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1 Understand signs of anxiety, depression
2 Spike in anxiety, depression expected as COVID-19 pandemic pushes through winter
3 This COVID-19 Spike Will Also Hit Our Mental Health with a Second Wave
4 Depression and anxiety have increased during the pandemic, experts say
5 Anxiety, Depression Increased During Pandemic. Why Not Loneliness?
6 Women more likely to experience depression, anxiety, new CDC data shows
7 Co-prescribed benzodiazepines present risks among older adults with depression, anxiety
8 Depression or Anxiety? Blood Biomarkers May Tell the Tale
9 Depression/anxiety in mums-to-be linked to heightened asthma risk in their kids
10 Mental Health and COVID-19
11 Coronavirus crisis brings a surge of depression, anxiety to Tampa Bay
12 Recognizing signs of depression in teens as we head into a difficult winter
13 More than 7 in 10 Gen-Zers report symptoms of depression during pandemic, survey finds
14 5 signs of depression you shouldn't ignore | Health & Wellness Services
15 Mental Illness Awareness Week: Research on anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and more
16 'The brain thrives on connection': Children facing depression, anxiety during pandemic
17 Study: Distancing Prevents COVID-19, But May Add to Depression, Anxiety Symptoms
18 Ankylosing Spondylitis Pain Linked to Depression, Anxiety, Stress in Study
19 Suicide, Depression, Anxiety: COVID 19's Heavy Toll on Youth
20 Gut Bacteria's Role in Anxiety and Depression: It's Not Just In Your Head
21 Southern Oregon mental health experts warn of rise in anxiety, depression
22 Anxiety, stress, depression: Here's where to find help
23 US elections: How do depression, anxiety influence voter turnout?
24 National Mental Illness Week: How to manage depression, anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic
25 5 ways tech can help with depression and anxiety
26 Following Wife's Death, Belle Isle Man Urges Those Battling Anxiety and Depression to Seek Help
27 Depression and anxiety twice as common among older people who were shielding
28 How To Fight Depression And Anxiety With Medical Cannabis And CBD
29 Katherine Schwarzenegger Talks Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in First Instagram Live Since Giving Birth
30 Anxiety and depression spiked in NYC at height of COVID-19 pandemic
31 Flint student creating app aimed at fighting depression and anxiety
32 Benefits of Therapy for Yourself, Family, and Relationships
33 Why it’s important to talk about depression, anxiety as COVID-19 pandemic continues
34 'Untethered,' 'claustrophobic,' and 'stressed': How COVID-19 is taking a harsh mental toll on young adults
35 PTSD, Anxiety, Depression Increase RA Medication Discontinuation Risk
36 Depression and anxiety tripled during the height of lockdown, new study shows
37 Effects on Depression and Anxiety After Mid-Urethral Sling Surgery for | RRU
38 Anxiety and depression in pediatric patients with vitiligo and alopecia areata and their parents: A cross‐sectional controlled study
