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1 How Will DOJ Enforce Title III of the ADA in a Biden Administration?
2 This House Bill Could Finally Offer Businesses Clarity on Web Accessibility
3 Relief at Last? Proposed 'Online Accessibility Act' Gives Retailers Hope on ADA Cases
4 DCF To Change Policies For Parents With Disabilities After Federal Discrimination Probe
5 Successful Results of ADA Accessibility Review for All Polling Places in Eastern District of PA
6 Businesses and masks: What’s mandatory, what’s optional in California
7 Justice Department to Monitor Voting in Two Texas Counties
8 FREED Statement on COVID-19 & Masks
9 Proposed Online Accessibility Law Could Curb ADA Litigation
10 DOJ Again to Monitor Compliance with the Federal Voting Rights Laws on Election Day
11 DOJ Warns of Inaccurate Flyers and Postings Regarding the Use of Face Masks and the ADA
12 ADA questions remain over web accessibility cases and the lack of DOJ regulations
13 The Supreme Court's Attack on Alabama Voters With Disabilities
14 Who Is Responsible for Meeting Website Accessibility Compliance?
15 Justice Department Releases Information on Election Day Efforts to Protect the Right to Vote and Prosecute Ballot Fraud
16 Anti-Masker Amber Gilles Sues Sprouts After Clairemont Store Denied Her Entry
17 Justice Department sends out warning
18 Face Mask Exempt Cards Citing ADA Are Fake, Justice Department Says
19 Proposed ‘Online Accessibility Act’ Aims to Resolve Uncertainty Surrounding ADA Website Litigation
20 US Attorney's Office Commemorates 30th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act
21 HHS Office for Civil Rights Reaches Landmark Agreement with Massachusetts Department of Children and Families
22 Settlement reached related to Aberdeen and ADA compliance
23 DOJ and City of Aberdeen, Washington, resolve complaint and investigation regarding Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
24 Face mask exemption cards are fake, Department of Justice says
25 SHOWCASING THE DNR: Marking accessibility gains while looking toward a more inclusive future
26 Department of Justice Warns Against Bogus ADA Face Mask Exemption Cards
27 New ADA Website Legislation Introduced
28 Director of Mississippi Department of Mental Health to retire in January
29 Study: Most websites fail to comply with ADA accessibility requirements
30 DOJ confirms websites are covered by ADA, but offers some flexibility to businesses in complying
31 Amtrak, VTrans consider new Brattleboro station
32 Dept. of Justice warns of fake flyers exempting people with disabilities from wearing mask
33 Reopening Businesses Face Customer Pushback on Mask Requirements Under ADA
34 How to make sure your building is ADA compliant?
35 Lyft settles DOJ lawsuit alleging violation of Americans with Disabilities Act
36 Fact check: ADA does not provide blanket exemption from face mask requirements
37 Feds to Monitor LA County Vote Centers for ADA Compliance
38 Recent Court ADA Case Review for Conflict Resolution Practitioners
39 DOJ Warns of Flyers Bearing Seal That Claim ADA Exempts People from Wearing Masks
40 Justice Department Scraps ADA Guidance
41 DOJ reaches settlement agreement with Miller-Valentine over Fair Housing, ADA claims
42 Ammon Bundy argues that people wearing face masks in court affect his right to due process
43 Department of Justice warns of fake mask exemption cards
44 Lyft Settles Disability Discrimination Claims With Justice Department
45 The ADA Has Fallen Short for Black Students. It's Past Time to Fix That
46 Proposed Bipartisan Legislation Introduced to Address Website Accessibility Lawsuits
47 Justice Department Settles Dispute With School District Over Service Animals
48 Do You Need to Renovate? ADA Requirements for Existing Buildings
49 Justice Department finds Maine in violation of law for limiting disability services
50 Desoto Parish signs agreement with Feds to comply with ADA
51 To avoid lawsuits, companies should make websites ADA compliant
52 New Board Of Elections Facility Violates ADA: Dept. Of Justice
53 Department of Justice warns of inaccurate flyers, postings regarding the use of face masks and the Americans with Disabilities Act
54 Iowa City Schools settles ADA violations on playgrounds
55 Remain Mindful Of ADA Mask Policies | Rumberger | Kirk
56 ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits Won’t Go Away in 2020: Part 1 – How We Got Here
57 How this SC town is making sure accessibility access at home is no longer a problem
58 Guns and voting: What Michiganders should be prepared for on Election Day
59 Iowa City district agrees to make school playgrounds ADA-compliant
60 Can People Without Disabilities Use an ADA 'Mask Loophole' in Stores?
61 Why ADA Compliance Is Important at Your Credit Union
62 The waiting game: Nearly 30 years later, companies lack meaningful regulatory guidance on the TCPA and ADA
63 Colorado U.S. Attorney Commemorates 30 Anniversary Of The Americans With Disabilities Act
64 Face mask exemption cards with DOJ seal are fake, beware of social media scam, agency says
65 Supreme Court Nominee Wrote Opinion in Credit Union ADA Lawsuit
66 DoJ Refuses Request to Issue ADA Guidance for Websites
67 Is Your Website Accessible? Number of ADA Title III Lawsuits on the Rise
68 Congressmen aim to help retailers avoid ADA website lawsuits
69 U.S. Attorney's Office to Monitor L.A. County Vote Centers
70 ODNR accepting Officer Training applications through Jan. 15
71 Dublin VA warns of fake mask exemption posts on social media
72 Protesters hijack US disability law to try to avoid wearing masks
73 Those Face Mask “ADA Exemption” Cards Are Dangerous Nonsense
74 Not wearing a mask is a selfish act
75 Danbury dental office to make changes to comply with ADA
76 Tufts Medical Center Pledges to Improve Access for Disabled People
77 'Law and Order SVU' Season 22: Will Wentworth Miller's return introduce a gay character to NBC crime drama?
78 Uhl and Bose: Domino's effect: SCOTUS skips clarifying ADA web access
79 Yearslong fight to make Iowa City school playgrounds wheelchair accessible ends in settlement
80 Justice Department Issues Warning About Fake Face Mask Exemption Cards
81 NRF supports ADA regulations for visually impaired website access
82 Exemptions from mask requirements? They don't exist, feds say
83 Justice Dept reaches settlement with West Virginia over ADA compliance | TheHill
84 Iowa City Community Schools to Make All Playgrounds ADA-Compliant
85 State employees lawsuits target the Oregon Health Authority and the Department of Justice
86 Legislation would set standards for ADA website compliance
87 Mask Policies Put Businesses Between A Rock And A Hard Place
88 Opioid Use Disorder AIA Covered Disability per DOJ
89 Web design service providers at risk of lawsuits due to ADA compliance
90 COVID-19 “Exempt” Cards Not Authorized by US Dept. of Justice
91 CCPA and Web Accessibility
92 Their view: 30 years after the ADA, disability justice activists are rethinking what true equity looks like
93 Feds give Cedar Rapids the all-clear on ADA compliance
94 Justice Department Pushes Law Enforcement On ADA Compliance
95 Lyft Agrees To Resolve Allegations It Violated The ADA
96 Alabama U.S. Attorneys warn of fake mask exemption documents, misinfo
97 SLO County Public Health Department warns of fake face covering exemption cards
98 INSIGHT: Can Retailers Refuse to Serve Maskless Customers? Check ADA Rules
99 Why is ADA litigation at an all-time high? |
100 Small Business Claims To Be Targeted By Out-Of-State Law Firm In ADA Lawsuit