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Result Content Idea Research
1 Department of Defense: Additional Actions to Improve Suspense Account Transactions Would Strengthen Financial Reporting
2 Fact Sheet: U.S. Army North COVID-19 Vaccination Site Support Since February 2021 (As of 15 April 2021)
3 ZeroEyes Announces Phase I SBIR Award from the Department of Defense to Develop Drone-Enabled Active Shooter Deterrence Capabilities
4 Industry Day at Far East District | Article | The United States Army
5 WATCH: Testimony on Strengthening Watchdogs and Whistleblower Protections
6 DoD top brass worried about supply chain amidst heavy spending, fewer prime contracts
7 Pentagon AI office wants to match software projects with best cloud environment
8 64th AEG provides vaccination support to FEMA in Michigan
9 Hypersonic Weapons: DOD Should Clarify Roles and Responsibilities to Ensure Coordination across Development Efforts
10 Microsoft awarded $21.8B Army contract to make HoloLens-type mixed reality headset for soldiers
11 Strategy in the Artificial Age: Observations From Teaching an AI to Write a US National Security Strategy
12 Navy SM-6 Missile Will Attempt To Swat Down A Mock Hypersonic Weapon
13 Kathleen Hicks on Need to Prioritize Resilience of Military Facilities Against Climate Change's Effects
14 District Attorney: Man arrested for deadly shooting released, acted in self-defense
15 FCW Insider: April 15, 2021
16 Smaller and better smartphone cameras are on the way
17 Pentagon completes its first counter-drone technology demonstration
18 Fort Sill sexual assault case stirs up the worst kind of deja vu
19 Oregon FBI Tech Tuesday: Building a Digital Defense Against Covid-19 Vaccine Card Scams: Part 1 — FBI
20 Harness Empowers Developers with Cloud Agnostic End-to-End Software Delivery Platform
21 National Crime Victim Rights Week
22 Arthur S. Flemming Awards Honor Outstanding Federal Employees
23 Battelle Memorial Institute Awarded Contract with DARPA
24 DOD Identifies More Troops to Help Administer COVID-19 Vaccine
25 Armed ‘quick reaction force’ was waiting for order to storm Capitol, Justice Dept. says
26 Chauvin trial: Judge denies motion to acquit; expert blames death on heart rhythm issue
27 Defence in a competitive age (accessible version)
28 Two Federally Supported Vaccination Sites Open In California, More to Follow
29 Rare wood, stored for 100 years, to be used to repair Capitol riot damage
30 Cyber Workforce Vital to Protecting National Security > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
31 DOD Leaders Will Address Extremism in the Ranks
32 Chicago Police Officer Who Killed 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo Won't Be Charged With A Crime, His Lawyer Says
33 DIU Helping Modernization Efforts Through Commercial Efforts – MeriTalk
34 Quick Hits: April 15
35 Austin Visits Northern Command, Los Angeles to Get Ground-Level Truth on COVID-19 Fight
36 Director Explains Approaches to Fielding New Space Capability
37 SAB Biotherapeutics Strengthens Senior Management Team with Appointment of Kipp Erickson, PhD as Chief Operating Officer
38 Dealing With Stressors in Relationships > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
39 U.S., Japanese Leaders Agree Chinese Behavior Endangers Peace
40 Detection key to wildfire defense: 'Our staffed towers are extremely important'
41 Defense Official Says F-15s Struck Iranian-Backed Militia Facilities in Syria
42 ‘I’m begging you to stop,’ versus ‘control and contain.’ Community defense lawyer Andrew Gordon on how to think about the Daunte Wright protests and the police response.
