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1 Former officer in George Floyd killing asks judge to dismiss charges
2 Lawyer for Minneapolis cop says George Floyd 'killed himself'
3 Former officer in George Floyd case seeks change of venue, dismissal of charges
4 Derek Chauvin: What we know about the former officer charged in George Floyd's death
5 Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody, Charged With Murder In George Floyd’s Death
6 Officer charged in George Floyd’s death used fatal force before and had history of complaints
7 Corrections officers say they were barred from Derek Chauvin's floor because of their skin color
8 The Minneapolis police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck had 18 previous complaints against him, police department says
9 Officer charged with killing George Floyd still eligible for pension worth more than $1 million
10 Protesting is as important as voting
11 Derek Chauvin, ex-officer accused of killing George Floyd, charged with tax evasion
12 What we know about ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin
13 Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin charged with murder in George Floyd case
14 Bail Is at Least $1 Million for Ex-Officer Accused of Killing George Floyd
15 Derek Chauvin: What we know about the former Minneapolis cop charged in George Floyd’s death
16 New charges in George Floyd's death: Derek Chauvin faces second-degree murder; 3 other officers charged
17 What we know about Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao, two of the officers caught on tape in the death of George Floyd
18 Officer Who Pressed His Knee on George Floyd's Neck Drew Scrutiny Long Before
19 Officer in George Floyd's death under review by state police conduct board
20 In Court, Derek Chauvin's Lawyers Say Officials Have Biased the Case
21 Even to friends, former officer Derek Chauvin was an enigma
22 3 more Minneapolis officers charged in George Floyd death, Derek Chauvin charges elevated
23 Derek Chauvin, police officer in George Floyd case, has violent record
24 Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin subject of complaints before George Floyd’s death
25 Former officer Derek Chauvin transferred from county jail to maximum-security prison in Oak Park Heights
26 Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin’s work, personal background detailed; had nearly 20 complaints and two letters of reprimand
27 Olmsted County Commission candidates clash over use of chokeholds
28 Transcripts Show What Officer Derek Chauvin Said To George Floyd: ‘It Takes A Heck Of A Lot Of Oxygen To Talk’
29 Derek Chauvin's wife requests to change her last name in divorce filing
30 Cop charged in George Floyd case says he "never used" maneuver Derek Chauvin performed on Floyd
31 Minneapolis woman recalls chilling Derek Chauvin run-in
32 What to Know About Derek Chauvin, Minneapolis Police Officer Charged with George Floyd's Murder
33 Ex-officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck in custody
34 Judge sets Derek Chauvin's conditional bail at $1 million in death of George Floyd
35 Wife of Derek Chauvin, officer charged with murder in George Floyd's death, files for divorce
36 Minneapolis police release Derek Chauvin’s personnel records, offering a few more details
37 George Floyd, fired officer Derek Chauvin worked at same Minneapolis nightclub
38 George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked security at same club and may have crossed paths, owner says
39 Fired Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, wife charged with tax crimes
40 Charges against Derek Chauvin suggest George Floyd's death was unintended
41 George Floyd and Derek Chauvin once worked overlapping security shifts at the same nightclub
42 George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: The Lives of the Victim and His Killer
43 Ex-cop in George Floyd's death 'knew what he was doing,' police chief said
44 Fired MPD Officer Chauvin Has Been Involved In Use-Of-Force Situations Before
45 Judge Sets A Bail For Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin
46 No, these two photos of Derek Chauvin don't show two different men
47 George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked in the same nightclub
48 Derek Chauvin's wife is seeking both of their homes in her divorce petition
49 Ex-MPD Officer Derek Chauvin Moved To Second Detention Facility In Same Day Due To COVID-19 Concerns
50 Bail for former Minneapolis police officer Chauvin set at $1.25M
51 To Ensure Justice for George Floyd, Derek Chauvin Must Get a Fair Trial | New York Law Journal
52 Thousands of Complaints Do Little to Change Police Ways
53 Read the complaint charging Derek Chauvin with murder of George Floyd
54 What We Know So Far About The 4 Officers Fired After George Floyd’s Death
55 Former nightclub owner saw ‘overkill’ in Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin’s reaction to black clientele
