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Result Content Idea Research
1 Payload stacked for NROL-44; ULA, SpaceX win NSSL awards
2 Fourth GPS satellite arrives safely in Florida
3 Delta IV Medium ends 17-Year run with 100% success
4 Sadly, none of the big rockets we hoped to see fly in 2020 actually will
5 Delta IV Medium Rocket Launch Successful; Rocket is Now Retired
6 Watch as ULA launches the final flight of its Delta IV Medium rocket
7 This 24-year-old engineer will be ‘on console’ for final flight of ULA's Delta IV medium rocket
8 Northrop Grumman successfully launches NROL-129 from MARS
9 The last ever 'single stick' Delta IV scheduled to launch; here's what that means
10 Final 'single stick' Delta 4-Medium rocket arrives at Florida launch pad
11 Covid-19: Timeline of every pronouncement made by Nigeria to support the economy
12 Spy satellite launch on Delta 4-Heavy rocket delayed to August
13 Final Delta IV medium rocket carries GPS satellite into orbit
14 Watch ULA launch one of the last single-core Delta IV rockets this evening
15 ULA completes fueling test on next Delta 4-Heavy rocket
16 US hands over 200 ventilators to Nigeria
17 Delta IV: Payload Launch Vehicle
18 ULA Launches Delta IV Medium Rocket’s Final Flight
19 Last Delta 4-Medium rocket launched from Cape Canaveral with critical new GPS satellite
20 SpaceX launches advanced GPS satellite for US Space Force, sticks rocket landing
21 ULA kicks off next Delta 4-Heavy launch campaign – Spaceflight Now
22 Last of its kind rocket puts GPS satellite in orbit
23 Active microrheology of a bulk metallic glass
24 Ranking essential bacterial processes by speed of mutant death
25 ULA's second launch of the month scheduled for Thursday
26 Boeing to Launch Starliner in 2nd Attempt at Uncrewed Test
27 SMC and its government, industry partners successfully launch GPS III SV 2 satellite from
28 ULA Delta IV with GPS III SV02 launch delayed
29 Despite Coronavirus, Crewed Space Launch Poised to Bring Big Business
30 Rocket Report: Catching a falling fairing, Delta IV Heavy may stop in 2024
31 Weather OK for ULA's final Delta IV launch from Cape Canaveral
32 Space and Missile Systems Center's Launch Enterprise successfully completes “Summer of Lau
33 Delta 4 launch delayed as ULA probes supplier concern
34 Exhilarating close-up video captures the ULA's Delta IV rocket as it blasts off on its final mission
35 'Launch drought' set to end, but weather not looking good for NASA ICON launch
36 Lagos sets up committee to monitor worship centres compliance to COVID-19 protocols
37 OPINION: 2019
38 ULA Delta IV successfully launches NROL-47
39 ULA Awarded $149 Million Delta IV Heavy Launch Contract for NRO Mission
40 Second GPS III satellite tops rocket at launchpad
41 WGS-7 satellite rides uprated ULA Delta IV Medium rocket to orbit
42 Space Force Preps for Third GPS III Launch
43 GPS III SV 2 satellite successfully launched
44 Heavy Lift Rocket Competition Coming to Conclusion (Updated)
45 ULA Delta IV-Heavy launches NROL-71 following lengthy delay
46 Rocket Report: Russia suspends Soyuz production, OneWeb seeks a rescue
47 More Nigerians depart US for Nigeria, 3 denied boarding
48 Rocket Report: Corruption abounds in Vostochny, China winning launch race
49 ULA Delta IV successfully launches WGS-9
50 Cost of Delta 4 Heavy launches is down but the real price is a secret
51 ULA Delta IV launch from Cape Canaveral pushed to next month
52 Launch Viewing Guide: ULA Delta IV with WGS 7
53 Delta 4 replacement ready by 2023, top general says
54 Building the Space Range of the Future
55 COLORADO ROUNDUP | Last-of-its-kind ULA rocket launches satellite; scientist claims officials tried to censor climate report
56 5 Things to Know: Pegasus Launch with NASA's ICON Satellite
57 Directions 2020: Delivering GPS capabilities
58 Gov. DeSantis Praises Space Coast Economic Rebound
59 China now launches more rockets than anyone in the world
60 Why I Like Selling Puts To Get Long BlackLine
61 Starlink passes 400 satellites with seventh dedicated launch
62 Space and Missile Systems Center releases RAND study of space launch market
63 Photos: Air Force Launches 2 GSSAP Surveillance Satellites
64 This massive rocket creates a fireball as it launches, and that’s by design
65 The Last Delta Rocket Launched On Thursday
66 Successful SpaceX Manned Launch Raises America's Hopes After Difficult Week.
67 Space Coast to see SpaceX, ULA rocket launches from Cape Canaveral during Apollo 11 anniversary
68 United Launch Alliance Successfully Launches Communications Satellite for the US Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center
69 Air Force/ULA Rocket Launch Provides Thrills, Chills But No Spills
70 The Falcon Heavy is an absurdly low-cost heavy lift rocket
71 Delta IV Rocket Launch from Vandenberg AFB Pushed Into January
72 Air Force prepares to launch WGS-10 as negotiations with Boeing continue over future satellites
73 Surveillance Satellite Set for June 9 Launch on Mighty Delta 4 Heavy
74 US Launches New Spy Satellite on Secret Mission
75 Rocket Report: Virgin Orbit flight ends quickly, Netflix’s hybrid rocket
76 Tory Bruno: ULA Looks to Phase Out Delta IV Medium Rockets
77 United Launch Alliance Answers Burning…
78 NASA studying option to fly Orion EM-1 on commercial rockets
79 Independent study of launch market says US Air Force should support three domestic providers
80 Rocket Report: Starship set for static fire test, meet “The Dorado” booster
81 SpaceX and Cape Canaveral Return to Action with First Operational Starlink Mission
82 COVID-19: India donates $50 million worth essential medicines to Nigeria, others
83 Meet the Delta Rocket Family of the United Launch Alliance
84 Delta IV Heavy launches NROL-15 from Cape Canaveral
85 GPS III SV02 satellite control authority transferred to 2 SOPS
86 Rocket Report: New Shepard push angers workers, Falcon 9 gets wormed
87 ULA Delta IV launches with NROL-45
88 Delta IV Heavy chosen for third spy satellite launch
89 Aerojet Rocketdyne proposes using AR1 for medium-class launch vehicle
90 China’s largest rocket takes flight with its next-generation spacecraft
91 Rocket Report: Branson sells Virgin Galactic shares, LEGO’s deep-space rocket
92 Military satellite joined with Delta 4 rocket at Cape Canaveral
93 ULA Delta IV Rocket Set To Launch GPS 3-Series Satellite From Cape Canaveral August 22
94 Delta 4-Heavy launch postponed by unspecified payload issue
95 Next GPS III satellite now ready for everyday use
96 Rocket Report: Starlink flies, OneWeb has next mega-constellation launch
97 El Segundo-made satellite set for launch will improve military communications
98 Surveillance satellite launching Thursday atop Delta 4-Heavy rocket
99 Rocket Report: Aloha to Hawaii launch site, China tests grid fins
100 Rocket Report: Virgin Orbit targets Mars, SpaceX to launch rideshares on time