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1 WATCH: Tory Brexiteer ties himself in knots trying to explain why he shouldn't be expelled over 'dissent'
2 'Rule of six': Tory MPs criticise new rules in England
3 MP Desmond Swayne View from the Commons
4 New Forest MP Desmond Swayne speaks out over face coverings
5 BBC's Victoria Derbyshire in fiery clash with Brexiteer Swayne over Brexit Bill
6 'You have told me I must wear a mask and I have never had the democratic right to argue the counter case' – Sir Desmond Swayne
7 Tory MP echoes Trump claim that Covid-19 looks worse because of rise in tests
8 Boris Johnson faces Brexiteer rebellion over extension of emergency coronavirus laws
9 Tory MP leaves colleagues furious as he makes speech in Commons from OPPOSITION benches
10 Coronavirus: Conservative MPs express anger over new 'rule of six' restrictions
11 Civil liberties group campaigns to scrap Coronavirus Act
12 The Londoner: Gallery fails to remove work of suspected killer
13 Tories under fire over sudden rise in Covid cases and new distancing rules
14 Fury at 6 person rule ‘worse than the disease itself’ as Wales joins Scotland in scrapping kids from total
15 Furious House of Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle admonishes Health Secretary Matt Hancock over virus restrictions changes
16 Sir Lindsay Hoyle wants MPs to be tested daily to return to Commons
18 Families greeting in street guilty of 'mingling' under new Covid rules
19 Coronavirus: Sir Christopher Chope opposed to face mask law
20 Home Office fallout went to aide's head | Comment
21 ‘Dream on!’ Speaker Lindsay Hoyle slapped down for lockdown-style climate change rules
22 Self-catering providers hit by cancellations after rule of six announced
23 Emergency laws becoming A Bit Much | News
24 Coronavirus: Tory MPs criticise 'lack of scrutiny' of virus law
25 Senior Tory says government 'making it up as they go along' after schools face mask U-turn
26 WATCH: David Davis brands House of Commons the 'weakest ever seen' as he hits out at government arrangements
27 MEPs join forces to outline series of demands to salvage Withdrawal Agreement
28 Forest MP Sir Desmond Swayne: why is blackface racist?
29 'Utter tosh!' Blair and Major slammed as ex-PMs sound 'bankrupt' Brexit warning to Boris
30 George Floyd death: Rioters 'have it coming', Sir Desmond Swayne says
31 Safe return to school isn’t helped by guff from MPs
32 Cabinet office minister Michael Gove says the government will not exempt children from 'rule of six'
33 VIEW FROM COMMONS: MP Sir Desmond Swayne
34 New Forest campsites to reopen for Easter as it's revealed 38000...
35 MP wears face mask to a Post Office just weeks after branding them a 'monstrous imposition'
36 'Cripping up' is just as unacceptable as blackface, says Sally Phillips
37 Tory MP Desmond Swayne moans people have 'lost their sense of humour' about 'blacking up' and insists blackface isn't offensive
38 Desmond Swayne defends attack on face masks | Advertiser and Times
39 Coronavirus: Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne attacks face masks in shops order
40 MP Desmond Swayne: 'I cannot condemn' Dominic Cummings
41 New Forest councillors criticise Desmond Swayne
42 New Forest councillors criticise Sir Desmond Swayne
43 No plans to exempt children from ‘rule of six’, says Justice Secretary
44 HENRY DEEDES watches the Health Secretary Matt Hancock feeling the heat in Parliament
45 Desmond Swayne: Lockdown 'deeply distasteful' | Advertiser and Times
46 MP Sir Desmond Swayne: readers react to face mask rant
47 MP DESMOND SWAYNE: Quarantining overseas travellers
48 Desmond Swayne sorry for 'fat poor' comment
49 LETTER: Shocked and angered by Desmond Swayne's comments
50 Desmond Swayne defiant over 'blackface' picture | Advertiser and Times
51 Coronavirus: Sir Desmond Swayne asks if garden centres will reopen
52 Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne admits 'blacking up' at fancy dress party and says he has 'no intention' of apologising
53 Sir Desmond Swayne response to Black Lives Matter protests
54 Ministers urged to exempt young children from 'Rule of Six' as families fear being split up for Christmas
55 New Forest schools keep quiet on GCSE grades | Advertiser and Times
56 Sir Desmond Swayne retains his seat in New Forest West
57 Desmond Swayne MP: poor people 'among fattest' | Advertiser and Times
58 Milford sea wall £1.5m emergency works begin | Advertiser and Times
59 These are the Tory MPs who voted against the Grenfell Inquiry recommendations
60 Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne apologises after he branded poor people 'the fattest'
61 MP Desmond Swayne is enjoying the benefits of voting in Parliament from the comfort of his own home
62 Exclusive picture: Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne 'blacked up' as soul singer James Brown
63 People have 'lost sense of humour' over blacking up, says Tory MP who dressed as James Brown at party
64 Coronavirus cases soar by 3,497 in the UK in the highest Saturday rise in FOUR MONTHS
65 Daughter of James Brown defends Sir Desmond Swayne over blackface photograph
66 MP SIR DESMOND SWAYNE: Complaints over income support scheme
67 Parliament must stand up to an executive bent on restricting us
68 The photo that exposes blackface shame of Tory MP Desmond Swayne
69 MP raises questions over 'best' scientific advice over Covid-19
70 MP Desmond Swayne apologises for 'poorest amongst the fattest' comment
71 MP DESMOND SWAYNE: The need to address growing social care problems
72 Sir Desmond Swayne 'embarrassed' by Commons snooze
73 Don't panic about rising infections, says French PM, as fears grow of second wave
74 MP Desmond Swayne says 'the poorest are among the fattest'
76 Sir Desmond Swayne: Online abuse contributor to MP exodus
77 This MP's response to a Black Lives Matter email is seriously not okay
78 MP Desmond Swayne talks about Easter without a church service, video conferencing and nationalising the NHS
79 HENRY DEEDES watches the return of the Downing Street coronavirus press conference
80 New Forest homes won't be halted despite call by Sir Desmond Swayne
81 Desmond Swayne criticised for trying to look like soul singer
82 Tory MP says people on benefits need help with how to spend their money
83 MP Swayne likens statue protesters to Islamic extremists
84 Sir Desmond Swayne MP says Conservatives should abolish the Supreme Court
85 Desmond Swayne has door glued in 'Brexit protest' | Advertiser and Times
86 Analysis: Victory in England Day? Boris Johnson reopens economy and ends press conferences
87 Tory MP Desmond Swayne: 'It was a coup'
88 New Forest MP makes bizarre suggestion to get campsites open
89 Wear A Damn Mask, Karens
90 Tory MP claims coronavirus is the perfect opportunity to snap up bargain holiday deals
91 Rule of six explained: what are the exemptions and how big are the fines?
92 Care homes cases quadruple in a month and 4.5million vulnerable people may be asked to isolate
93 Swayne: Fly-tippers should be 'garrotted with their intestines'
94 New Forest campsites: Calls for rethink on continued closures
95 Desmond Swayne MP faces Brexit Party challenge | Advertiser and Times
96 Who is Desmond Swayne? Introducing Britain's new development minister
97 Desmond Swayne's office glued by vandals
98 A very specific and limited explosion | News
99 Local MPs refuse to join calls to sack Dominic Cummings
100 New Forest MP asks when will dentists be able to treat their patients