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1 Here's why SpaceX's Crew-1 astronauts chose Baby Yoda as their zero-g indicator
2 SpaceX's Crew-1 astronaut launch for NASA: Live updates
3 NASA certifies SpaceX's Crew Dragon for astronaut flights, gives 'go' for Nov. 14 launch
4 'Start of a new era': NASA celebrates arrival at space station of SpaceX's 1st 4-astronaut mission
5 4 astronauts launch for ISS in historic NASA-SpaceX mission
6 Crew Dragon “Resilience” meets Falcon 9 rocket at Florida spaceport
7 SPACEX DEMO-2 CREW NEWS CONFERENCE FROM ISS, July 31, 2020, Earth orbit, 10:45 am ET
9 NASA Astronauts to Discuss Historic SpaceX Crew Dragon Test Flight
10 NASA to Host Preview Briefings for First Crew Launch with SpaceX
13 NASA to Provide Coverage of SpaceX Commercial Crew Test Flight
14 NASA/SPACEX DEMO-2/ISS CREW NEWS CONFERENCE, June 1, 2020, Earth orbit, 11:15 am ET
15 NASA Astronauts Launch from America in Test of SpaceX Crew Dragon
16 SpaceX's next astronaut flight for NASA to include heat shield tweak and more
17 SpaceX's historic Demo-2 Crew Dragon astronaut test flight: Full coverage
18 Demo-2 astronauts praise performance of Crew Dragon spacecraft
19 MEDIA BRIEFINGS RE SPACEX/NASA CREW DRAGON DEMO-2 MISSION TO ISS, May 1, 2020, JSC/virtual, 11:00 am, 12:30 pm, 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm EDT
20 After Demo-2: SpaceX is already prepping for 1st operational Crew Dragon mission
21 Demo-2 success keeps SpaceX on track for tourist flights in late 2021
23 For SpaceX's historic astronaut launch, the stakes have never been higher
24 How to watch the SpaceX Demo-2 launch from home and celebrate with the ultimate watch party
25 NASA considering extended Crew Dragon test flight to ISS
26 NASA/SPACEX DEMO-2 CREW ARRIVAL AT ISS AND POST-ARRIVAL EVENTS, May 31, 2020, virtual, 10:29 am, 12:45 pm, 1:05 pm and 3:15 pm ET
27 DEMO-2 CREW DOWNLINK EVENT FROM CREW DRAGON, May 30, 2020, Earth orbit, 5:55 pm ET
28 Watch Live Coverage of NASA Astronauts' Return from Space Station on SpaceX Commercial Crew Test Flight
29 Demo-2 Flight Readiness Review Will Continue Tomorrow
30 NASA, SpaceX Targeting October for Next Astronaut Launch – Commercial Crew Program
31 SpaceX is replacing 2 rocket engines for its next astronaut launch for NASA
32 How to watch NASA, SpaceX lay out their first joint astronaut mission
33 SpaceX Crew Dragon First Manned Flight Scheduled for May 27th
34 President Trump delivers remarks after Demo-2 launch
35 NASA using Demo-2 commercial crew astronauts to support ISS spacewalks
36 Astronauts have a surprise name for their Crew Dragon spacecraft
37 RETURN OF SPACEX DEMO-2, Aug 1-2, 2020: undocking Aug 1, 7:34 pm ET, splashdown Aug 2, 2:48 pm ET
38 Commercial crew success prompts congratulations and criticism from Russia
39 NASA clears SpaceX crew capsule for first astronaut mission
40 What's Happening in Space Policy July 26-August 2, 2020
41 Crew Dragon likely to support extended space station stay
42 Crew Dragon capsule meets Falcon 9 rocket inside launch pad hangar
43 Commercial crews and private astronauts will boost International Space Station's science
44 NASA targets May for Crew Dragon test flight
45 SpaceX traces engine problem to blocked valve ahead of November crew launch
46 NASA to allow reuse of Crew Dragon spacecraft and boosters
47 NASA preparing for long-duration SpaceX commercial crew test flight
48 What's Happening in Space Policy August 2-8, 2020
49 NASA plans early August return of Crew Dragon from space station
50 Vice President Pence congratulates history-making NASA astronauts in call to space station