56 Would Derek Chauvin Receive Qualified Immunity for Killing George Floyd?
57 Former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin charged with murder in death of George Floyd, arrested by BCA
58 Attorneys for all defendants in George Floyd case object to gag order
59 Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin worked as security guard at same nightclub as George Floyd
60 Is This Derek Chauvin Wearing a "Make Whites Great Again" Hat?
61 Third-degree murder charge for Derek Chauvin is right
62 George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Might as Well Have Lived on Different Planets
63 Wrong number: Cell number believed to be Derek Chauvin's actually belongs to west metro grandmother
64 Ex-prosecutor: Complaint against Minnesota cop Derek Chauvin in George Floyd case drops important clues
65 George Floyd death: Derek Chauvin could receive $1.5 million pension
66 Florida attorney seeking probe of Derek Chauvin's voting record
67 Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin charged with murder, manslaughter in George Floyd's death
68 Former rookie police officers seek to blame Chauvin in Floyd death
69 OPINION EXCHANGE | Does Derek Chauvin have a chance at a fair trial?
70 Derek Chauvin being closely monitored in jail following murder charge
71 Watch Derek Chauvin's painfully awkward appearance at Mrs. Minnesota 2018 [VIDEO]
72 Demonstrations Spread Across U.S. as Ex-Officer Charged With Murder in George Floyd’s Death
73 Fact check: Derek Chauvin is not a registered Democrat, among other claims
74 Ex-police officer Derek Chauvin's Florida voting record in question
75 Official: Plea Negotiations Were Underway Between Derek Chauvin’s Attorney And The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office
76 Former FBI assistant director: Derek Chauvin showed ‘sociopathic behavior’ during George Floyd’s death
77 Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman faces new challenge in case against former Minneapolis police officer
78 Correctional officers of color who say they were segregated from Derek Chauvin: Why isn’t Ramsey Co. jail superintendent on leave?
79 Amy Klobuchar on claims she didn't charge Derek Chauvin in 2006 shooting: 'It's a lie'
80 Upgraded charges against Derek Chauvin may make convictions more likely, lawyer says
81 Fact check: Derek Chauvin is not visible in photographs of Sandy Hook and Boston bombing
82 Derek Chauvin explored plea deal for role in George Floyd death
83 Ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin did not die in jail
84 ‘They Were Co-Workers:’ Police Officer Charged With George Floyd's Murder Worked Nightclub Security With Him
85 Derek Chauvin's Wife and Tou Thao Are Not Siblings
86 Two arrested for vandalizing Florida home of ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin
87 Derek Chauvin’s wife filing for divorce, report says
88 Court releases police bodycam videos in George Floyd killing
89 Derek Chauvin's 1st court appearance postponed one week
90 George Floyd family lawyer wants first-degree murder charge for Derek Chauvin
91 Derek Chauvin charge upgraded to second-degree murder; other officers charged | TheHill
92 Derek Chauvin’s wife wants both their homes in divorce
93 Judge Nap calls evidence against Derek Chauvin 'more than adequate' to convict of second-degree murder
94 Ex-Minneapolis cop charged in George Floyd's death served eight years in Army Reserve
95 George Floyd protests: New York City corrections officer suspended after posting photo of himself as Derek Chauvin
96 The officer charged with killing George Floyd has a home in Florida. Now, it’s vandalized
97 Protesters Hail Charges Against Police but Seek Broader Change
98 Police say the officer on stage with Trump isn't Derek Chauvin
99 Fourteen Martyrs in the Struggle Against Racist Terror and Trumpism-Fascism
100 What We Know About the Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis