaccines
44 There is no evidence that vaccines cause autism; the US CDC didn't change their stance on the subject
45 Vaccine Critics Received More Than $1 Million in Pandemic Relief Loans
46 ICAN vs. HHS: Key Legal Win Recasts Vaccine Debate /PRNewswire
47 Maui Group Joins Rally Seeking Freedoms Amid Coronavirus Restrictions
48 Does Wearing Mask Increase Risk Of CO2 Toxicity? Experts Say Otherwise
49 Trump's Doral Hotel to Host a Confab of Anti-Vaxxers and Leading QAnon Champions
50 Why Israel’s anti-vax party is a cautionary tale
51 Following ICAN Lawsuit, CDC Removes Claim “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” from its Website
52 SB276: Robert Kennedy, Jr., ICAN Founder Del Bigtree to Speak At California State Capitol Parents Rally To Protect Patient-Doctor Relationships, Legal Medical Exemptions From Vaccination
53 Andrew Wakefield: Disgraced — but not in the eyes of his US fans
54 How COVID deniers are taking pages out of the anti-vaccine movement's playbook
55 Spotify Has Removed 40 Joe Rogan Episodes — Here's the Full List
56 Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne refuses to apologise over anti-vax claims
57 Some say masks are dangerous. can that be? | Scientists: Not wearing them puts everyone at risk
58 Anti-Defamation League slams anti-vaccination activists for using symbol from Holocaust
59 Early Analysis by Pfizer Shows COVID-19 Vaccine is Highly Effective
60 Facebook Crackdown Can't Stop an Anti-Vaxxer Movement 'on Steroids'
61 COVID Conspiracy Nurses Among Those Who Spoke At Trump’s Violent D.C. Rally
62 Inland Journal, April 18, 2019: Vaccine Safety, Pt. 1, Del Bigtree
63 Facebook ‘still making money from anti-vax sites’
64 Lawyers in Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit "Only 10% of What We've Got" Was Divulged at Trial; Much More To Come, They Tell "The HighWire with Del Bigtree"
65 Anti-vaccine figure partners with Roku after YouTube banned him for sharing dangerous coronavirus misinformation
66 New York anti-vaccine event attracts pro-vaccine protests amid measles outbreak
67 Leading New Age Conspiracy Influencers Plan Their Retreat to Utopian Lagoon
68 Field clears for 2022 run against Zeldin
69 Facebook Fails to Stop Another ‘Plandemic’-Style Video From Going Viral
70 Massachusetts removing flu vaccine requirement for students
71 Anti-vaccination leaders fuel black mistrust of medical establishment as covid-19 kills people of color
72 Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini and GOP Chair Joe Gruters set to speak at Tallahassee anti-vax rally this month
73 How the Anti-Vaccine Community Is Responding to Covid-19
74 Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree: Privileged white males harming African-Americans with antivaccine propaganda
75 ‘Parents call the shots.’ Group rallies to demand vaccine choice
76 Elle Macpherson makes controversial guest appearances at anti-vaxxer award nights
77 Lawmaker who faced anti-vax attack: 'The movement is growing more violent'
78 How coronavirus 'changes the game' for the anti-vaccination movement
79 Residents who suffered side effects of vaccines rally for right to opt out of new requirements
80 Coronavirus hasn't killed the anti-vax movement
81 One wealthy New York couple is supporting the anti-vax movement through more than $3 million in donations
82 Anti-vaxxers target communities battling measles
83 U.S. measles cases surge to second-highest level in nearly two decades
84 Antivaxers exploit confusion over Oxford coronavirus vaccine | News
85 Banned from Instagram for vaccine misinformation, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s dangerous lies continue to flourish on Facebook
86 Jenny McCarthy, RFK, Jr., Among Luminaries Appearing on "The HighWire with Del Bigtree" Thursday, Signifying Revitalized Vaccine Risk Awareness Movement
87 COVID-19 killed a thousand Wisconsinites in three weeks. These residents don't see the danger.
88 Coronavirus skeptics and their denial of any danger has helped kill a thousand Wisconsinites in 21 days
89 Aussie supermodel joins anti-vax elite
90 Speaking to hearts before minds? Public health messages aligned with people's political intuitions may not increase vaccination uptake
91 Try This PPP: Pertinent Pandemic Podcasts
92 Some people think masks are bad for their health. Here’s why scientists say that’s wrong.
93 Anti-vaccine ministry uses Facebook to promote dangerous COVID-19 and vaccine falsehoods to millions followers
94 No coronavirus vaccine can inoculate against anti-vaxxers
95 Coronavirus: NHS staff join anti‑vax group | News
96 Contrary to viral Facebook claim, numerous studies show vaccines don't cause autism
97 Coronavirus causing some anti-vaxxers to waver, experts say
98 The annals of “I'm not antivaccine,” part 19: Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey edition
99 Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron's death is being falsely linked to the COVID-19 vaccine
100 An Unprecedented Experiment: “Sometimes you just gotta wear the stupid.”