39 South Sudan: Depression, anxiety common as huge gaps remain in mental health care
40 Majority of LGBTQ youth experiencing anxiety, depression amid Covid, poll finds
41 Photography helps Billingham man with anxiety and depression
42 Pre-Existing Psych Illness Tied to ICU Delirium
43 National Depression Screening Day at BU| BU Today
44 Small increases in air pollution linked to rise in depression, finds study
45 Heritage's Haley Jenkins overcomes battle with depression, anxiety
46 Psilocybin for depression, MDMA for PTSD: The future of mental health?
47 Doctor, Here's How Researchers Recommend You Should Deal With Trauma | Physician Sense
48 Hampton Roads locals to discuss mental health struggles at virtual event
49 Mental health of medical personnel during the COVID‐19 pandemic
50 MIND MATTERS: Here's how we can fight the stigma of depression together
51 Hestia Insight Inc. Begins Healthcare Operations; Treating Anxiety, Depression; Exploring Alternate Medicine
52 University students at significant risk for mental health effects of COVID-19 lockdown
53 Getting off anxiety or depression drugs is hard
54 Study of BMT-CARE Finds Coping, Self-Efficacy to Improve QOL, Mood in Caregivers of HSCT Recipients
55 Rep. Porter Fights for Mental Health as Study Shows 2 Out of 3 People Feel Depressed
56 How parents can help their teens cope with mental illness during the pandemic
57 Fear and anxiety share same bases in brain: Transformational findings could ultimately lead to better models of emotion and more effective interventions for anxiety and depression
58 Does Psychosocial Functioning Improve With Prolonged Exposure in Veterans With PTSD?: Exploring Traditional and Home-Based Telehealth Delivery Methods
59 Prevalence of mental health problems and associated risk factors among military healthcare workers in specialized COVID‐19 hospitals in Wuhan, China: A cross‐sectional survey
60 COVID-19 a New Opportunity for Suicide Prevention
61 BC nurses report rise in depression, anxiety, exhaustion due to pandemic
62 'Gut-Wrenching' Physical, Psychological Cases Emerge From New COVID Recovery Center
63 Why depression, anxiety are prevalent during COVID-19
64 A third of Americans now show signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau finds amid coronavirus pandemic
65 The Critical Relationship Between Anxiety and Depression
66 Anxiety vs. Depression: Which Do I Have (or Both?)
67 Feeling Anxious and Depressed? You're Right at Home in California.
68 Letter: We all get sick at some point
69 Coronavirus in California: Combating Pandemic Fatigue
70 Signs of depression and anxiety soar among US graduate students during pandemic
71 How to identify and address feelings of anxiety and depression
72 Postpartum depression: one mother's struggle | Free
73 Students Reporting Depression and Anxiety at Higher Rates
74 U.S. Census Bureau‐assessed prevalence of anxiety and depressive symptoms in 2019 and during the 2020 COVID‐19 pandemic
75 8 Self-Care Tips for Fall in Quarantine
76 Depression and anxiety spiked among black Americans after George Floyd's death
77 Analysis | An Epidemic of Depression and Anxiety Among Young Adults
78 Feeling anxious and depressed? In California, you’re right at home
79 Depression, anxiety spike amid outbreak and turbulent times
80 Is Depression and Anxiety Hereditary: Find Out
81 Mental Health Predictors After the COVID-19 Outbreak in Korean Adults
82 Anxiety and depression likely to spike among Americans as coronavirus pandemic spreads
83 Anxiety And Depression Symptoms Spike Under Social Distancing
84 Early empirical study on COVID-19 related depression and anxiety gives reason for optimism
85 Georgetown singer-songwriter creates album centered around mental health
86 Mushroom measure not such a far-out idea
87 Higher perceived risk for COVID-19 infection linked to greater depressive symptoms
88 Anxiety, depression, OCD—how to cope with mental health issues, and symptoms to watch for
89 Student anxiety, depression increasing during school closures, survey finds
90 Over a Third of College Freshmen Screen Positive for Anxiety, Depression
91 Reports of anxiety and depression have tripled during the pandemic. Here's how therapists say you can help yourself and others.
92 Depression, anxiety in cancer survivors: An underrecognized 'emotional crash'
93 LGBTQ+ Populations Experience Newfound Anxiety and Depression in COVID-19 Pandemic
94 Long Covid: 'I thought I'd get over this no problem'
95 What the Coronavirus Is Doing to Our Mental Health
96 Anxiety and Depression Rises Among Young Adults, Blacks and Latinos in Pandemic
97 Why I Won't Conquer Anxiety or Go to War With Depression
98 'Staggering' Increase in COVID-Linked Depression, Anxiety
99 Anxiety and depression in patients with confirmed and suspected COVID‐19 in Ecuador
100 CDC: Pandemic fuels threefold increase in rates of depression, anxiety