51 To fly SpaceX Crew Dragon, NASA picks Megan McArthur, wife of Bob Behnken
52 NASA Eyes Extended Demo-2 Mission to ISS; Jim Bridenstine Quoted
53 NASA sets May 27 launch date for SpaceX commercial crew test flight
54 NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 1 June, 2020
55 Russian-U.S. Crew Launches on Fast Track to Space Station
56 Kathy Lueders, NASA's 1st female spaceflight chief, will guide a US return to the moon
57 SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule looked 'pretty awesome' in spacewalk, astronaut says
58 SpaceX on track to launch first NASA astronauts in May, president says
59 NASA/SPACEX DEMO-2 ISS EVENT FOR SPACEX, June 1, 2020, Earth orbit, 12:55 pm ET
60 Demo-2 launch wins political praise, but future funding uncertain
61 SpaceX's Crew Dragon abort test was 'picture-perfect,' Elon Musk says
62 SpaceX has a plan to keep boats away from its next spaceship landing
63 NASA to Host Preview Briefings, Interviews for First Crew Rotation Mission with SpaceX
64 WATCH: LIVE Coverage of SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch
65 What's Happening in Space Policy May 31 – June 6, 2020
66 SpaceX reports problem during Crew Dragon parachute test
67 NASA completes reviews of Boeing commercial crew test flight
68 SpaceX may try to catch Crew Dragon capsules with a giant net. (No, really.)
69 NASA selects astronauts for Crew Dragon mission
70 NASA, SpaceX complete Flight Readiness Review, are 'go' for launch
71 NASA and SpaceX set November 14 target date for first operational Crew Dragon launch
72 Lost in space: Before SpaceX can 'capture the flag,' an astronaut had to find it
73 Elon Musk tells SpaceX employees that its Starship rocket is the top priority now
74 NASA, SpaceX bringing astronaut launches back to home turf
75 The Daily Standard World News
76 NASA astronauts prepare for two spacewalks
77 Four new US spaceships may start launching people into space this year
78 FAA cuts the red tape for commercial rocket launches (and landings, too)
79 First Operational Boeing Starliner Flight Not Until December 2021
80 NASA's SpaceX launch is not the cure for racial injustice on Earth
81 Georgia Tech Graduate Named Commander of SpaceX Crew-2 Mission to Space Station
82 SpaceX is nine days away from its first manned launch
83 NASA Administrator, Sen. Cruz, Rep. Babin to Discuss Crew Dragon Test Flight at Briefing in Houston
84 Take 2 for SpaceX's 1st Astronaut Launch With More Storms
85 Trio who lived on space station return to Earth safely
86 Sorry SpaceX Fans: NASA Issues Stay-at-Home Advisory for Historic Crewed Launch
87 SpaceX, NASA Ready to Kickstart a 'New Era' of Human Spaceflight
88 SpaceX Aiming to Launch Crucial Crew Dragon In-Flight Abort Test This Month
89 Boeing plans second Starliner test flight in December or January
90 NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 9 April 2020
91 NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley just gave SpaceX's new spacesuits a '5-star review'
92 NASA signs deal for additional Soyuz seat
93 WATCH: Astronauts prepare for rare splashdown in SpaceX capsule, target is 7:34 p.m. EDT on Saturday, August 1
94 Stranded in Orbit: What's Next for Boeing's Starliner Capsule
95 NASA safety panel has lingering doubts about Boeing Starliner quality control
96 SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2 Mission
97 SpaceX improved Crew Dragon capsule for planned Oct. 31 launch
98 Launch Marks New Era in US Space Travel
99 NASA may ask SpaceX to extend duration of Crew Dragon test flight
100 NASA Invites Public to Share Excitement of Mars Perseverance Launch