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1 'No such thing as money tree!' Tory rebel Sir Desmond Swayne in stern warning to Boris
2 Coronavirus: Sir Desmond Swayne "appalled" at lockdown restrictions
3 Second lockdown is "a disaster," says senior Tory Sir Desmond Swayne
4 'Not at any price!' Brexiteer Sir Desmond Swayne lashes out at EU for trying to shackle UK
5 MP likens government to Oliver Cromwell over Christmas restrictions
6 Plates protest at Swayne office over meals vote | Advertiser and Times
7 New Forest MP Swayne threatens to vote against lockdown
8 Threat of Tory revolt over fears no areas will be in tier one
9 Boris Johnson let himself be bounced into national lockdown far too soon, say Tory dissenters
10 Boris Johnson ‘faces Tory revolt over second national lockdown’
11 Coronavirus: Boris Johnson accused by ex-Tory leader of 'giving in' to scientific advisers and 'marching' England back into lockdown
12 Covid: how chilling projections prompted Johnson to lockdown
13 The greatest danger to Rishi Sunak comes not from his enemies but from his allies
14 At last, Boris Johnson had good news to announce. So of course something had to go wrong
15 Coronavirus: What you need to know this Tuesday morning, November 24
16 Coronavirus: Dorset MPs divided on tiered Covid restrictions
17 Ex-PM John Major sparks fury saying Britain should accept it is no longer a first rate global power
18 Local MPs rebel and vote against second lockdown
19 Santa clears elf and safety | News
20 PM faces Tory rebellion as region's MPs react to lockdown announcement | ITV News
21 LIVE: updates and reaction as MPs vote in favour of second lockdown
22 Sir Desmond Swayne admits Tory coronavirus rebellion pointless: 'Boris won't be defeated'
23 MP Sir Desmond Swayne clashes with constituent over face masks
24 Forest MP Sir Desmond Swayne: why is blackface racist?
25 Tory rebellion grows as sceptical MPs say lockdown will do 'more harm than good'
26 Rishi Sunak accused of propping up failing firms with taxpayers' cash as insolvencies fall 39%
27 Sir Desmond Swayne apologises for mask gaff | Advertiser and Times
28 Hampshire MPs' extra income, gifts and donations revealed
29 Lockdown vote results: All the 38 MPs who voted against England’s new Covid restrictions
30 George Floyd death: Rioters 'have it coming', Sir Desmond Swayne says
31 Sir Desmond Swayne questions government's Covid-19 response
32 Tory MP Desmond Swayne moans people have 'lost their sense of humour' about 'blacking up' and insists blackface isn't offensive
33 New Forest MP Desmond Swayne speaks out over face coverings
34 Anger that some shops can still sell non-essential goods
35 MP wears face mask to a Post Office just weeks after branding them a 'monstrous imposition'
36 Labour MP's reaction to Tory claiming party has zero tolerance for racism is priceless
37 Coronavirus UK: 50 Conservative MPs join anti-lockdown group
38 'Get a life!' Sir Desmond Swayne erupts in furious outburst at Labour's COVID-19 attacks
39 Tory MP's reaction to John Major warnings spark outrage
40 MP Desmond Swayne View from the Commons
41 MP Sir Desmond Swayne: View from the Commons
42 Tory MP Desmond Swayne Complains About 'Monstrous' Face Coverings
43 Hospitality trade and MPs call for more aid from Rishi Sunak
44 David Cameron takes swipe at John Major’s blast at Britain and warns him not to ‘underestimate’ our stren
45 Tory MP leaves colleagues furious as he makes speech in Commons from OPPOSITION benches
46 VIEW FROM COMMONS: MP Sir Desmond Swayne
47 New Forest councillors criticise Sir Desmond Swayne
48 'You have told me I must wear a mask and I have never had the democratic right to argue the counter case' – Sir Desmond Swayne
50 MP Desmond Swayne: 'I cannot condemn' Dominic Cummings
51 MP Swayne slams scientists' coronavirus warning | Advertiser and Times
52 Dorset MPs among coronavirus lockdown rebellion
53 Desmond Swayne sorry for 'fat poor' comment
54 Desmond Swayne defends attack on face masks | Advertiser and Times
55 Coronavirus: MP Sir Desmond Swayne against second national lockdown
56 MP DESMOND SWAYNE: Quarantining overseas travellers
57 New Forest councillors criticise Desmond Swayne
58 Sir Lindsay Hoyle wants MPs to be tested daily to return to Commons
59 Furious Tories threaten to BLOCK lockdown in Commons vote as they blast: ‘it’s a bigger decision than going to
60 Joe Biden sparks 'maximum fury' as he clashes with Boris Johnson in first Brexit call
61 Look away now, Boris! Robert Peston outlines devastating economic threat to UK next year
62 MP Desmond Swayne is enjoying the benefits of voting in Parliament from the comfort of his own home
63 WATCH: Tory Brexiteer ties himself in knots trying to explain why he sh...
64 What is the POINT? Brexiteer John Redwood rips apart Boris Johnson's second lockdown plan
65 Britain records 11,299 Covid-19 cases in lowest daily figure for almost eight weeks
66 Father Christmas WILL deliver presents this year, says Boris Johnson
67 Sir Desmond Swayne 'embarrassed' by Commons snooze
68 Brexiteer MP who said mandatory face coverings are ‘monstrous’ once defended wearing blackface
69 Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne apologises after he branded poor people 'the fattest'
70 MP Sir Desmond Swayne talks about face coverings
71 Tories demand early end to 2nd lockdown over claims Boris Johnson ‘furious’ at being ‘bounced’ into tough rule
72 BBC's Victoria Derbyshire in fiery clash with Brexiteer Swayne over Brexit Bill
73 Tory MP says ‘people have lost sense of humour’ over ‘blacking up’ as James Brown fancy dress photo resurfaces
74 LETTER: Shocked and angered by Desmond Swayne's comments
75 Conservative MP Says Looters and Arsonists 'Have It Coming'
76 Bubbles Soft Play and Gelato free half-term kids lunches
77 MP raises questions over 'best' scientific advice over Covid-19
78 Row over Forestry England 'ransom strips' fees
79 MP SIR DESMOND SWAYNE: Complaints over income support scheme
80 Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne admits 'blacking up' at fancy dress party and says he has 'no intention' of apologising
81 All of the Tory MPs who voted against second lockdown
82 Sir Desmond Swayne response to Black Lives Matter protests
83 Tory MP says people on benefits need help with how to spend their money
84 Coronavirus: Sir Desmond Swayne asks if garden centres will reopen
85 These are all of the MPs who voted against England’s second national lockdown
86 Desmond Swayne MP: poor people 'among fattest' | Advertiser and Times
87 Desmond Swayne: Lockdown 'deeply distasteful' | Advertiser and Times
88 These 330 Tory MPs voted against protecting food standards after Brexit
89 Coronavirus deaths could be twice as high as first wave, Boris warns Tory rebels
90 Tory MPs attack Matt Hancock over 'grim' warning that lower tiers will be 'strengthened' after lockdown
91 Exclusive picture: Tory MP Sir Desmond Swayne 'blacked up' as soul singer James Brown
92 Gillingham club offers free meals inspired by Marcus Rashford
93 Keir Starmer demands rethink on 10pm pubs curfew when lockdown ends
94 Daughter of James Brown defends Sir Desmond Swayne over blackface photograph
95 'We've frankly been frightened enough'
96 Coronavirus UK: Earlier lockdown 'could have saved thousands of lives'
97 MP Desmond Swayne talks about Easter without a church service, video conferencing and nationalising the NHS
98 Tory MP echoes Trump claim that Covid-19 looks worse because of rise in tests
99 What Desmond Swayne's defence of blackface says about David Cameron
100 Desmond Swayne defiant over 'blackface' picture | Advertiser and Times