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1 Rutgers-Led National Survey Uncovers Doctors' Misconceptions About Nicotine Risks
2 Studies: E-cigarettes Don't Help Smokers Quit and They May Become Addicted to Vaping
3 Police: Man photographed undressed woman without her consent
4 Some plants have evolved to take advantage of ant pollination
5 Rutgers Tobacco, Vaping Expert Available to Discuss FDA’s Finalized Enforcement Policy Targeting Flavored E-cigarettes That Appeal to Youth
6 FDA bans most e-cigarette flavors
7 ATMIA's Ron Delnevo sees cash access still playing critical role in banking, society
8 "Extremely rare" Australian plant puts ants to work as bees
9 From Juul to Puff Bar: Disposable Vape Pens Are 'Extremely Popular' With Teens : Shots
10 Health experts: There are 2 very different vaping epidemics that require 2 different solutions
11 ATMIA's Ron Delnevo discusses importance of payment choice, independent ATMs
12 'This rule will make us a nation of law breakers'
13 Two local residents headed to prison for bail jumping
14 Eleonora Delnevo & Co climb El Capitan Zodiac in Yosemite
15 Native smokebush plant adapts to allow for ant pollination, researchers find
16 Cambridge man jailed after fight with police
17 Rutgers Researchers Receive $18 Million Grant for the Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science
18 Man charged with bail jumping
19 Flavored Cigars Luring Teens and Young Adults
20 Examining vaping particle size and deposition
21 The Importance of Contextual and Temporal Accuracy When Studying Novel Tobacco Products
22 Rutgers professor responds to state, federal vaping restrictions
23 Labour's plan to ban cash machine charges 'risks more closures', campaigners claim
24 Is New Jersey's 21-and-over tobacco law working?
25 CDC: PCPs must help curb growing youth tobacco 'crisis'
26 Offshore wind farms could bring windfall to LI firms
27 Community in Essex fighting back against the banks
28 Teens Are Still Vaping Flavors, Thanks To New Disposable Vape Pens
29 Happy 21st birthday for UK's independent ATMs? Not exactly
30 London’s secret Cockney cashpoints where you can take out some 'sausage and mash'
31 Why not? Eleonora Delnevo attempts Zodiac on El Capitan in 2016
32 Federal Grant Helps Rutgers Assess Truth in Advertising for Tobacco Products
33 Michelle Jeong Joins the Rutgers School of Public Health and Center for Tobacco Studies
34 State Investigates Vaping's Connection to Lung Disease
35 What to know about the vaping-related outbreak that killed a N.J. woman
36 ‘The Government changes its mind every day’
37 Examining the US cashless stores backlash
38 When It Comes To Payments, EU Consumers Would Rather Pick Cash
39 IN THE DOCK: Weekly round-up of hearings at Wycombe Magistrates' Court
40 Teens who use Juul might not consider it vaping
41 A Q and A on e-cigarettes
42 Bank customers pay £100m to access cash from ATMs
43 Bucketheads and psychic readings: Britons take extreme measures as coronavirus panic takes hold
44 ATM robbers will ‘keep going until they are caught’, says industry chief
45 We paid to bail out the banks. Don't make us pay to save towns they desert
46 NJ Teens Report Higher E-Cig Use When Brand JUUL Is Involved
47 The State Of ATMs And Cash
48 N.J. hospitals are seeing big increase in vaping patients, some as young as 11 years old
49 Access to cash at UK post offices? It just doesn't have the stamp of authenticity
50 Pupils sent home after saying they were made ill by fumes on school bus
51 Steven Naismith is a fine player but laughing in the face of opponents is an unseemly trait
52 Vape Particle Size and Deposition in the Airway Examined
53 Teacher possessed of strong work ethic
54 Vaping: Trump’s crackdown on flavored e-cigarettes, explained
55 Lung Injuries from Vaping Top 2,600, But Fewer Cases Being Reported
56 Ollie Ganz Joins the Rutgers School of Public Health and Center for Tobacco Studies
57 Candy-Flavored Cigars Drive Sales in Young Adults
58 ATM operator Cardtronics UK plans cash machine cuts
59 Out & About: Visions buys property for Lebanon expansion
60 Why do so few cash machines dispense fivers and where are they?
61 How to Help Smokers Quit is Focus of Rutgers Collaboration
62 Vaping Disposables: Teen Use Harder to Detect
63 What Visa and Mastercard don't want you to know about cash
64 'Unemployed ATMs' anxious about their future?
65 Doctor COVID-19 death toll up to 112
66 Executives' Trades in Own Stock Raise Questions
67 Flavored cigars appeal to youth: study
68 Italian woman among Isis fighters
69 Vaping Presents an Old Danger to a New Generation
70 Glendale High School graduates
71 Gaze Upon the Worst Anti-Vaping Poster Ever and Despair
72 Amid FDA Outcry Over Juul, Candy-Flavored Cigars Still A Killer
73 ALL In-Person Payments CAN Be Equally Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic
74 Gottlieb leaves mixed legacy on drug prices, opioids, tobacco use
75 Insider-Trading Probe Widens
76 Why Scotland is crying out for bold leadership, not PR spin – Brian Wilson
77 ATMs can become thing of past
78 Flavored cigarette ban significantly reduced youth smoking, new study finds: George Mason University study finds 2009 US Food and Drug Administration flavored cigarette ban reduced smoking by underage youth by 43% and young adults by 27%
79 Why has Italy avoided jihadist terrorist attacks? Our research helps explain.
80 Town of Battle sees a victory with new 24-hour ATM but fight for cash is raging on
81 ATM access must be legally protected, MPs told
82 Spirits high at bushfire evacuation centre – Bundaberg Now
83 Leatherhead Citizens Advice Bureau is going to have to move after £20,000 funding cut
84 Cardless ATM access: 'Keep up or get left behind'
85 In memory of Lorenzo Major
86 The future of invisible payments
87 Why Europe's ATMIA director wants to help the Bank of England promote cash
88 Socks the Shetland rocks knitwear
89 Cancer science research in NJ supported by $1.6 million in grants
90 Woodgate Road remains closed
91 Mastercard is introducing Fintech Express
92 A closer look behind Sweden's cashless crusade
93 Cash machine thefts: What is going on?
94 The Most Competitive Economy of Europe
95 This is why you rarely get £5 notes from cash machines
96 Fintech is Set to Transform the Role of Future Accountants
97 Link sets up ATM delivery fund
98 What are the respiratory effects of e-cigarettes?
99 Menthol Cigarettes May Be Tougher to Quit
100 Cigar, pipe smoking may raise lung disease risk, too