43 DOD Officials Describe Modernization Priorities That Will Benefit Warfighters
44 DOD Officials Provide COVID-19 Response Update > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
45 Scotland man later sentenced for online solicitation of minor: 'Are you a cop?'
46 Defense Innovation Unit Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Detect Cancer
47 DOD Officials Discuss Quantum Science, 5G and Directed Energy
48 New Spectrum Strategy Reveals DOD's Plan to Master Airwaves > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
49 Rules Describe Permitted, Prohibited Post-Election Activities > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
50 No Place in DOD for Extremism, White Supremacy, Officials Say
51 Fourth night of protests in Brooklyn Center ends in fewer arrests
52 DOD Uses 3D-Printing to Create N95 Respirators
53 'In the very near future,' Marion courthouse could sanction those who ignore jury summons
54 Partnerships, Allies Critical to Defense Department Artificial Intelligence
55 Swedish healthcare region replaces IT solution to improve medical image management--selects Sectra
56 Fixed-Price-Incentive Contracts: DOD Has Increased Their Use but Should Assess Contributions to Outcomes
57 Program Enables COVID-19 Patients to Safely Recover at Home
58 Cormac the Llama Yields Antibodies That May Prove Effective Against COVID-19
59 Acquisition Enterprise Capabilities to Continue Post Pandemic > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
60 DOD Personnel Prove Productive, Resilient During Pandemic > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
61 DOD Approaches Goal of Destroying All Stockpiled Chemical Weapons
62 DOD Anticipates Significant Troop Reduction in Afghanistan > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
63 COVID-19 Forces DOD to Adapt, Innovate > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
64 DOD Working Toward Networked Indo-Pacific > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
65 DOD to Host Virtual Hiring Fair for Military Spouses Worldwide
66 'Swat Team of Nerds' Tackles Tough Tech Challenges > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
67 DOD Seeks Reform in Delivering Improved Training, Education
68 General Notes Value, Limitations of New START Treaty
69 DOD Official Discusses Conditions-Based Reopenings, Future of Telework
70 National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in Midst of Revolution
71 COVID-19 Draws Attention to Defense Industrial Base Vulnerabilities
72 DOD Official Discusses Hypersonics Development > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
73 Defense Official Calls Cyber Resilience Critical to Protecting Systems, Continuing the Mis
74 The Climate Commitment Act could be game-changing for Washington state and the country: Here's what you should know
75 Space Force Attracting Digitally Savvy Young People, Leader Says
76 Esper Discusses Moves Needed to Counter China's Malign Strategy > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
77 South Korean National Pleads Guilty to Scheme to Defraud U.S. Department of Defense
78 The Pentagon failed its audit again, but sees progress
79 Brnovich takes on Biden's immigration policies in court in series of federal lawsuits
80 Shortfalls of Defensive Hypersonic Weapons Must Be Addressed, NORAD General Says
81 Massachusetts Supreme Court Calls Foul On Departing Attorneys
82 Weapon System Sustainment: Aircraft Mission Capable Rates Generally Did Not Meet Goals and Cost of Sustaining Selected Weapon Systems Varied Widely
83 Secretary of Defense Issues Advisory Committee Zero-Based Reviews
84 Defense Officials Brief on Opening DODEA Schools During COVID-19
85 Department of Defense reaches out to industry to synchronize C-sUAS solutions
86 NGA Deputy Discusses Technology in Government at Cyber Summit
87 Army Ramps Up COVID-19 Testing > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
88 DOD Has Pedal to the Metal on Hypersonics
89 Agency Awards Contracts for Tracking Layer of National Defense Space Architecture
90 Cost-Type Contracts: Procedures Needed for Sharing Information on Contract Choice among Military Departments
91 In Warp Speed Effort, Knowing Where Vaccines Are Is Key to Distribution Strategy
92 DOD Launches Effort to Collect 8000 Units of COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma
93 Esper Shares U.S. Vision for a Free and Open Indo-Pacific Region
94 DOD Participates in Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
95 Final Department of Defense Board on Diversity and Inclusion Report
96 IT Experts Discuss DOD's Use of Digital Communications > US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE > Defense Department News
97 Cybersecurity for 2020 Elections a Top DOD Priority, General Says
98 An Opportunity for Change: President Biden's First Defense Budget Proposal
99 GAO: DOD has to get a handle on future services spending
100 Russia, Wagner Group Continue Military Involvement in Libya